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Heartwarming / Tamers Forever Series

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As dark and brutal as Tamers Forever is, it avoids crossing the Despair Event Horizon by having some absolutely beautiful moments. Note: just about everyone of these examples doubles as a Tear Jerker .

  • "If you want to see me smile... you just have to ask, Takato..."
    • Made even more beautiful by the contrast to how heartbreaking that scene is.

  • Rika and Takato's first kiss is rather amusing, but also incredibly sweet.

  • The Sacred Garden... just... the Sacred Garden.
    • To elaborate, Every. Single. Scene in that place qualifies, as it is the culmination of Rika and Takato's relationship, and it is just so heartwarming to know that all of Takato's sacrifices have finally paid off, and he can now spend his last days in paradise with the woman he loves... though it does not last.
    "Why do you love me?"
    "...because you're Rika Nonaka."

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  • Rika's final goodbye to Takato Damn, that scene was beautiful- and the subsequent epic Last Stand is Rika's ULTIMATE Moment of Awesome.
"In life and death, I love you, Goggle...Takato."

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