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Heartwarming / Thieves Can Be Heroes!

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. All spoilers below are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Chapter 6

  • Even after hearing how Ryuji's impulsive decision led to the track team's dissolution, Izuku's faith in Ryuji never wavered, giving him a Rousing Speech even while being stomped on by Kamoshida's knights.

Chapter 7

  • After giving up all hope when he came to Shujin, Izuku's experiences in the cognitive world restored his lost enthusiasm and his belief that he could be a Hero.

Chapter 13

  • Morgana, Ryuji, and Ann encouraging Izuku to be team leader, due to his unique ability to wield multiple Personas, and has been The Strategist for much of their time in Kamoshida's Palace.
  • Izuku finally moves past his forlorn wish to go to U.A. after realizing that if he hadn't made that fateful decision to help that woman, he would have never gone to Shujin Academy and all of his new friends might still be suffering, putting them above his lifelong dream and leaving his regrets at the missed opportunity behind him.
    Izuku: [internally] No. It’s okay. [shakes his head furiously as his brow furrowed] If I wasn’t going to Shujin right now, then who knows how long Kamoshida would still be torturing everyone? How much Suzui-senpai, Ryuji-senpai and Ann-senpai would be suffering? Even if by the end of this I go to jail... at least I can at least be happy knowing that I saved people. Especially my friends. I’m not going to regret where I am anymore. I’m going to make the best of it until the end.

Chapter 17

  • Izuku's reputation only gets worse after Kamoshida's confession, with the rest of the student body believing that he had used a hidden Brainwashing Quirk to make it happen (which honestly, wasn't far from the truth). The Thieves are naturally indignant about this, but Izuku acknowledges that he's always been an outcast and that probably won't be changing any time soon. But that doesn't matter to him anymore, because he has his friends. Cue mass "dawwwww!"
    Izuku: [mumbling dejectedly] Well... it's not like anyone had a good opinion of me before, right? So I guess it's something I'll just have to accept.
    Morgana: Izuku...
    Izuku: If that's the worst thing to come of stopping Kamoshida, I'm okay with it. [begins to smile] I have you guys now, so it won't be so lonely.
    Ryuji: Aw shucks, man! You're gonna make me blush over here! [laughs and pulls Izuku into a friendly headlock] You know I got your back, dude.
    Ann: [smiles and gives a thumbs-up] We are a team, after all.
    Morgana: As expected of our leader to bear such a cross on his back.
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  • Izuku gets to see his mom again over Golden Week, treating the reader to the image of the two of them giving each other a big ol' hug with Tears of Joy in their eyes.
    Izuku: [walking in the door] Mom?
    Inko: Izuku? [runs to him with tears in her eyes] Izuku baby!
    Izuku: Mom! [runs to her with tears in his own eyes as they share a long, warm hug]
  • Sae is cordial with the Midoriyas after bumping into them at Cafe Leblanc in a Pet the Dog moment that stands in contrast to her reputation as a ruthless prosecutor and her icy relationship with her sister.
  • Morgana can plainly see the loving relationship between Izuku and his mom, and is quick to comment on how sweet she is as she leaves to go home. The teen agrees wholeheartedly.
    Izuku: You could stay a little longer, mom. It is Golden Week.
    Inko: No, this is fine. I was just happy to be able to spend time with you as much as I did. Seeing you smile again after everything you've been through made me so overjoyed. [tears well up in her eyes again] I promise to visit again soon, so keep making friends like you have been and stay out of trouble. And keep taking care of Sojiro, too. He can be a bit gruff, but he's got a great heart.
    Izuku: I will, Mom. Thanks for coming. I love you. [shares one last, tight embrace before waving goodbye as Inko boards the train]
    Morgana: You've got such a sweet mother, Izuku.
    Izuku: [holding back more tears and wiping them away] Y-yeah.. I really do...
  • Izuku fully expects Makoto to be furious with him for keeping secrets from her, but she remains understanding and appreciative for dealing with Kamoshida and for keeping his promise to tell her everything.
    Makoto: Before we even talk about anything, why don't we go and grab some lunch?
    Izuku: Huh? B-but... aren't you-
    Makoto: Mad? No. I was upset, I won't lie. But since you're keeping your promise and telling me, I can't really be too upset. [pushes her bangs out of her face] Besides, after... after everything that happened, how can I be mad? You guys succeeded. You put a stop to Kamoshida and made him confess. Whatever the method, you and your friends put a stop to a terrible man. I think that deserves more praise than scorn.
    Izuku: [somewhat relieved] Koto-san...

Chapter 20

  • Even after taking Kamoshida down, Izuku is still guilt-ridden over his failure to stop Shiho's suicide attempt. When they see each other again in Inokashira Park, he prepares himself to be scolded for this. He's completely taken by surprise when Shiho gives him nothing but thanks for his efforts in a heartfelt gesture that leaves Izuku on his knees, sobbing and clutching his chest as he's overwhelmed with joy.
    Shiho: Thank you… [Shiho bows deeply] Thank you for saving me.
    Izuku: [looking off to the side in shame] I… I didn't though. I couldn't…
    Shiho: Back then… I didn't want to be saved. I just wanted to end it. [rises from her bow and looks him straight in the eyes] Even after I woke up, I didn't know what I would do with myself. But after I saw Kamoshida confess… I felt like I really could keep going on. Like someone reached out and pulled me from the brink. Recovery Girl saved my life, but you… you, Ann, Sakamoto-kun… [her lips spread into a warm smile] You all saved my soul. You're truly my heroes.
  • Izuku has spent every day since he became a phantom thief worrying about the Confidant Links because he doesn't want his new friends thinking that he only made friends with them just to strengthen his Personas. When he explains them and the Velvet Room to his friends, all of them assure him otherwise because they know that he's far too kind-hearted to even think of doing such a thing. He promptly bursts into more Tears of Joy over this.
    Izuku: I… I was afraid at first when these links started forming though. I mean, it's beneficial, but…
    Ryuji: But what's up? Isn't that a good thing?
    Izuku: W-Well I… I don't want you guys to think that's the only reason I'm friends with you. I-I mean, it helps, sure, but that's not why I-
    Ann: Whoa, slow down, Izuku. You don't have to worry about that. You're one of the most sincere people I've ever met. There's no way you'd be faking the funk when it comes to making friends.
    Izuku: Huh?
    Ryuji: Yeah man, you kiddin'? You're way too nice for that kinda crap. [slaps him on the shoulder playfully] If you make friends and those links or whatever, we know you're not doin' it just for some power ups. That just makes 'em cooler!
    Morgana: I agree. We all know what kind of heart you have, Izuku. Don't ever doubt that.
    Izuku:' [teary-eyed] Y-You guys… [starts crying Ocular Gushers into his sleeve] Th-thank you~!

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