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Nightmare Fuel / Into The Depths

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Seeing as this fic and its sequel are horrors, expect a lot of Nightmare Fuel. I hope you will sleep well tonight.

  • The descriptions of the atmosphere in the story gives off a very tense feeling. It might also gives some Paranoia Fuel.
  • The darkness. Oh God, the darkness!
  • Fortress and Sure Hoof's hours of torment. They waited for as long as weeks without food and limited water for their companions to return and for re-enforcements to arrive. So much that Sure Hoof had to kill himself! Time went on, and Fortress had to eat the meat from Sure Hoof's corpse to survive!
    • That part was possibly the creepiest part of the whole story!
  • The thought that both Luna and Twilight are lost in that death trap of a catacomb.
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  • The giant 'worm' thing made out of the remains of skeletons chasing Celestia, Twin Blades, Path Finder and Night Glaze.

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