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Heartwarming / A Thing of Vikings

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  • Hiccup proposing to Astrid; it's not just that he turns down politically advantageous marriage alliances for her, the woman he loves, the one who "will throw him into ice water" when he needs it, he also gives a literal King's Ransom and a captured city for her bride price—just to show the world how much she means to him.
  • Fishlegs and Heather managing to reconnect, forgive and rekindle their relationship after the month of estrangement after the Battle.
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  • Fintan reuniting with his lover Roisin and his daughter Bláthnat.
  • Rabbi Dovid answering a late-night knock at the door of his synagogue to find a trio of Norse. It starts with him afraid of harassment from the city guard, his congregation hiding themselves as best they can, before he even opens the door—only to find that they're then fabled dragon-riders of Berk. Asking why they're there, the man Dovid assumes is a bodyguard goes over to a table, proceeds to write something and presents it to Dovid. In Hebrew, it reads that his great-grandfather was Jewish and taught the tribe how to read and write. And so now they're here to connect with long-lost relatives.
  • Hiccup and Astrid accepting and forgiving Wulfhild over her not telling them about the secretive Christian marriage.


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