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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: As soon as Dagur arrived on the scene, it was obvious he would divide the fanbase of A Thing Of Vikings as soon as he appeared. Some people believe that, for all his faults, he's still good at heart, while others love to hate him and wish for him to get squashed by Stoick. And then there's another camp that states that while he seems like an affable warlord, he'll inevitably turn out to be as bad as everyone seems to think he is.
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  • Archive Panic: At over 900,000 words and 85 chapters in length as of the May 2019 hiatus, giving an average chapter length of over 10,750 words... a number of readers have cited this feeling before starting to read.
  • Audience Awareness Advantage: There's been criticism of the story on actions taken by the characters—often Hiccup—that the reviewers feel make no sense from their perspective.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: By the time Drago made his reveal, most of the readership seemed to have guessed his identity.
  • Complete Monster: That King Harthacnut was one of these seems to be widely agreed on—the question is when he crossed the Moral Event Horizon.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Fritjof clan Jorgenson is mostly a background bodyguard, but has a number of fans, helped, of course, by his Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • The Scrappy: Wulfhild is seen as this by some, despite how great the author's efforts to keep her likable are, due to how she's both an OC and seemingly infringed on the infamous 'HiccStrid' ship practiced by many people in the HTTYD/Dragons Fandom.
    • This is subverted as the storyline unfolds, allowing Hiccup and Astrid's relationship to expand into One True Threesome territory with Wulfhild, to the point that Hiccup admits to himself that he is in love with both women in Chapter 55, and Astrid explicitly states that she's in love with Hiccup and Wulfhild in Chapter 59.
  • The Woobie: Heather and her adopted parents were enslaved and enthralled. They were brought to King Adalwin who then proceeded to have Heather taught to act as a spy and Sex Slave, being put through Training from Hell under the assumption that she would be given to a brutish viking who would see her as nothing but a sex toy. One could argue the fact that she was given to Fishlegs, a kind-hearted man she would grow to love was even worse, considering if she did not betray him and bring back anything that Adalwin could use to train dragons, he would torture her parents to death. After she decides to come clean to Stoick (after nearly beating Fishlegs half to death when he catches her trying to steal the Book of Dragons), various members of the tribe make her life unbearable to the point where they either try and frame her for crimes or physically assault her, either because she was with Fishlegs or because they thought she was a traitor.
    Heather. Dear gods, Heather. If Fishlegs hadn't been hugging her already after the trial, Hiccup might have tried to comfort her himself, just on general principles.


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