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Nightmare Fuel / The Nuptialverse

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  • The various ways Discord killed the Founders.


  • Everything Speedy Delivery does to Scootaloo. Darth Link himself stated that he wanted to take a more realistic route in regards to the Scootabuse rather than the over-the-top abuse for the sake of it that's so common in many fics. He succeeded.
  • The nightmares Twilight has during the story as a result of the Invasion. One has her getting publicly executed by her brother while her friends cheer him on. Another has her getting eaten alive by changelings while everybody ignores her pleas for help.
    • After she learns about Olive Branch, she has a nightmare where he and his group are some changelings who want to eat her, and when she puts a shield spell up, it turns out that Spike is a changeling too.
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  • When Twilight goes Mama Bear on Garble for attacking Spike, she gouges his eye out with a flaming stick of wood! The Keeper herself winces!
  • The dinner scene in chapter 23. You know something bad is gonna happen to Rainbow Dash and Soarin, but the way Speedy talks to them is just creepy.


  • If Trixie's ultimate fate in this 'verse is anything to go by, then the Alicorn Amulet is far more powerful and evil here than in canon.
  • Trixe showing up in Gilda's apartment and binding her with magic.
  • When Trixie starts discussing her hatred of Twilight, Lightning is creeped out by her Slasher Smile.