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Trivia / A Thing of Vikings

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  • From Entertainment to Education: A regular refrain in the fic's reviews is that people have been so fascinated by the story's visit to an otherwise obscure era of history that the reviewers have started reading up on the time period themselves.
  • Gay Panic: A minor example, but there's been some anti-LGBT hate from a few reviewers for the relevant storylines, with the usual tone being that having LGBT people existing at all in history is "historically inaccurate" and make accusations of bringing in "modern politics". The author has firmly averted the rest of the trope, though, by continuing on with those storylines.
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  • Hire the Critic: The author tried this for his beta-readers, and advises against the practice.
  • Line to God: The author has both a Tumblr and a Discord server on which he's active and chatty.
  • Series Hiatus: After two years of near-weekly updates, the author announced one of these after Chapter 85.
  • Teasing Creator: The author has lots of fun using Brandon Sanderson's phrase of RAFO (Read And Find Out) to answer speculation, occasionally combined with popcorn emojis.


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