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  • When the Hooligans infiltrate Adalwin's (Alvin the Treacherous) stronghold he sums it up quite simply as his guards are slaughtered and squads of dragon run amuck. "Well, this... is a problem."
  • Elinor catches Cami and Merida having just consummated their relationship and isn't happy at first.
    Merida:: "Mum, I can explain!"
    Elinor: "Explain!? You… you… Merida, do you realize what you've done!? And you! Is this why you were so friendly with her? So that you could seduce her to your ways?"
    Cami:: "What 'ways'? No, I was tryin' to be a friend—at least at first!"
    Elinor: "You're as naked as a wee babe. I'd say we're well past 'at first'!"
    Merida: "Mum! You told me to make friends with her! 'She's close to the dragon-tribe'! Remember!?"
    Elinor: "I said friends! Not fornicate!"
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  • When the details of the bride price Hiccup coughed up for Astrid are told to outsidersnote , the reactions range from “This is not my first language so I must have missed something.” to “What happened to signing over a couple of cows?” and are always good for a chuckle.
  • Hiccup predicting that when Stoick hears that Astrid and Wulfhid are both pregnant, he'll run up Raven's Peak, blow the signal horn, and proclaim to the whole village 'I'm going to be a grandfather! Twice!'. Sure enough...


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