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As an Alternate History, Alternate Universe fanfic of How to Train Your Dragon, A Thing of Vikings features a wide and diverse cast, combining the canonical cast from the first HTTYD film, characters taken from other elements of the HTTYD franchise, other media properties, Real Life historical people from the 1040s AD, and original characters, all of them thrown together and allowed to develop .

Note that Book I (chapters 1-31) Spoilers are Unmarked! The character list is organized according to allegiance as of Book II (chapters 32-68).


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    Hooligan Tribe 

Clan Haddock

Hiccup Stoicksson

Protagonist; aka Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III; son of Stoick and Valka, Astrid's boyfriend, lover, and eventual husband, heir to Clan Haddock, Herald of Stoick the Vast, first known dragon rider, smith, inventor, and natural philosopher, DOB June 1025.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Kind, decent, friendly, and a pacifist who wants to help people and build things useful in society. Threaten his home with annihilation, though, and your war fleet will be running literally screaming in fear by morning, albeit significantly reduced in size.
  • Messianic Archetype: It is addressed multiple times that Hiccup's altruistic nature is very Christ-like, with various Christians claiming that he acts more like a Christain in-spite of being a pagan than most other Christians and Heather humoring the idea that he might be the Second Coming.
  • One True Threesome: With Astrid and Wulfhild.

Astrid Hákonsdoittor clan Haddock

Protagonist; daughter of Gunvor and Hákon, Hiccup's girlfriend, lover, and eventual wife; Master of the Dragon, second known dragon rider, shieldmaiden, DOB April 1025.
  • Action Girl: As per canon.
  • Adaptational Sexuality: While in the series she is shown to have a Single-Target Sexuality towards Hiccup, here it extends to Wulfhild when she joins them in their marital bed.
  • Ambiguously Bi: She claims that she and Wulfhild do not have a sex-life outside of Hiccup, but it is implied that a majority of their sex-life after including Wulfhild involves him servicing them (and vice-versa) at the same time. It is later confirmed in Chapter 59 that Astrid sees Wulfhild as a romantic partner just as much as she does with Hiccup.
    I've fallen in love with both him and with his… our princess-concubine. And while I knew that such a thing was possible… I wasn't expecting myself to enjoy a woman's touch, you know?
  • One True Threesome: With Hiccup and Wulfhild.

Wulfhild Olafsdoittor clan Haddock

Protagonist; Princess of Norway, half-sister of Magnus, concubine of Hiccup, High Almoner of Berk. DOB 1020.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Downplayed, she got a cut on her cheek and while the resulting scar isn’t disfiguring many nobles think that it has tarnished her beauty, with one flat out calling her “damaged goods” to her face.

Gothi Hiccupsdoittor

Hooligan tribe’s priestess, Stoick’s aunt; bonded to a pack of Terrible Terrors, DOB ~960.


Female Razorwhip, bonded to Wulfhild.

Stoick Hamishsson

Chief of Berk, aka Stoick the Vast, father of Hiccup; DOB 995.


Female Deadly Nadder, blue coloration, bonded to Astrid.


Male Thunderdrum, bonded to Stoick.


Male Night Fury, bonded to Hiccup.

The Wild Rookery Dragons

By Hooligan law, unbonded dragons in Hooligan territory are considered part of the Haddock clan.

Clan Hofferson

Cecelia Asketillsdoittor

Astrid’s aunt; weaver and spinner.


Male Deadly Nadder, pink coloration; noted as having hyperactive tendencies, bonded to Hákon.

Glenn Órgíslsson

Astrid’s uncle; fisherman.

Gunvor Dugaldsdoittor

Astrid’s mother, miller.

Hákon Mortensson

Astrid’s father, miller.


Male Monstrous Nightmare, blue coloration, bonded to Ross.

Morten Rikardsson

Astrid’s grandfather (deceased).

Rikard Ruadhsson

Clan head, Astrid’s great-grandfather.

Ross Alansson

Astrid’s cousin, carter.


Female Deadly Nadder, yellow coloration, bonded to Gunvor.

Clan Ingerman

Fishlegs Hensteethsson

Protagonist; scribe, poet and natural philosopher, DOB Nov 1025.

Heather nic Oswald clan Ingerman

Protagonist; sister of Dagur the Deranged, freewoman from Alba, concubine of Fishlegs, Stoick’s spymaster, DOB Sept 1025.
  • Teen Superspy: She'd likely be in over her head in Rome or Constantinople, but by British/Scandinavian standards she is a credible spymaster before she is twenty.
  • Training from Hell: YES. Amplified of course by the need of Alvin to keep her physically healthy, which meant her parents paid for any shortcomings.

Bladewit Drorsdoittor

Fishlegs’ great-aunt, Ingerman clanhead, scribe.

Fishwings Hensteethsdoittor

Fishlegs’ older sister, scribe and dyer.


Bladewit’s husband, Fishlegs’ great-uncle, freedman, shoemaker.

Hammeredge Frodesson

Fishlegs’ cousin, son of Bladewit and Frode, carpenter.

Hensteeth Axthoughtsson

Fishlegs’ father, carpenter, construction foreman.

Horsefeathers Hensteethsson

Fishlegs’ eldest brother; has a Monstrous Nightmare named Toast.


Male Deadly Nadder, dark gray coloration, bonded to Fishwings.


Female Gronckle, brown coloration, bonded to Fishlegs.


Bloodred male Monstrous Nightmare, bonded to Horsefeathers.


Female Razorwhip, bonded to Heather.

Clan Jorgenson

Snotlout Jorgenson

(See the Roman Empire folder below for tropes related to his adopted identity as Sigurd Trondsson)

Clodgall Oxwitsson

Clan head of the Jorgensons Gobber's older half-brother; the two of them had a falling out somewhere along the line that has not yet been fully explained.

Dogsbreath Rolfsson


Adopted thane immigrant.

Gobber Oxwitsson

a.k.a. Gobber the Belch, head smith of Berk, DOB 990.

Lopsides Clodgallsdoittor

Cook in the mead hall.


Male Monstrous Nightmare, red coloration, bonded to Snotlout.

Hoark Clodgallsson

Leather tanner.

Magnhild Gustavsdoittor

Head cook of the meadhall, wife of Clodgall.

Nott & Delling

Male Hideous Zippleback, gold and blue coloration, bonded to Fritjof.

Picknose Rolfsson

DOB 1031.

Rolf Snotpoutsson

Mason and sculptor.

Serena Hamishsdoittor

Wife of Spitelout Jorgenson, sister of Stoick Haddock, DOB 1003.

Snitwit Spiteloutsdoittor

Daughter of Spitelout and Serena, DOB 1028.

Spitelout Clodgallsson

Marshal of Berk, husband of Serena.

Clan Thorston

Ruffnut Thicknutsdoittor Fairhair

Protagonist; daughter of Thicknut, wife of Magnus, DOB Aug 1025.
  • See Norway

Tuffnut Thicknutsson

Protagonist; son of Thicknut, DOB Aug 1025.
  • See Norway


Husband of Hazelnut, freedman from Alba, farmer.

Barf and Belch

Male Hideous Zippleback, green coloration, bonded to Ruffnut and Tuffnut.

Birchnut Hardnutsdoittor

Aunt of the twins, candle and soapmaker.

Chestnut Hardnutsson

Tribal skald, father of Hazelnut.

Hardnut Oaknutsson

Clan head of the Thorstons.

Hazelnut Chestnutsdoittor

Wife of Aodh, farmer.

Lena Hoarksdoittor

Stepmother of the twins, farmer.


Female Deadly Nadder, green coloration, bonded to Hazelnut.

Thicknut Hardnutsson

Father of the twins, farmer.

Woodnut Highbolesson

Carpenter and woodcarver.


Bridget nic Seanan

Freewoman tailor, DOB 1020

Brogan mac Cillian

Freeman chandler (candle and soap-maker), DOB 1007

Bucket and Mulch

Fintan mac Ionaton

Freeman from Eire; DOB 1016


Freeman, DOB ~1018

Maire nic Asgierr

Freewoman weaver, DOB 1022


Ostracized hermit, DOB 972

Murchadh mac Flannchadh

Freeman smith, DOB Oct 1017

Oisin mac Eoghan

Freeman mason, DOB 1021

Rathnait nic Niall

Freewoman baker, DOB 1012

Seamus mac Naomhan

Freeman carpenter, DOB 1025

Una nic Colman

Freewoman leatherworker, DOB 1014


Mac Bethad mac Findlaich

The Red King, King of the Scots
  • Death by Adaptation: He dies in 1043 in a duel with Astrid, fourteen years before his historical death date.

Grouch ingen Boite

Queen of Scots


Prince of Scots, son of Grouch, stepson of Mac Bethad

Taskill Thaddeusson

Mac Bethad’s spymaster

Raghnell Lachiesson

Mac Bethad’s steward

Alan mac Iomhar

Spy in the service of Mac Bethad

Gregor Iagansson

Spy in the service of Mac Bethad

Iain Lachlansson

Spy in the service of Mac Bethad


Dubh Linn

Finnian mac Seamus

Sea captain of Dubh Linn.

Ímar mac Arailt

King of Dubh Linn.


Bran mac Muchada

Envoy of Echmarcach mac Ragnaill, stout Norseman about the same age as Stoick.

Echmarcach mac Ragnaill

King of Mön (Isle of Mann).
  • Death by Adaptation: He dies in 1042, either twenty two or twenty three years before his historical death date.note 


Adalwin ua Imair/Alvin

Former King of Vedrarfjord, aka Alvin the Treacherous.

Ragnell ua Imair

Ship captain of Vedrarfjord, kinsman of the Ua Imair.


Harthacnut Cnutsson

King of England and Denmark, son of King Cnut the Great and Emma of Normandy.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Sees no problem with ordering a city to be razed in retaliation for killing two of his tax collectors (which was done in real life to the city of Worcester in 1041), plotting an attack on Berk with the intent of killing the entire Hooligan tribe, and ordering a farm to be razed for daring to not give up a guest to him when he ordered it.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: He assumes Hiccup has some ulterior motive for his altruistic actions. Best summed up by the author from the ao3 comment section:
    Aspasia: Relax, Harthacnut, he just wants to help.
    athingofvikings: Which is why Harthacnut can't comprehend it; he's so steeped in power and authoritarianism that he literally cannot grasp the idea of altruism for the sake of altruism. From his POV, it must have some diabolical purpose, because otherwise, why do it?
  • The Oath-Breaker: It is well known that he is one of these.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Downplayed, he dies on 11 June, 1042, a mere 3 days after his historical death date.



Henry of the Capets

King of Francia.


William of Normandy

Duke of Normandy, DOB 1028.

    Holy Roman Empire (Germany) 

Henry the Black

Holy Roman Emperor.


Ruffnut Thicknutsdoittor Fairhair

Protagonist; daughter of Thicknut, wife of Magnus, DOB Aug 1025.

Tuffnut Thicknutsson

Protagonist; son of Thicknut, DOB Aug 1025.
  • Hidden Depths: He proves to be surprisingly adept at learning languages, rescues Marte from an abusive husband, and refuses to take advantage of her when she offers herself to him in gratitude.


Female Hobblegrunt, bonded to Vlademar.


Male Monstrous Nightmare, golden-yellow and black coloration, bonded to Magnus.


Male Deadly Nadder; noted to have a playful attitude, deep blue coloration, bonded to Roald.

Eindride Einarsson

Court marshal, son of Einar.

Einar Eindridesson

Regent of Norway, father of Eindride. A.K.A. Einar Thambarskelfir. DOB 980.


Male Gronckle; noted as having a sweet, even temperament, bonded to Mark.

Helga Vragisdoittor


Jørgen Osvaldsson


Ketil Órirsson

Thane, formerly of the Varangian Guard; owns several instruments, including a Roman Lyra.

Magnus Olafsson Fairhair

King of Norway, aka Magnus the Good, half-brother to Wulfhild, husband of Ruffnut. DOB 1024.

Mark Leosson

Court steward, brother to Roald.

Michael Henriksson

Court priest

Mikael Úlfrsson

Former trader turned thane, came back from the Roman Empire in 1041.

Oddmund Hemingrsson

Thane, formerly of the Varangian guard.

Orvar Arlaksson

Regent of Rygjarylki, brother to Yngvarr.

Roald Leosson

Magnus’s head thane and hustler at hnefatafl (King’s Fist), brother to Mark.

Sigvatr Tordarson

Icelandic court skald, Magnus’s godfather. DOB 995.


Male Deadly Nadder; noted as being hot-blooded and overeager, bright blue-violet coloration, bonded to Tuffnut.

Vlademar Gunniovich

Thane, originally of the Rus’, protected Magnus as a child.

Wulfhild Olafsdoittor clan Haddock

Princess of Norway, half-sister of Magnus, concubine of Hiccup, High Almoner of Berk. DOB 1020.
  • See Hooligan Tribe

Yngvarr Arlaksson

Court herald, aka Yngvarr the Merry, chief of Rygjafylki.
  • Asexuality: The author describes him as a “friend-focused aromantic asexual” in a tumblr post.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Yngvarr, he isn’t called the Merry for nothing. In fact he is so friendly he was able to bond with six dragons (a Timberjack named Hatchet, two Terrible Terrors named Huginn & Muninn, an unamed Hobblegrunt, a Scauldron named Wavecrest, and a Deadly Nadder named Windleaf).

Yngvarr’s dragons

Six dragons bonded to Yngvarr Arlaksson.
Hatchet; Timberjack.
Huginn & Muninn; two Terrible Terrors.
Unamed Hobblegrunt.
Wavecrest; Scauldron.
Windleaf; Deadly Nadder, green coloration.

    The Papal States 

Benedict IX

Roman Catholic Pope. Birth name Theophylactus of Tusculum. DOB 1012. Youngest pope in history, made pontiff in 1032.

    Roman (Byzantine) Empire 
The Byzantine Empire is a pale shadow of the original Roman Empire. After a disastrous string of poor rulers, the Empire is flailing around and has been splitting off into warring factions... Until the arrival of Sigurd Throndsson.


Snotlout Jorgenson/Sigurd Trondsson

Protagonist; son of Spitelout and Serena, DOB May 1025.
  • Ensign Newbie: As of Chapter 69. Showed up in Constantinople a year ago? Check. Just turned 17? Check. Still learning Greek? Check. Placed in charge of building a new tagma (regiment) of dragon cavalry from the ground up? Check.

Harald Sigurdsson

Spatharokandidatos of the Roman court, Prince of Norway, uncle to Magnus and Wulfhild, senior officer of the Varangian Guard.

John the Orphantrophos

Chief court eunuch of the Roman court. Brother to Michael IV.

Michael IV the Paphlagonian

Byzantine Emperor, husband of Zoe. Born 1010.

Theodora Porphyrogenita

Imperial Princess of the Roman Empire, daughter of Emperor Constantine VIII, born in the purple, 980.

Zoe Porphyrogenita

Empress of the Roman Empire, daughter of Emperor Constantine VIII, wife of Emperors Romanos III & Michael IV. Born in the purple, 978.


Agatha Yaroslavna

Daughter of Ingegerd and Yaroslav. Born in 1028.

Andrew Vesvolod Yaroslavich

Son of Ingegerd and Yaroslav. Born in 1030.

Anne Yaroslavna

Daughter of Ingegerd and Yaroslav. Born 1030.

Elisiv Yaroslavna

Daughter of Ingegerd and Yaroslav. Born 1025.

Igor Yaroslavich

Son of Ingegerd and Yaroslav, twin to Vyacheslav. Born 1036.

Ingegerd Olofsdottor

Swedish princess and Grand Princess of the Rus’. Daughter of Swedish king Olof, aunt to Wulfhild of Norway, and full sister to King Anund Jacob. Known as Irene Anna in Rus’. Mother of Elisiv, Anastasia, Anne, Vladimir, Izaislav, Sviatoslav, Vsevolod, Igor and Agatha. Born 1001.

Iziaslav Yaroslavich

Son of Ingegerd and Yaroslav. Born in 1024.

Nicholas Sviatoslav Yaroslavich

Son of Ingegerd and Yaroslav. Born in 1027.

Vladimir Yaroslavich

Eldest son of Ingegerd and Yaroslav. Born 1020.

Vyacheslav Yaroslavich

Son of Ingegerd and Yaroslav, twin to Igor. Born in 1036.

Yaroslav Vladimirovich

Grand Prince of Rus’. Known as Yaroslav the Wise or Jarisleif the Lame. Husband of Ingegerd, father of Vladamir, Izialav, Nicholas, Andrew, Elisiv, Anastasia, Anne, Igor, and Vyacheslav. Born 978.


Anund Jacob

King of Sweden, uncle to Wulfhild of Norway. Known as “Kolbränna” or “Coal-burner” for his noted habit of burning down the homes of his opponents. DOB 1008.


Gruffydd ap Llywelyn

King of Gwynedd, Northern Wales.

Maredudd ap Gruffydd

Prince of Wales, son of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn.


Green Death

The largest dragon known, former nest lord of the dragons that constantly raided Berk.
  • Kaiju: As per canon, described as having been 60 cubitsnote  tall, 200 cubitsnote  long, and with a 300 cubitnote  long wingspan.
  • Posthumous Character: By the start of the first chapter it has been dead for months.


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