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Nightmare Fuel / Tamers Forever Series

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While this series isn't generally known for its Nightmare Fuel, it nevertheless has some very unsettling moments.

  • What happens to Mimi is absolutely horrifying. She is kidnapped and taken to a laboratory where her unborn child is forcibly extracted from her, then left to wander the wilderness as her grief slowly drives her insane.
  • The scene where Takato is tortured in front of his friends was one of the most disturbing scenes in the series and one of the first clues towards how much Darker and Edgier Tamers Forever was.
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  • At one point during Silent Sorrow, Takato's hands begin to shake uncontrollably, and Ruki explains that this is because his brain cells are dying. That thought right there, that Takato could end up deteriorating into a vegetative state, is horrifying.. It gets even worse later on, when Takato ends up completely paralyzed.
  • Takato after fusing with Chaos is creepy as hell, because you have to wonder if there is even a trace of his original humanity left.

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