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Let's just start out by saying that the entire series is one giant Moment of Awesome for Daneel Rush. As for the individual moments...

  • ChaosGallantmon's first appearance. To say nothing of him absolutely curbstomping the Sovereigns.
  • Takato demonstrating the power of the Omnivice in a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Piedmon vs Gallantmon. Let me just say that again: Piedmon. Vs. Gallantmon. Believe it or not, Daneel Rush managed to make it even more awesome than you'd expect.
    • Special mention must go to the trick Takato pulls with his shield. To say anymore would ruin the epicness.
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    • Not forgetting the spectacular return of "Trinity Burst."
  • Takato vs Rika. Superb choreography aside, it is awesome as hell to see Takato, who has been portrayed as a weak Dogged Nice Guy throughout the entire series, finally stand up to Rika and deliver an epic beatdown to the infamous "Digimon Queen".
    Takato: No Rika. You're underestimating me.
  • Jeri's steady growth from The Cutie to badass, cultimating in her finally Biomerging for the first time.
  • The entire fight between the Tamers and ChaosGallantmon
    • During the fight, ChaosGallantmon ends up trapped within one of MarineAngemon's bubbles, cue ChaosGallantmon escaping in the most badass way possible.
    • Not to mention every rookie Digimon struggling to hold of ChaosGallantmon ( A Mega digimon who singlehandedly curbstomped The Sovereigns) in order to give Sakuyamon and SaberLeomon time to launch their "Dual Force" attack
    Terriermon: Foxymon! Pussycat! Give him everything you've got, this is our last chance!!
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  • Mega Gargomon delivers an absolutely epic Mega Barrage Attack to Daemon
  • Let's not forget Justimon, Enzuigiri kicking Daemon In. The. Face
  • Then there's BlackMegaGargomon's AWESOME Black Moon Flare technique, again delivered to Daemon
  • Oh, not to mention a scene during the Tamers last stand against Daemon where Megagargomon tries to blast Daemon with his Gargo missiles. However Daemon easily dodges this attack. Cue Collective Groan. But then we here...
    Kazu: Andromon! Destroy the missiles!
    Andromon: ''ROGER! SPIRAL SWORD!
    • KA-BOOM!!! right in Daemon's face
  • Even Yamaki get's a Moment of Awesome thank's to a Juggernaught assisted, Big Damn Heroes moment
  • Hell, Daemon himself gets one for the simple fact that he takes all this punishment and STILL manages to absolutely CURBSTOMP the Tamers.
  • However all of these moment's pale when compared to the most beautiful heart-wrenching and epic scene in the entire series.
  • Rika taking on twelve Diaboramon in order to protect Takato as he lies dying in the middle of the street, and managing to kill five of them, what makes it even better is that this scene also doubles as a Tearjerker and a Heartwarming Moment.
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  • And let's not forget Terriermon taking on Daemon in an epic Duel and actually proving himself to be equal to the unstoppable psychopath
  • The awesomeness is quadrupled by the fact that these two moment's happen IN THE SAME CHAPTER

    Wow.... just. WOW

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