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Post Nuptials

  • Vinyl Scratch and Octavia's antics in the background of most of the chapters, which eventually gets them mentioned in Princess Luna's note to her sister:
    Princess Luna: The ones known as Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are now invited to play at all major Canterlot events due to their skill, but they are forever forbidden from entering the royal labyrinth.


  • The Running Gag throughout the story how Cadance constantly embarrasses Shining by talking about how attractive Twilight is, often calling her a cutie or even hot. This is present even when Shining proposes to Cadance and in the last scene together, which is after the two of them are married.
  • During a flashback when Shining confesses his love to Cadance, and says one day he wants to marry her and have foals with her and begs her to say she accepts him, thre is a brief moment of silence between them before Cadance just exclaims "Finally" and leaps at Shining, closing the gap between them in a kiss. Cadance even says she was five days away from asking Shining the question herself.
    • Shining himself actually breaks the surprise kiss, surprised at how fast Cadance suddenly wants to go. When Cadance tries to seductively start the kiss again he says he hasn't even taken her out to dinner yet. Cadance decides to just go with him to brunch immediately, saying she wants her kiss, and Shining finally decides to just skip the formalities and pulls her into another kiss.


  • When Princess Celestia's guards wouldn't let Princess Luna in to see her in Post Nuptials, she used a mind-control spell on them. When the same situation occurs here, Celestia has made the guards resistant to the Luna just pins them to the ceiling instead.
    Guard: That's it. I'm taking that transfer to Manehattan.
  • This bit of Self-Deprecation:
    Rainbow Dash: By the way, I think I'll pass on that Daring Do fanzine from now on.
    Twilight: You didn't like it?
    Rainbow Dash: Well, those fanstories were lame. I mean, one of them is just every character whining that they didn't believe Daring that Derring's boyfriend was Ahuizotl in disguise. I mean, seriously, who would think that was entertaining?
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  • Mumble's battle with Pinkie.
    "That wasn't very nice. I mean, that could have really hurt! Not as much as it did for Mrs. Cake when the twins were born! I mean, ouch, seven hours in labor was hard, and she kept saying these funny words to Mr. Cake that I'm not allowed to repeat, and when she somehow got a hold of that scalpel... fortunately, Mr. Cake's scars have healed, and Nurse Redheart sees almost perfectly out of that eye now..."
    Throughout the entire tirade, Mumble had been looking from Pinkie to where he had thrown her seconds earlier, complete disbelief on his features. "Wha... how... look, how'd you do that anyway?"
    "...Now let's not get nosy," the earth pony scolded.
  • The Running Gag of Pinkie insisting that Applejack and Twilight are in love. Eventually, this leads to Applejack causing a disruption that is heard in Canterlot.
    • Not simply insisting, but genuinely believing it. So much so she uses it as a reason to go to Fluttershy for advice.
      Twilight and Rainbow Dash were worried about Spike and Scootaloo, respectively. Rarity was busy catching up on her order from Fancypants, and Applejack was grappling with her unrequited love for Twilight.
      That left Fluttershy.
  • Rainbow and Soarin have a few moments when Soarin first vists her home to start their relationship and prepare for dinner with Scootaloo's family:
    • Soarin surprises Rainbow by sneaking up on her, grabbing her and turning her around, and smashing their lips together, stealing his First Kiss from Rainbow. Rainbow is shocked but briefly kisses him back before pushing him off her. Soarin points out she wasn't complaining a moment ago after she calls him untactful.
    • The two of them playfully bicker when getting ready for dinner after Soarin playfully jabs at Rainbow's mane.
    Rainbow: You're lucky you're cute.
    Soarin: And the fact that I’m rich and famous doesn’t hurt either, does it?
    Rainbow: Please. I’m going to get my own money and fame. I don’t need a stallion for that.
    Soarin: Fair enough.
  • Celesita calmly eating popcorn while she watches Olive Branch become more nervous waiting for news about Rainbow Dash and Soarin being executed or not The kicker? She doesn't even like the taste, but eats it anyways just to prove to Olive Branch how poorly they thought out their plan in the first place.

The Visit

  • Rainbow Dash jokingly suggests to Soarin that they get married, since they're already raising a child together, practically live together, and have "fun" together whenever he visits, all made better by his shocked reaction. Also a Heartwarming Moment.


  • In a Call-Back to the previous story, Soarin once again surprises Rainbow Dash by grabbing her from behind and giving her a surprise hello kiss that she quickly returns. She has a promise to make afterwards.
    Rainbow: You know, one of these days I'm going to hurt you for that.
    Soarin: Promises, promises.
  • Luna's reaction to finding Tiberius, and Celestia's confusion at it.
    "I shall name you Tiberius, and you shall be my ickle diddy widdle Tibble-kins!"
    Celestia just blinked.
  • Rarity's interactions with Dr. Malpractice.
  • The Noodle Incident with Dash and Pinkie attempting to interrogate suspects for the Canterlot Castle break-in. Pinkie has not gotten better at this.
  • Poor, poor Cranky. He apparently hasn't gone outside since the Pinkie clone incident.
  • Applejack wishes she could talk to Rainbow Dash while recovering from the battle with Trixie, Lightning, and Red Hoof, but knows she can't. Soarin took a vacation day to come check on Rainbow, and with Scootaloo out of the house for the day, the two of them weren't likely to go outside. The two of them are most likely having the "fun" that Rainbow mentioned they have in The Visit.
  • When the girls are getting ready to leave on their quest, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are trying to convince Rarity not to bring too much non-essential stuff, with not much luck. Ultimately, Dash has to reluctantly agree to let Rarity give her a makeover when they get back in order to get anything done... and then volunteers Applejack for one as well.
  • When everyone falls into a trap by the Changelings in the Llama temple and four of them are forced to see a world of their greatest desires, Rainbow's world is being captain of the Wonderbolts, married to Soarin with Scootaloo adopted as her daughter. In this world she quickly rose to being captain in just a few weeks with Spitfire giving her the position, and we see her filling out some of the required paperwork, which she enjoys due to it including her approval of Lightning Dust's permanent ban from the Wonderbolts and Speedy Delivery's exile papers. Also, one of her former bullies is now her personal butler and refills her drink at her command.
  • The morning after returning from their mission, the mane 5 discover that Big Mac and Princess Luna are in a Secret Relationship, because Princess Celestia "forgot to tell the two of them that they were back." The morning breakfast conversation explains they are keeping it a secret for now to avoid rumors and to maintain the princesses' royal figures.
    Luna: I miss the royal harem.
  • Rarity trolling Applejack by bringing up the makeover she Got Volunteered for, and suggesting that she'll stick in something pink with a lot of bows.
  • After Gilda finds out that Rainbow is dating Soarin and they got together at the Royal Wedding, she gets a fast recap on everything that Rainbow and her friends have accomplished since the wedding. She gives a quick "...What?" three times during Pinkie Pie's rundown. Then after Gilda also hears that Twilight lured Cerberus back to Tartarus, she has one other thing to say.
    Gilda: ...You know, if you ponies had told me you were this hardcore, we could have been friends a long time ago.

Through the Mirror

  • When Celestia brings Twilight and Spike home and introduces them to Luna, Luna makes a remark that Twilight has her pet with her only for Spike to speak up saying he's not a pet. Luna immediately faints.
    Twilight: You know, you could have done that with a little more tact.
  • Twilight nearly goes into a catatonic state when she learns what the Internet is and spends hours researching on it. When she learns from Celestia she can make it into a physical form by printing it later, Spike realizes she's not going to go to sleep tonight.
  • Twilight reports for her first class in Canterlot High. The only open seat is right next to her new crush Flash Sentry.
    Twilight: (inner thought)...Darn.
  • On Tuesday, Twilight tries out pants as part of her outfit that day. She finds them uncomfortable and wonders how humans managed to wear these every day. She then wonders how Fancypants' parents knew about them.
  • When Pinkie learns Flash and Twilight have a date, she asks Twilight if she's going to marry Flash and buy a house and have two children named Nathaniel and Superfly.


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