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Nightmare Fuel / With Pearl and Ruby Glowing

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    Part 1 
  • Timon had to offer himself up sexually to the hyena trio to protect his family.
  • Elsa's depression led her to self-harm and her attempts at a healthier method of dealing with it ended up leading to Anna's rape at the hands of Hans; Anna doesn't want to tell Elsa because she's afraid the knowledge of what her unintentional neglect wrought would destroy her elder sister.
  • Pinocchio was a child star who ended up in the hands of a pedophile ring and Lampwick is almost certainly dead after aging out of the ring's clientele's preferred range.
  • Psycho was sexually abused by one of the doctors at his mental health facility, and as he puts it, "where else could they find someone no one would believe?"
  • Mary Poppins has watched numerous children, youths and even adults share their stories of abuse, assault and victimization and it's affected the way she interacts with others. Not to mention the times she's had to send a child home with abusive parents because the abuse couldn't be proven.
  • Rapunzel has had her ability to interact with males so completely warped by Gothel that she came to the group just for answers about how to tell the difference between a dangerous male and a harmless one and is shocked when the other group members tell her Gothel is abusive.
  • Marian was sold into marriage by her Uncle John while Robin and Richard were both away and the trauma has affected her relationship with Little John due to him sharing the name of her Evil Uncle.
  • Mertle sexually assaulted Lilo in a re-enactment of her own abuse. On top of that, when Pleakey initially saw the bite marks Mertle left, Lilo got scolded for getting into a fight.
  • Yzma intended to murder Kuzco as revenge for his father firing her but when the poison turned out to be a sedative, she decided to sell him to human traffickers. He's taken to America where he can't understand or speak the local language, raped repeatedly and only escapes because he's tied improperly and manages to swipe a gun.
  • Minnie was abducted by her ex-boyfriend Mortimer and ultimately forced to nearly crash her car to get away from him.
  • Tiana was raped by Charlotte who never realized how much she was hurting and frightening her friend.
  • Panchito experienced homophobic violence, up to and including gang rape and mutilation.
  • Ariel was sexually abused by her aunt after her father's tirade about how dangerous urban-exploration is drove her to flee their house and go to Ursula's.
  • King Candy sexually abused all of his charges except Vanellope and her old desires to want his attention are now warring with the knowledge of what he did to them and what she escaped.
  • Basil's neglectful father drove him to drug abuse and, when Ratigan ends drawing him into an abusive friendship and raping him, claims it's Basil's fault. Then after Basil finally managed to start putting his life back together with Dawson's help, Ratigan found him again and forced Dawson at gunpoint to rape Basil; Basil was so traumatized he threw Dawson out and is fairly certain their friendship can't be repaired.
  • Genie, Aladdin and Jasmine entered into what was supposed to be a Safe, Sane, and Consensual relationship but a single mistake of not immediately realizing Genie wasn't enjoying it broke not just their romantic relationship but the friendship that had been in place before.
  • Glomgold ended up injured and in prison in an overcrowded African jail when apartheid was in full swing and was repeatedly raped and mutilated; he ended up at the group because he overheard the Duck triplets, Webby and Lena listening to a particular rap song that proved a Trauma Button.
  • Huey ended up being solicited over a Junior Woodchucks forum. And the guy doing it doesn't back off until Louie threatens him.
  • Dewey ends up being the object of affection for Minty and Jubilee and things quickly escalate, only stopping when King Candy gets arrested.
  • Louie is sexually victimized by Doofus and while no actual rape occurred, it was a very near thing. And because the assault happened very near to Panchito's attack, he felt he couldn't tell anyone in his family.
  • Mr. Tweedy/The Bride was relentlessly bullied and attacked for being more feminine, lost loving parents, married what turned out to be a viscous abuser just to make the rumors about incest stop, lost an understanding older brother to war and ultimately fled when threatened with being sold as a Sex Slave.
  • Elinor's attempts to get Merida interested in more traditionally feminine pursuits wind up getting the young girl raped and drugged, with the latter nearly killing her because of a too high dosage.
  • Boo was sexually abused by Randall, her stepfather, and was otherwise neglected shamefully because he didn't care about her as anything other than a way to satisfy his lusts. Boo is three.
  • Nuka was sexually abused by Zira and both he and Vitani were neglected by her, especially after Scar was arrested for murdering Mufasa and attempting to kill Simba. On top of all that, Zira is expecting Kovu and it's all but stated that Nuka is the father.
  • Miss Kitty responds to nasty comments on her videos by shaming the people in question and ends up stalked and gang-raped, with Victim Blaming on top of it all.
  • Todd developed a crush on Copper who, being straight, didn't reciprocate; when Todd asks to kiss him, it not only wrecks their friendship but lands Todd in the hospital after a cultist rapes him for defending himself against Chief, accidentally getting the latter badly hurt.
  • Denahi's anger over the car accident that kills Sitka in this version of events ends up landing Kenai in the hands of rapists and as of Denahi's chapter, he's still missing...
  • Yue was married with, at best, dubious consent to a man who abuses her terribly and while she finds and falls for Sokka, she ends up picking the wrong favorite child, with Unalaq abusing his wife and twins. Then her granddaughter Korra ends up suffering an undescribed-at-the-time trauma and Unalaq is arrested for abusing his children, with his daughter continuing the cycle with Bolin and the twins murdering their grandfather in a make it look like natural causes way.
  • Norman recounts the homophobic abuse Agatha suffered and how her rape and murder awoke a depression in her brother August, with him ultimately overdosing. He also references how long it took for anyone to realize that August was telling the truth and how the people who killed Agatha tried to kill Mitch.
  • Mabel ended up gang-raped after she let a supposed friend on the Internet talk her into meeting in real life. And the whole thing has messed up her relationship with Dipper because he can't understand.
  • Miguel, Tulio and Chel fell in with human traffickers after one of their drug deals goes wrong and Chel got snatched by a sex ring that made snuff films on top of the sexual slavery; the men tried to rescue her but when Miguel said Chel's name, the jig was up and the duo ended up part of the ring as well, ultimately being separated in South Korea. When he was sent to America, Miguel tried to escape and ran into homophobic cultists and though he manages to escape them and is currently working with the FBI to take down the ring, Tulio and Chel are still in the thick of it.
  • Anastasia and Drizella were bullied viciously in middle school, with Adults Are Useless in full effect because the staff didn't want the bad press, and despite switching schools for high school, the bullying ended up escalating to the pair being sexually assaulted for being ugly; this in turn so messes Drizella up that she tries to do the same thing to Cinderella. Anastasia takes her stepsister and flees.
  • Bugs spent his whole career under nasty rumors (including one that he beat Lola, though fortunately she vouched for him on that score) and was drugged and framed for child porn and drug possession by a reporter who wanted a hot story. He also references how easy it is for famous people to get away with stuff when he's firm that he's glad that so many parents are suspicious of him.
  • Remy's synaesthesia strains his relationship with his father because of how sensitive to food it makes him and once he leaves culinary school, Ratigan finds him, charms him, drugs him and rapes him, saying things that clearly reference his relationship with Basil. Then in the aftermath, Remy develops an eating disorder from the trauma...and his dad doesn't notice.
  • Wendy shares the story of her friend Peter who displayed a lot of Troubling Unchildlike Behavior and how one day she went to give him homework for a day he had missed and caught Peter's father abusing him. Peter makes her promise to keep it a secret and she does for a month but when he misses school again, she tells her parents; they get Peter's father arrested and take him in but Peter doesn't trust anyone except Wendy.
  • Esmeralda is raped by Frollo, doesn't feel she can report him because he's rich and white and she's not, got pregnant and ended up getting an abortion and losing her Catholic faith.
  • Riley is nonbinary and ends up assaulted by Ratigan - in a public place, no less, and no one notices - after the professor attempts to groom them into being male instead of who they are. And despite their young age, since Riley does have female genitalia, they're terrified they could be pregnant.
  • Wilbur once caught Ratigan trying to assault his father and some time later, Ratigan breaks into the Robinson house with Mike while Wilbur's home alone due to being grounded for crashing one of the cars his father was working on to try to stop a thief. Wilbur tries to slip out to call for help at a neighbor's but doesn't make it and ends up raped by both men. He manages to keep the events a secret from everyone but Carl, who only knows because he found Wilbur trying to clean up the evidence of the attack, and admits that a major reason he hasn't told his parents is because he's well-aware his assault was a case of Revenge by Proxy and he refuses to let them win by destroying his father.
  • Desna has been forced to impregnate Eska, his twin, by their father, twice, first when they were thirteen.
  • Julien was gang-raped and tortured for being trans, with his assailants deliberately making sure pregnancy ensued and Mort, here his son, hero-worships him, which serves as a reminder of the events, which he tries to block out with drug abuse. And all this at fourteen!
  • Weiss not only was raped but sent the wrong person to jail for it!
  • Buster was repeatedly sexually abused and assaulted by his tutor, convinced that at least parts of it were just his imagination. Now that the truth is out, on top of realizing that her son was being hurt by someone she trusted, Bitzi has to worry about a cult coming after her for having divorced her husband.
  • Flik winds up being publicly beaten and raped by Hopper after the circus bugs' distraction and Flik's own attempt to fake police sirens fail; he manages to stop Hopper from being able to go after anyone else but given that this was accomplished by smashing Hopper's head open with a stone, Flik's been traumatized.
  • A mixture of boredom and feeling ignored by her parents drives Coraline straight into the Other Mother's clutches and whenever Coraline tries to tell anyone, they always dismiss it as a joke or not what she thinks it is, with her mother actively telling her not to make up stories. It takes Coraline's near murder for the truth to come out.
  • As Merida tells her story, she confirms she's ace, meaning that not only did she suffer a drugged Date Rape at someone who she thought understood her but it was something she actively wouldn't have wanted with anyone. And even before that, she suffered through Slut-Shaming and racist remarks about how she should go back to her own country.
  • Shang, Mulan, and Mitch were actually kidnapped by the cult, and this is after Panchito got the majority of its members arrested. The cult then kills Mitch’s dog before they take the three to the woods, whereupon they proceed to beat and rape them (with the cult using a branch no less), even going so far as to force the two men to proxy rape both each other and Mulan. The three of them are left for dead and only survived because Shang manages to get a phone and calls his father to take them to the hospital.
    • The worst part? There still isn’t enough evidence to convict the remaining cult members. They’re still out there.
  • Manelo spent his entire childhood losing family to the military and is disowned when he refuses to join up. Then when he's walking Maria home, they're mugged and Manelo's telling Maria to get help gets her fatally shot; everyone blames him and he starts to spiral badly despite his band being successful. Then Ratigan starts chatting with him and coaxes him into a suicide pact. Manelo survives but his life is in shambles and his father is dealing with the horror of pushing his son away and into the arms of a Serial Rapist.
  • Della's plane crashed in what was believed to be a fatal accident. Her "rescuers" badly break her leg and end up selling her as a "wife" to a rich man who wants to use her as a Baby Factory to produce strong sons, with all her daughters and one sickly son being sold off. When Della tried to escape, he sawed off her leg and then "gifted" her with a prosthetic that had a tracking device welded onto it. She has a miscarriage from the stress of bearing so many children, and if Della hadn't conceived the baby she's currently pregnant with, her "husband" would have killed her, though he does use her as a cleaning lady while in America. Then the Weasels break into her home where she's alone with her young sons; though they end up helping her, that scenario is pure terror for any parent. And even though Della is reunited with her family, it's a bad case of Dysfunction Junction and Donald and Scrooge clearly aren't over having given Della up for lost.
    Part 2 
  • Skipper has been caring for Private, here his little brother, since childhood and the duo end up on a FBI team with Kowalski and Rico, one that specializes in creating inheritance crises for the criminal underworld and had a stellar track record. Then a routine undercover mission went south and Skipper winds up merchandise at the nonexistent mercy of the criminals he's been targeting. He got rescued and managed to keep his suffering a secret from Private for a while but a tape sent out of spite reveals the sordid tale, to Private's horror and Skipper's shame.
  • The Dillamond twins call August a liar when he tells them what happened to Agatha and ultimately are tortured by the cult for being Jewish, with Abraham dying and Isaac having to deal with both that and the permanent breaking of his friendship with August on top of being crippled, mute and scarred.
  • Peter B. caught Kingpin in a drug deal, resulting in the criminal's wife and son fleeing and dying in a car crash. Then, several days later, Peter meets Miles and has to hide the kid when Kingpin shows up for revenge, which involves a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and rape. Miles steels himself enough to film the assault and contact his dad but is still traumatized by what he witnessed and his father is horrified by how close to danger Miles was.
  • Jack's mother was a prostitute who wound up murdered and when her husband avenged her, he went to jail and Jack end up in foster care; he runs away repeatedly and wound up at a "school" run by a rapist. He escapes and puts together a group of child thieves that operate as something of a family but loses a close friend to the "school" and ultimately abandons the kids when the rapist implies Shame If Something Happened to them.
  • Korra is set up by Asami's father to be tortured by the cult, with her kidnapper tricking her into thinking she's headed for a surprise date, and winds up being trapped in a cabin that causes a Mind Rape from the trauma. Then her parents take her away from Asami, Mako and Bolin and lock her away in the family home. She's forced to run away so she won't go insane.
  • Mercury and Emerald not only suffered through massive amounts of abuse but Emerald is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and misses Cinder horribly despite the way she treated her.
  • Bagheera was fingered for Weiss' rape because she mistook him for her actual rapist due to them being the same ethnicity. Then because said ethnicity isn't white (specifically Asian), he was sentenced to ten years for a crime he didn't commit before someone thought to do a rape kit and that was only because Weiss' real rapist was found.
  • Zim's parents died and left him in the custody of Red and Purple who enjoyed the use of their nephew's estate but resented having to take care of a child and so started physically and sexually abusing Zim. This naturally took massive toll on his mental state and it took Dib following him home and witnessing the abuse first hand before anyone care about why Zim acted the way he did, with Zim himself hampering progress by claiming there wasn't abuse going on. Then once the story breaks, Heteronormative Crusaders use it to demonize the entire queer community including beloved and protective relatives like Riley's aunts. As Dib puts it, "I'm lost and he's angry."
  • Gromit is being stalked by Ratigan and his attempts to deal with the problem himself fail miserably. And since they only have the barest circumstantial evidence, the police can't do anything.
  • Not only was Elsa Lured into a Trap by the cult and gang raped, beaten, and left for dead naked in the mountains, but a drunken car crash leads to her suffering the same fate at the hands of Hans (though a group of people who were also in jail ended up helping her). The latter ends up finally being the thing that leads to Elsa and Anna sharing their suffering but Elsa still has the worry that both she and Anna are on the cult's hit list.
  • Mermando ended up at Pleasure Island after an undertow separated him from his parents. He never "got used to" what was happening and the abuse caused him to hit puberty early. The police came before he could be disposed of and he was reunited with his parents but when he meets Mabel at the pool, Grunkle Stan doesn't take her talking with an "older boy" well and drives Mermando to tears when he demands to know the boy's "real" age.
  • Daffy was viciously verbally and emotionally abused by his mother and sexually abused by his father. On top of that, he tends to repress the memories of any abuse he suffers so he doesn't realize there's anything to prove in the first place. And his fears are ruining all his relationships because he can't trust anyone to stay nice.
  • Tulio's mother suffered Death by Childbirth and his father blamed him, saying that since Tulio killed her, he needed to fill her shoes...up to and including sex. He ran away and ended up on the streets, where he met Miguel. Tulio skips most of the middle part of his story because Miguel already shared the details but he does come back for the end. Said end starts after an escape attempt gone wrong leads to Tulio being forced to abandon Ginger and deal with Rocky, who keeps trying to offer himself up sexually, to Tulio's disgust given the massive age difference.
  • Ginger was given up for adoption as a baby and never adopted. She was close friends with Gormit and later Shaun but the latter friendship winds up getting Ginger kidnapped and sold into slavery because she and Shaun defaced Mrs. Tweedy's house. While in captivity, she and Tulio are forced to have sex on film and when their escape goes wrong, she stays behind so Tulio and Rocky would be able to escape. She ends up pregnant by a client with a baby she's too far along to abort safely.
  • Margo, Edith and Agnes were child prostitutes and while being adopted by Gru brought temporary safety, Margo propositions Gru to to protect Edith and Agnes. Gru was horrified and tried to help the girls start over but Nefario ends up sending the girls back, leading to Vector bringing the girls home to keep their "services" to himself. Margo told Edith to take Agnes and run; they're found by Stan, who takes them to Gru but Margo is still missing and Gru can't go to the police without losing the girls.
  • Courtney was gang-raped for being a higher achiever than some white male classmates and when Duncan beat up the boys who did it, a cop forced him into sex in exchange for keeping quiet. They can't report the guy without Duncan going to jail and they're both pretty sure no one is going to care either way.
  • Peter relates the sexual abuse that he suffered and how Smee knew but never did anything, leading to him having no trust for adults at all.
  • Elphaba was a Chocolate Baby, leading to her going to live with the Wizard and Nessa's mother was a racist bitch. Then during her work as a CNA, the Ice King/Simon, deep in Alzheimer's, mistakes her for his wife Betty and tries to initiate sex; she tells only the other nurses and leaves the facility.
  • Sabrina was ditched by Gem (and technically Harvey) at a party they were too young for and ends up drugged. She calls Salem so he can get Quigley to pick her up but since Quigley and her aunts were at the movies and had their phones off, Salem came himself. Then once Salem gets Sabrina to the hospital, he's rearrested for breaking his house arrest protocols. Then Sabrina's temper starts to really get the better of her and when Gem mocks Salem for being sent back to prison and insinuates Sabrina is too ugly for Prison Rape, Sabrina unleashes a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that she doesn't regret in the slightest.
  • Cornelius was groomed so subtly by Ratigan that he didn't realize how the professor viewed him until the assault Wilbur witnessed prior to his own trauma. And to make matters worse for Cornelius, Wilbur enters just as Cornelius reaches the boy's unintentional intervention...and Cornelius knows exactly why people come to the Palace.
  • Ford was gaslit by Bill (not to mention Ford's pretty sure he drugged him too) and repeatedly forced into sex, with Bill shredding his self-esteem the entire time. Bill also encouraged Ford to favor Dipper while subtly degrading Mabel and it took Mabel's rape for anything to change and it only did because Bill knew Mabel had been taken away before Ford said anything more than "she got assaulted", which turns out to be on purpose because Bill wanted Ford to find out he was "Norman"; then he erased all the evidence.
  • The Honey Bees got lost on a simple camping trip and then got kidnapped by a pedophile who held them for 4 months before dumping them in Calisota...and he still hasn't been caught.
  • Darla Dimple not only murdered her parents but set Danny up as a pedophile, ruining not just his career but probably his entire life. And all because he stole a little bit of spotlight.
  • Not only did all of Blake and Weiss's trauma deeply scar Yang but she got roofied by a bartender and ended up committing arson and murder, neither of which she regrets.
  • Not only is Kovu confirmed to be a Child by Rape but Zira nearly beat Nuka to death when he tried to take his siblings and run.
  • Fiddleford not only had his friendship with Stanford ruined by Bill and the drug-dealer he was set up to tutor but gained the attention of Ratigan and ultimately got raped by both Ratigan and Bill.
  • DW got kidnapped by a pedophile despite doing exactly what she was supposed to in that situation and her kidnapper convinced all the bystanders he was her stepfather and she was being a brat because she was cranky. Nadine is implied to be another one of the kidnapper's victims, ultimately murdered and only remaining as a figment of DW's imagination. Muffy and her father eventually come over, with DW getting Muffy to go for help but both girls are traumatized and Arthur isn't being told what happened to his little sister so he won't be frightened despite this making DW resentful and that, because of what happened to Buster AKA Arthur's best friend, he already has at least some idea of what happened.
  • Lightning's parents raised him without consequences for his drinking and while ending up in Radiator Springs helped him turn himself around, he still had a drinking problem that lead to him being raped with no memory of the attack. He doesn't say anything to anyone except an online friend...who turns out to be Ratigan and when Lightning meets up with him for a "therapy session", a single unwanted kiss brings everything back. Lightning gives up and lets Ratigan have his way and runs to Mater after the attack's over. Despite Lightning's protests, Mater rushes him to Doc and the truth comes out. Now Lightning isn't sure what he deserves but he's pretty sure his friends and Sally are better than whatever it is.
  • Misty's mother was obsessed with making Misty "pretty", disregarding her wants, choices and privacy in the process, and no one, not even Ash, understood why Misty was so upset. She turned to violence and Self-Harm to try to cope but it didn't work and when her mother died, Misty couldn't and still can't feel anything at all, positive or negative. On top of all of it, she's not completely sure she should even be at the Palace since no actual assault happened at any point.
    • And her sisters are still doing some of what their mother did, namely stealing Misty's clothing if they don't think it's "pretty", because they think it's not only normal but appropriate though thankfully they don't do things like inappropriate touching or sleeping with her to "keep her safe".
  • Vixy was Hans' first victim, back when they were both only children and she serves as an example of how telling your daughter not to let a man touch you inappropriately may not protect her since as Vixy states, a boy isn't a man.
  • Not only was Hiccup neglected by his father and bullied incessantly by his peers but his torture at the hands of the cult was a case of Mistaken for Gay (admittedly Hiccup isn't quite sure what his orientation is but he's never shown interest in men) brought on by his personality.
  • No one believes Chicken Little's story about King Candy raping him and he spends two years being bullied while the teachers do nothing. Even the truth about King Candy coming out doesn't fix things since no one who knows the story can do anything about it and Candy will never be punished for what he did to Chicken Little.
  • Fenton gets hired by Waddle Tech and Mark Beaks not only treats him in a racist manner but also started gaslighting him after Fenton rightly calls him out.
  • Noah is a Child Prodigy now in his teens who contracted alpha-gal syndrome from a lone star tick bite, freaking the hell out of his parents when he had his first allergic reaction, and went on Total Drama to try to improve his family's life. Then, after he got voted off and thought his future was dead, Ratigan found him and offered him a scholarship; this was followed by subtle grooming and the expected rape but this story also includes Ratigan deliberately slipping Noah red meat so he wouldn't be able to tell anyone about it. This murder attempt made the process of seeing a doctor and getting to the police station go faster but as soon as Noah named his rapist as Ratigan, here a well-known criminologist, the police, who were already condescending and skeptical, dropped the case immediately.
  • Rocky got kidnapped when he was 3 and spent the intervening years as a Sex Slave...and even after everything, he still doesn't realize exactly what happened, to the point that Ginger had to explain what rape was to him and even then he's still confused. Meanwhile, Foghorn Leghorn, here his father, knows exactly what the boy went through and how he's taking a long time to give up the lifestyle; on top of that, he very nearly sends Rocky to a therapist who knows that Rocky is the name the boy is using despite Foghorn having called him "Junior", meaning he made use of the kid's "services".
    • Said therapist was also re-victimising Daffy by putting him in trance so he didn't notice anything was wrong, demanding he describe his trauma in unnecessary detail, and masturbating to it.
  • Not only did Vicky physically and sexually abuse Timmy and every other kid she babysits for but she does the same thing to her family, including her parents and murdered her younger brother...and she's gotten away with all of it.
    • Tootie is so messed up by Vicky's abuse she tried to force herself on Timmy, who couldn't bring himself to strike her, and Timmy himself turned into a stalker for Trixie because she unintentionally intervened on Tootie's attempt, with Veronica stalking him in turn.
  • Lenny's attempt at initiation into his father's gang ended with his brother getting shot during a scuffle over the gun. Then when he fled the scene, he wound up gang-raped by underlings of one of his father's rivals. He can't go home because even if his father forgives him for accidentally killing his brother, which he's almost certain wouldn't happen, he'd start a gang war over the gang-rape and Lenny doesn't have anything in him that could stomach that.
  • Gary and Daisy were sexually abused by their parents and Gary's method of handling it, interpreting their nightly visits as monster attacks, has severely and possibly permanently damaged his mental facilities.
  • Not only did God's Will First torture Hector to death after Ernesto convinced them he liked men but they kept the corpse on display until the police figured it out.
  • Mew and Mewtwo were abused by their parents who expected perfection, leading to Mew developing an eating disorder and Mewtwo anger issues. Then when Mewtwo snapped and killed their mother while framing their father, the trauma left Mew so messed up that all she can say is "Mew".
  • Roddy was kidnapped from his bedroom by hired thugs and kept as a Sex Slave by Toad, who proved subtly how easily he could hurt Roddy's family. And his escape was pure luck.
  • Penny was a sickly baby and though she recovered, her father got overprotective. But none of his efforts saved her from getting caught in the White Fang bombing or the rape she suffered in the aftermath.
  • Wendy spent her childhood with racist and sexist babysitters and got gang-raped due to being mistaken for Merida.
  • Hans used "I'm a homeless person in need of a place to stay" to get into Foster's and rape Frankie, and the assault has completely wrecked her ability to do her job so now she's at risk for becoming homeless herself.
  • Not only was Lionel gang-raped but he was also emasculated. And it was out of petty pride on the part of Stenk.
  • Milo was another of Ratigan's victims, lured into an "expedition" that landed him alone in a boat with Ratigan and given the "choice" between being raped or jumping out of the boat in the middle of the ocean in the dead of night. Milo submitted but Ratigan threw him out of the boat anyway, wanting him to drown; obviously he didn't but the time he spent in the water washed away any evidence of the assault and Milo refused to press charges because he didn't want to anger Ratigan.
  • Chel spent her childhood in a dangerous neighborhood with a mother who didn't want her and ultimately threw her out when the drug-dealer the mother hooked up with turned out to be more interested in Chel. Meeting Tulio and Miguel spent her life in a better direction but a single distracted night wound up landing all 3 of them in the Ark's clutches. And even after she escapes and is reunited with her boyfriends, she's plagued with nightmares and self-blame.
  • Not only were Kenai and Koda used for race fetishes but Kenai was forced to molest Koda and later severely punished for letting Koda and Chel escape, to the point of temporarily going mute. Koda is touch-shy, flinching to something as simple as an Affectionate Gesture to the Head if he can't see it coming; Kenai has responded to this by seeing himself as a monster.
  • Huan wound up the victim of gang rape at the hands of police officers due to the actions of Bataar Jr. and Kuvira and literally the only reason any of them saw justice was because Toph and Lin were both powerful and well-connected and neither were remotely happy about what happened. Huan also notes that the story of Medusa is nightmarishly unfair and if Medusa were real, she'd be at the Palace.
    Part 3 
  • Neo lost her voice from an illness after years of homelessness and while she finds someone to act as an unofficial parent, he was arrested and she witnessed the police having their way with him.
  • The events of DogSeesGod played out with the Peanuts crew, so not only was Schroeder the victim of Parental Incest but he was Driven to Suicide by a homophobic former friend who smashed his hands.
  • The ending of Milo's story implies someone who spoke died. And we don't know who did it or who it was...
  • Veronica's chapter has her get molested by Vicky, then when Trixie doesn't take it seriously, Veronica lashes out and attacks her. The creepy thing is that Veronica spends the entire chapter just talking about how much she loves Trixie, ending with a note that "She can handle, like, anything!" and repeats "Anything" over and over as the story flashes back to her assaulting Trixie.

    Water of the Womb 
  • Being accused of molesting someone is scary enough as is. Now imagine your sibling, out of spite for you not letting them use your nail polish and not realizing what said accusation actually means, does it to you. This nightmare becomes all too real for Lori, who ends up suffering from Prison Rape when she is locked up.
    • Making it worse is that Lola, who was Lori's accuser, didn't actually know how bad it was until Lori attempted suicide due to how messed up her life became.

    Blood of the Covenant 

    Heat of the Heart 

    Side fics 
  • The fic "In Harm's Way: The Cult's Victims" is guaranteed to be this, as, as the title suggests, it shows who the victims of the cult are and why they were killed.
    • Agatha and August Prenderghast are confirmed to be the first victims of the cult. The last few lines are especially chilling.
    • While we already knew the fates of Hector and Cornelius' biological mother, it's still chilling to see what actually happened, especially since the cultists are furious that Hector prays in Spanish and insist that Cornelius' mother is no better than a whore simply for being an unwed mother (never mind that there could been several reasons why).
    • Sam is murdered for being a black man seeing a white woman and Kate is untouched other than being kidnapped and Forced to Watch her boyfriend's murder...which might actually be worse than if they had done anything to her.
  • Similarly, "In Harm's Way: The Police's Victims" chronicles the victims of police force corruption and power high.
    • Both Tai Lung and Discord's chapters remind us that the officers abuse their prisoners just because they can and harshly punish back talk.
    • Aladdin offered himself up in place of Tai Lung and the stopping of police visits frightened him.
  • "Intermission: Denahi in the Lion's Den" shows us what happened when Denahi took Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu away from Zira, and it is both terrifying and heart-breaking.
    • Nuka has considered killing either Kovu or himself, the former because of Zira forcing Nuka to stay home to take care of him. He also points out the likelihood of Zira eventually preferring Kovu to Nuka when he gets older, due to the former looking more like Scar.
    • Vitani is unusually calm as she tries to comfort Nuka, which disturbs Denahi.
    • Not only did Zira nearly beat Nuka to death, she also raped him again as punishment. It's made more disturbing considering it was just confirmed that Nuka had just turned twelve, implying that like Mermando and Gary, he went through early puberty due to Zira's sexual abuse.

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