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Olive Branch is planning something with trying to get everyone to turn against Celestia
I mean, it'd probably make sense if there was some end goal for him to achieve other than "make the ruler look bad".
  • Jossed, see below

Said plan has to do with Discord
He's mentioned a few times throughout the story, and it could be considered foreshadowing... Also, Olive Branch is attempting to have a rebellion of sorts. And what do Rebellions usually cause? Chaos.
  • Jossed, his plan has to do with Immortality.

If this happens and Discord breaks free, he'll pull an Eviler than Thou on Olive and become the Big Bad
He's also the last villain to have the Elements be used on, and one of Rainbow Dash's worries when she talked with Soarin' was that the Elements might have not worked, what with what happened before. It might be used to produce some final closure on that matter.
  • Jossed, see above

Alternatively, Olive Branch is doing this as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Celestia
Something must have happened during the Changeling invasion that caused Olive to become jaded enough to attack Celestia. Perhaps he lost a loved one?
  • Jossed, see above

Pinkie and Scootaloo's storylines will intertwine.
Specifically, when Speedy Delivery is outed as abusing Scoots, it will cause Clyde to have a Jerkass Realization in regards to how he treated Pinkie.
  • Jossed. Clyde had his realization shortly after Pinkie ran away, it just took this long to both track Pinkie down and work up the courage to admit he was wrong.

Olive Branch will be executed, as will Speedy Delivery and Quick Delivery.
They are participating in a plan to overthrow the legal government of Equestria. If that's not high treason, I don't know what is.Now that they have assaulted and likely kidnapped a member of the extended royal family, it seems increasingly likely that they will end up on the gallows.
  • Jossed, they don't have the death penalty anymore. What Luna inflicts on Olive Branch could be considered A Fate Worse Than Death, while Celestia's to Speedy Delivery and Quick Delivery were more mundane.

Alternatively, they'll be banished...
"Well that's not so bad compared to-" "To the moon... or even the sun."
  • jossed

Alternatively he will get his wish
But it comes with some consequences
  • jossed

During the meeting with Celestia, Olive Branch will try to let the fact that Twilight tried to warn them be revealed
One of his arguments he presented in the beginning of the arc was the unexplained absence of Twilight, and people would start to ask questions about why Twilight appeared with the real Cadance (like where did she come from, what was she doing, what caused her to be there in the first place), so it's natural that at some point, Celestia or Olive Branch will mention that fact and this will be the lynchpin that Olive wants so much. Sort of jossed. He already knew about that and used it as blackmail against Celestia.

Rainbow Dash wasn't really bored by the Daring Do fanzine; it was just too soon.

The conspirators are Changelings
When Twilight tried to scan one of the ponies to see if they were a Changeling, she gained a splitting headache... This could probably indicate that they're Changelings. Either they are Chrysalis' men who are enacting phase two of an elaborate plan (stage one is the Wedding, including her failure) to seize control of Equestria or a separate hive who are using the situation to their advantage.
  • Actually, I think that that was part of a Batman Gambit the conspirators (who are ponies) planned on Twilight using the spell on one of them, and cast a spell of their own to disorient her when she did, in order to more easily capture her.

There's more to the plan than just kidnapping the Mane Six to use as hostages
In all honesty, Celestia would probably roast Olive Branch upon noticing he has her student and her friends hostage so there's probably more to his plan than just "Step down from your position of Godly Princess who can smite us with a single whim or we will hurt your pets!"
  • Nope, he was pretty much banking on her folding upon knowledge that he has them hostage... Didn't think that one through, huh?

Olive Branch will be defeated with an Engineered Public Confession
Specifically, the fact that he engineered Garble's gang's attack. I doubt he or his group will have much standing even among the Gullible Lemmings if that knowledge goes public.

Speedy Delivery and Olive Branch will end up dead by the end of the story.
Wouldn't that be a satisfactory ending for those two wonderful ponies?
  • Well, I have been saying that I know a lovely Cupcake recipe that I would like to teach them...
    • Jossed, unfortunately. Celestia abolished the death penalty decades ago. Fortunately, he does get a Fate Worse than Death in the form of a Penance Stare-like spell preformed onto him by Luna.

If the story continues after Families, it will proceed to deconstruct the Alternate Character Interpretations of the Mane Six
Families deconstructed two popular fanfic ideas, Scootabuse and Tyrant Celestia and fitted them into the Post-Canterlot Wedding setting. Perhaps the continuing story may pick at Psycho Pinkie and Incest Twilight.
  • Incest Twilight? Do I want to know?
    • It's the Friendship is Witchcraft interpretation of Twilight's... behavior towards Shiny.
    • DarthLink22: I already have mentioned that interpretation. Chrysalis finds this the only logical explanation as to why Twilight came to her brother's rescue after he abandoned her. Outside that, I don't even want to touch this.
      • Ah; thanks DarthLink22. I feel better now.

Discord's role.
It's evident the stories' theme is Forgiveness and Discord in the Nuptialverse will be defeated once and for all when he's been forgiven despite the atrocities he's committed. Because it hurts him and he gains his powers from everyone hating him. In the end, even he will go through a Villainous Breakdown why the others pity or feel remorse for him. With Twilight giving a Kirk Summation.

Magical Mystery Cure will happen at some point, but it'd end with Twilight calling out Celestia for the crap she put her friends through
Or someone else.
  • Word of God is that MMC won't happen in this universe (due to the author's own take on how ponies become alicorns). And even if the episode did happen, why exactly would this happen?

Chrysalis' partner in Direction.
At the end of Families, Chrysalis is directed to another agent of Discord's, to work on a plan to free him, and the first chapter of Direction has them moving ahead on it, though without revealing who this other being is. Possibilities:
  • Trixie: Left half-mad by the Alicorn Amulet, she fled into the Everfree Forest. Perhaps Discord offered her a chance at revenge in return for her help, taking advantage of her insanity?
    • Possibly Jossed by her actual appearance, which implies that she's unaware Twilight is no longer in Equestria.
  • Sunset Shimmer: Just happens to show up and steal the Element of Magic right after we learn that Chrysalis and her partner are beginning their plan. Coincidence, or a Divide and Conquer strategy?
  • Screwball: Popularly presented in fanon as Discord's servant. Perhaps DarthLink will deconstruct this relationship the way he has with so much else?
  • Red Hoof: Immediatly after Trixie is purged of the dark magic making her evil, he grabs the device containing said dark magic (and even swings by Gilda's to drain the coin Trixie hexed to act as a calling card in case Gilda changed her mind about joining her) and makes a beeline to his 'superiors' in the Crystal Empire.

Direction will deconstruct Easily Forgiven
We have several characters who have been hit with this trope (Discord, Trixie, and Shimmer) and at least one of them has crossed so far into the Moral Event Horizon that forgiveness isn't an option.