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Nightmare Fuel / A Thing of Vikings

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  • This fic doesn’t shy away from showing just how brutal this time period was. Slavery is the norm, massive amounts of ethnic/religious intolerance, and Rape, Pillage, and Burn is less a war crime and more standard operating procedure.
    • Snotlout has a moment where he's sitting on the mountainside and watching the rebel city his Roman dragon-riders attacked go up in flames and having flashbacks to his childhood. He knows what the noncombatants are going through down below, and it horrifies him, made worse by the fact that they specifically attacked the food supplies and the people going for water to put out the fires.
    • Then the rebels do the only thing they can do: Forage—or in other words, pillage the countryside's farms to make up the difference in food.
  • While undeniably awesome, the Battle of the Sound of Berk shows just how terrifying being on the receiving end of a dragon-enhanced army is when you are part of an army confined to the ground (or sea).
    • Ships go up in flames or explode, men are crushed by rocks or drown in the sea, and worse, all from the POV of the men in the ships.
  • The Byzantines have a disturbing obsession with torture and dismemberment (to the point that Wikipedia has a whole article on it!), made all the worse by the fact that they consider it to be merciful compared to just killing someone.


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