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Chivalric Arms will kidnap Ruby to breed Silver-Eyed warriors.

It would be a great way to get everyone else to side against CA. It also seems like something they would do, especially now that Ruby is possibly crippled.
  • In one of Coeur's previous works a similar (government associated, has zero points in empathy, obsessed with making their kingdom the greatest) Vale based organisation wanted to do something similar so you might be onto something.
  • This Troper thinks that Ozpin will actively give Ruby to CA in order to breed/clone more Silver Eyed Warriors. He has followed the 'means justify the ends' mentality in other Coeur stories after all, and this one is definitely dark enough for it. Hints of this are in how little he cares about Weiss or Yang in the aftermath of the Docks Incident.
  • The fact that Ruby may be paralyzed thanks to Jaune makes me agree with this previous Troper - if Ruby can't help fight Salem as a huntress, she could do it as breeding stock instead. Ozpin is no stranger to Adaptational Villainy in Coeur's works, and the fact that he seems to have captured Amber and agreed with the Atlas council to sentence Jaune to death makes me think he's getting hit with it hard here.
    • Confirmed as of chapter 32, although Ozpin's ostensibly not involved.
      • I called it!

Jaune will perform a Colony Drop via his little sister Amber using Amity Colosseum.

Because frankly that seems like an effective climax for the story - using Amity to wipe out Vale via colony drop, giving Atlas a warning ("You know what else floats?"), and ensuring that no kingdom dares hunt him down or threaten his family for fear of unleashing Jaune's Wrath upon them.

Jaune will become the 'Bigger Bad' behind the White Fang.

In that he will step back from being an active player in Remnant, but will remain allied with the White Fang and serve as standing threat to anyone who opposes Faunus rights.

Ironwood will perform a Coup D'etat and expose Chivalric Arms

  • If the next inquiry goes the same way as the last Ironwood will decide enough is enough and reveal the truth to the entire Atlesian military before ordering them to arrest the council for obstruction of justice and seizing all Solitas based CA assets. This is likely the only option left in bringing CA down at this point.
    • Most likely Jossed: RWBY and Jaune manage to actually bring CA down thanks to the anti-Faunus chemical, and while the Council does still deliberately cover up Jaune's involvement, they give control of the situation back to Ironwood peacefully.

Remnant is Doomed

If Ozpin truly is dead for good, then humanity unknowingly lost a powerful ally. With him gone, all information on Salem's immortality and the Relics are gone for good. Thus Salem can now conquer Remnant more easily with everybody including Jaune and his sisters ultimately dying.

Salem will ask Jaune and Amber to kill her

If Ozpin truly is dead and Salem realizes it she will seek out the Arcs to have them put her out of her misery. Her main motivations for her actions are to spite the gods and make Ozma suffer. The latter is no longer possible and her dying would still be the former. Of course this is all assuming the gods don't just resurrect them.

Chivalric Arms are responsible for Tyrian's start of darkness

Before Chivalric Arms targeted the Arcs, they kidnapped and experimented on Tyrian for his aura-disrupting Semblance — since it's like a much more watered-down version of Jaune's Null Semblance — and their experiments on him caused him to become the murderous, masochistic complete loon that we all know him as. This could also be where Tyrian gained the scars on his chest.