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Nightmare Fuel / Tales of a Reset Mind

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Tales of a Reset Mind, while (mostly) short, is not without it's creepy moments. Even in Part Nine. Especially in Part Nine.


  • Part One:
    • Nico has had so many 'mistakes' on his senses' side that he considers them commonplace.
    • The fact that the Emotions had to resort to what was basically destroying the world and then creating it again to fix Nico. He was that screwed up.
    • Fear shows some concerns about not coming back to life after the Reset. Granted, he does...but what would have happened if he, or any of the Emotions for that matter, hadn't come back?

  • Part Nine:
    • Oh, where to begin...
    • The creature from the beginning is revealed to have physically attacked Nico before. It scarred him so much that it even became a Core Memory.
    • The fact that whatever attacked Imagination Land at the beginning had enough firepower to pretty much destroy it completely before the main characters arrive. For the record, that trip took minutes.
    • Nico kills another human being in cold blood just because she seemed to be aiding the invading forces. Of course, it comes back to bite him later, but still. Considering the fact that he is presented as a pretty Nice Guy during the whole fic, this act is quite jarring.
    • Mania, and the rest of the Evil Emotions. To begin with, they look quite similar to the titular Emotions, altough with some differences...
      • Mania, Joy's Evil Counterpart, not only did a small-ish appearance in Part Three, but is also stated to have "tangled with Nico before". Also, she tortures Nico in his own Black Bug Room, and also tears his freaking eyes out
      • Hatred has no irises, Panic has no eyes, and Rage is blind. And that doesn't impede them in the slightest. Even tough they didn't get much time on scene, one cannot avoid to not be freaked out by them.
  • Nico's Emotions, and Nico himself to an exent, are almost completely insensitive to the fact that they're killing people.
    • Sometimes the soundtrack can qualify:
      • During the scene at the psych ward, the music chosen is Psycho, by Muse . The song about brainwashing, which Mania tries on Nico.
      • We Can Still Stop Her, from the film, appears when the Evil Emotions are racing the heroes to Headquarters. The title has an interesting twist, as the heroes are trying to prevent entry into Headquarters.
      • The Soundtrack Dissonance when Joy snaps and tortures Panic.

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