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Trivia / The Nuptialverse

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  • Creator Backlash: The author cringed while reading Post Nuptials, and his readership complaining that his newer entries aren't as good as the first had not helped. His main complaints were that it's far too repetitive and, at times, stilted for its own good. In fact, he was keen about the idea of an Animated Adaptation Distillation of his work, so long as he was the one to pen it.
  • Died During Production: Darth Link 22 sadly passed away on February 27th, 2022 after a bad fall and the head injury that followed. Direction and Through the Mirror thus have been left incomplete.
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  • Line to God: Darth Link 22 had a Q&A Blog on FIMFiction. He also had a Facebook page where he posted behind the scenes trivia.
  • Throw It In: The author liked the idea of Tiberius, Luna's pet possum from the IDW comics, enough to add him to the series.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Post Nuptials:
      • Metamorphosis and Honeymoon were written as chapters for Post Nuptials, but were released as standalone stories since the author felt they would have detracted from the subject of Twilight's friends walking out on her.
      • The author decided against shipping Rarity with Fancypants and Fluttershy with Iron Will, because both seemed unnecessary and the readership was also against the idea.
      • Pinkie's chapter in Post Nuptials was planned as a Breather Episode wherein Pinkie would have been too distracted with the reception to fret over Twilight and the narrator would have tried in vain to keep the story on its angsty track.
      • Shining Armor's chapter would have had him speak with Cadance instead of Twilight.
      • Post Nuptials would have ended with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie moving Applejack and Rarity into the same bed as a prank. A similar ending showed Twilight's friends finding Octavia and Vinyl Scratch sleeping in Twilight's bed while Twilight slept with Celestia. Both were nixed to keep the story friendlier for younger audiences.
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    • Families:
      • The story was planned to be focused only on Spike, and went as follows: Spike learns of a magic pool that will let him see anything asked of it. He wants to see his parents, but Twilight forbids him from going, so he runs away. As Twilight searches hopelessly for him for a month before finally giving up, Spike finds the pool guarded by a character who would become the main story's Keeper. He asks to see his mother, and what does the pool show him? None other than Twilight.
      • After the above was changed to the plot that was actually used, the story was going to have a scene at the end where Applejack realizes that Pinkie's right and she does have a crush on Twilight. This would have led into a story focused on AJ dealing with it, with tragic results due to Twilight being straight. However, the author decided to scrap that idea, and the scene wasn't included.
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    • Twilight's parents were originally going to be shown to have been afraid of her ever since her entrance exam. However, the author decided that the series had enough parental issues already, and simply had Twilight and her parents being distant.
  • Word of Gay: According to Darth Link, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Cadance are bisexual, Applejack is gay, and Pinkie is asexual.