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Nightmare Fuel / Maim de Maim

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  • What Ragyou did to poor Mr. Tapatio. The aftermath is just too gruesome to list but let's just say it would be unwise to talk back to Ragyou, especially after she has been exposed to the OLF
  • Ryuko sustaining a headshot from a shotgun, blasting most of her face off. Then she proceeds to slice and dice the offender into teriyaki in an anger fueled tantrum, forcing Uzu to put his foot down in a heartbreaking relationship ending manner.
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  • A brainwashed Ryuuko and that is all.
  • Satsuki and Junketsu's salvia trip in Chapter 14. Not only what happens to them inside their heads is terrifying in sheer psychedelic terms, but what happens to them physically is every bit as horrifying as Ryuko's berserk mode in the original anime. So bad to the point that it even makes Satsuki stop smoking pot period
  • Ragyo's purification of Satsuki in Chapter 18 is like if you took the purification sequence in Episode 16 of the original anime and merged it with Satsuki's imprisonment sequences in episode 19, making it even worse than both combined. It also doesn't help that Rei Hououmaru was implied to be watching the 2002 French film Irréversible right before Ragyo did her dirty work to Satsuki. making things all the more uncomfortable for the lack of a better word.
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  • The majority of Chapter 19 can be chalked up as being "the stuff nightmares are made out of", such as Dr. Batty's victims and the way he killed them, Dr. Batty's dreamscape childhood flashback of the time he and his mother murdered his supposedly "Hiding Behind Religion" centric father, his therapy session with Trent Bolton and worst of all, the implication that Dr. Batty, may in fact be, Nui Harime's father.
  • Nui Harime losing control of her body to her evil side after she stops taking her prescription medication against her will is both really terrifying and downright heartbreaking especially when she tries to commit suicide multiple times in the span of mere minutes, albeit to complete failure
  • In chapter 25, we find out how Mrs. Adams-Nickelsen killed her husband and it isn't pretty.
  • Ophelia's first appearance. To elaborate a bit further, said first appearance involved a mess of gore in her hotel room and a half-eaten hand in her mouth.
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  • Kaibutsu. That is all.

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