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  • Jess ordering Lena to eat her lunch after Alex’s visit at her office.
    ”You haven’t had breakfast. Don’t look at me like that, I know you haven’t,” Jess reasoned as Lena pulled a face. “And strictly speaking, you looked like hell when you walked in. So I want to see everything on this tray gone, and by that I mean in your stomach when I come back to collect it. I mean it, Ms Luthor. Every bite and drop.”
    With that said, Jess left again. Lena watched her go before she looked down at the tray with a disgruntled, somewhat petty frown. “Kara’s never that forceful,” she muttered to herself.
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  • The office workers at the DEO constantly live in fear of upsetting Alex, so when one worker named Mark is given word from reception downstairs that Lena has surrendered, it occurs to all of them that bad news was about to be broken to the boss.
    Anyone who looked or listened his way blanched, their happiness spoiling as they gazed at his rapid and uneasy deflation to outright nervousness. Once he had gotten everything written on a slip of paper, he thanked the woman on duty at reception and concluded the call, getting up to go to the Director’s office with the slip in hand. His coworkers watched with growing anxiety as he entered the room, announcing his presence to Alex with a small knock on her doorframe. Still in her jovial temperament, Alex beckoned him inside and gestured for him to leave the note on her desk for her to read later as she was in the middle of an important phone call with someone in government.
    Mark left it as instructed and walked back out, glad at least he would have to bear in person the brunt of the outpouring of the vented rage he knew was going to happen. By the time he was sitting at his desk again, he realised there was no noise at all coming from the Director’s office. For a moment, Mark wondered if Alex had just finished on the phone and was taking a breather or she was in the process of reading the note. Vainly, he hoped it was the former.
    It wasn’t.
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  • Upon finding out from Nia and Brainy that Kara has found out Lena has surrendered to the DEO and is heading back to their location, most likely upset by the turn of events, Alex rushes into getting Lena out of her restraints. But when she finishes that, she and everyone else hears the sound of Kara on the approach and she immediately turns pale, assuming her sister is about to burst in through the ceiling.
    Alex: Not through the roof. Not through the roof. Not through the roof.
  • Winn, Brainy Nia and even Alex’s reactions to just how far Lena and Kara have gone as a couple in less than twelve hours.

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