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  • Even though she only has a basic idea of what happened in the first chapter, Kelly Olsen remains a solid rock and shoulder for a troubled Alex after Kara cuts ties with her.
  • The morning after their reconciliation, Kara wakes up to find Lena is making her a surprise breakfast. At first, she is a little upset since Lena is technically the guest as they’re both at the loft, but she backtracks without a word when she sees how happy and joyful Lena really is.
    • Following on from that, there is the conversation of the two of them wanting to make up for past issues between them and Lena reveals she’s interested in continuing all the new aspects of their relationship.
    • The small, friendly game of wits and play between them during and just after the breakfast.
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    • All of this, plus the events of the night before, ultimately results in Kara breaking out of the Heroic BSoD she had been in for the majority of the story. Supergirl is back!
  • When Leviathan contacts her one last time to dissolve their alliance, Lena restrains herself from spouting out in rage at them for tricking her. In her mental rant, she instinctively named Kara as something profoundly special to her. Her lover.
  • Kara completely averting The "I Love You" Stigma in Chapter 5.
  • After making the first move and confessing to Lena why she never wanted to know about Kara being Supergirl, Alex had little to no idea if it would successfully repair her and Kara’s damaged sisterly bond. In the final chapter, Kara gives her the answer in a special heartfelt way.
    Kara: I will always need my big sister.
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  • Lena and Kara affirming between each other in the penultimate scene that they don’t want to rush the progress of their relationship.

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