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Tear Jerker / Reckonings

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  • The horrifying reality of losing Lena after the events in Chapter One leaves Kara in such bad shape that she’s blaming herself, lashing out in rage at her friends and most of all deliberately isolates herself from Alex, breaking her sister’s heart.
    • Her return to the loft after all of that sees her emotions catch up with her and she breaks down in tears.
  • Lena and Kara’s first attempt at reconciliation starts off with uncertainty, due to the betrayal only having taken place a little more than twenty four hours prior.
  • In Chapter Four, Leviathan unveils that their true purpose in capturing Kara was not to scare her with torture, but to demonstrate to her they will attempt to brainwash any of her friends and family into serving their goals, namely taking action against her.
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  • Although James maintains his fury towards Lena throughout the story, his hostility crumbles in his last appearance when he confesses how deeply Lena’s betrayal had wounded him after the amount of effort it took for him to finally trust her.

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