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Nightmare Fuel / Dark Chao Adventures

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A comedy fanscript about chao, started when the author was ten? What could possibly be scary about this? Note: Spoilers will be unmarked.

  • Episodes 14, 15, and 16 make "Shade and Dark's Strange Journey into the Beyond." While not particularly scary, it's got a couple of creepy parts, like the Darks' first trip to the future Dark Garden.. with the bodies in the pool. And the shotgun.

  • The epic "The Secret City" has its moments. There's all kinds of creepy secrets in the city of Chao Talk, and then there's the Tour Guide... and considering his true identity, you might wish you never found out who he is.

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  • "Pelottaa Scary Stuff," the first Halloween special, is actually pretty tame for the most part. But in future CPAK, in the restroom, you might start to shiver.

  • "Gears n' Roses," the second Halloween special, is considerably longer and quite a bit creepier than the first. The future Mecha and the Tails Doll, and the scenes going in detail about the Instability are particularly unnerving.

  • "Sinister Serials of the Dark." DCAHall3. DJay worked from March to get this colossal story ready for Halloween, and he really pulled out all the stops.
    • Tale One has potential Through the Eyes of Madness, and a creepy endless highway. Plus the Operator.
    • Tale Three has jump scares aided by Mephiles' commentary. It's intended as an intermission between every act of Tale Two, to calm you down. But it can still be creepy, in its own right.
    • Tale Two, then. Act one has Daylight Horror, with the stranger in the woods, the strange village, the hole in the ground, the aisle of trees, the forest changing, and the Village Chief's warnings.
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    • Act two has more of the stranger, Scruple's back sections, the town of Tenebrosity.. and the first dungeon, Tenebrosity Factory. Everything about that factory. The computer hall, the main room, the kitchen, the spider, the Operator... and the reveal at the very end of the act.
    • Act three gives us the second dungeon, the Silent Woods. The silence that drowns out all sounds. The leaves rustling. The trees that aren't trees. The mask running through the woods. Then we also get the caverns (with the grotesque beast and Dark's detailed dissection of it), "Forest Off-Limits," and the talk of the Birchmen.
    • Act four. Oh boy. First, there's the Mind Screw that was finding out they weren't in the real village. Then, going down the "rabbit hole." The subway. The Security. And "Bound to a Stream of Consciousness."
Captain Curator: Those bruises you have are yours and yours only. I didn't want to get so barbaric.

  • Episode 85.
    • Chapters 4 and 5. "Eggman's face is a mask." "The greater narrative is here, open up." In English, the chao are lost in Chao Talk and encounter creatures wearing the skin of the Veteran's Committee. But at the same time, they could easily be the actual Veteran's Committee, themselves. There's no way to tell for sure.
    • Chapter 6 introduced a hooded figure who flat-out makes characters explode in a gory mess upon sight. And then it turns out he's the unexpected developments foreshadowed at since the start of Season Seven.
    • The show is wiped. Twice. The 8 and the 5, IT eating everything in sight, forcing everyone to stick to octave pentameter.

  • "AFTER THE END" and "Post-Epilogue," two "episodes" consisting of the Writing Writer telling the reader about DCA's legacy, the vague life of Ulysses, and the fact that Shade and Shadow are kept alive indefinitely.
    • "Kill me." "Ulysses wishes he could speak in class today." note 
''[ DJay32 explodes in a gory mess]
[Ulysses explodes in a gory mess]
[Jordan Dooling explodes in a gory mess]
[The boy lost of innocence explodes in a gory mess]
[everything is gone]
[all is gone]
[ DJay is wiped from existence]
[no matter how many times he writes it, it won't come true]''

  • Episode 88, the final episode.
    • The impossible world, a simple little seaside village with an eldritch abomination looming in the sea. Shade and Shadow are trapped here forever— oh wait no, they just sent EAT up into space in a rocket, EAT just infected the entire script, EAT is now looming in the background of every episode of DCA. Every episode is now a passion play put on by The Camper. Play, or be eaten. EAT is Instability is IT is Red Metal is 8 and 5. Multiple faces of the same creature.
    • Shade is stuck spending thirty years shooting everyone he knows and loved indefinitely until it becomes time for Shade of the past to show up and put him through the entirety of DCA all over again.
    • Shadow is corrupted and tortured and forms the Veteran's Committee with Levity Nite, who was once what's left of Shade Junior.
    • Amphis is Red. This one isn't even explained. Amphis is corrupted and then smashes his face with a hammer, revealing Red underneath.
    • Ulysses is to blame for all, trapped in the sea forever.
    • When at least eight years have passed, "Future Shadow" is wiped from the show in Episode 85 by the protagonists. We're shown his dying soliloquy. It's nothing but laughter.
    • The "good ending" is Shadow failing to collect all seven chaos drives and being overpowered by Metal Speedy, who then wipes the entire show. In order to prevent EAT from torturing the entire cast, the bad guys have to win.
    • Metal Speedy, trapped in an absent DCA universe for eternity. No one but himself and EAT, who quickly engulfs him and vanishes into the dark eternal night. He won, alright.
    • DCA ends to nothing but a mirage of eights and fives.

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