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Seeing as how Tamers Forever started as a comedy series, one would expect it to have a few funny moments.


Let's just say you won't be disappointed...

    • There is a reason why that quote is arguably the most memorable line in the entire series.
  • Like any respectable Guile Hero, Takato will often try to bluff his way out of a tough situation. It NEVER works.
  • From Omni-Tamer chapter 2:
    Henry: I guess...that's the end...of our plan...
    Takato: Hell no! We still have half the city to check out!
    Henry: No way, Takato! We've entered every possible place we could think of, with and without permission. By now we've been chased out by a mailman, a butcher, two drunken homeless guys, a pack of rabid dogs... Do you want me to go on?
    Takato: You forgot the ice cream guy...
    Henry: Oh, shut up!
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  • 80% of the pre and post chapter stingers- involving the author and the characters discussing the events in the chapter are absolutely Hilarious.

  • Card-O-Rama: chapter 4 "When Rika's fist meets Takato's face". That title is Funny all on its own.
  • One of the many wonderful things about Tamers Forever is that it is full of valuable life lessons. Such as:
  • Horny Pauline. All I can say is "Poor Takeru..."
  • Rika "interrogating" Henry about Takato's whereabouts is hilarious.
    • Not to mention the Seven Signs Of the Rikapocalypse.
  • The entire premise of Theory of Chaos is this trope on crack.
    • Basically what happens is a Doumon bewitches all the tamers except for Takato into becoming the embodiment of each of the seven deadly sins- so we now have Rika Nonaka as a freaking avatar of lust!. The whole thing is just so WRONG it's hilarious, and Ruki and Chaos's comments make it that much better.
  • In Theory of Chaos chapter 2, Terriermon decides to play matchmaker for Henry. This is how he does it:
    Terriermon (to random female stranger): Hey cute thing, why don't you come here for some fun? You can invite your two friends too!
    • This is followed by Henry doing the most epic Oh, Crap! expression EVER.
  • Then there's this priceless bit of dialogue from Silent Sorrow chapter 8:
    Rika: That Gogglehead…I don't know if I should kiss him or kick him.
    Renamon: …Rika…
    Rika: What is it, Renamon?
    Renamon: You do realize I just heard everything you said?
    Rika: What do you mean by…AWW CRAP!

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