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  • “Draco, your Mom is totally hot.”
  • Karl Marx was surely a Huffelpuff.
  • Peter Parker, Peter Parker, friendly Bugle Peter Parker...
  • Harry and Deadpool invading the Dursleys home. Special mention goes to Deadpool killing Marge's dog.
  • Also, Harry's send up of Namor during the second task: "TYRANNOSAURUS REX!"
    • And Scott's response.
    Scott: Namor is going to kill us all.
    • Fortunately, Namor can take a joke.
  • Harry wants to get rid of Voldemort and the Death Eaters without risk. Among his plans: ordering a large amount of pizza for him using DOCTOR DOOM's credit card and then putting up posters all over England and New England, convincing the people that the Death Eaters love different football teams or the Yankees, respectively. Cue New England getting empty as their inhabitants fly to the UK with baseball bats.
    • Even the President of the USA wants in on it!
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    • Pixie notes that Harry (who is helping with the plan) grew up in New York. Harry replies that he's a Mets fan.
      • And it turns out, so is the Punisher.
  • After the Weasley Twins get the three Stepford Cuckoos pregnant (all of them with an identical set of twins), the Cuckoos tell Molly Weasley, who convinces them to tell the Twins. The Twins faint, and Molly Weasley claims this to be her revenge on Fred and George.
  • "One of Harry’s Mating Bus Bomb Turtles is humping Emma’s convertible!"
  • How about the one where Harry knows Quirrell's secret and pre-empts the ending of the first book in the series?
    Deadpool: You can’t do that! There are rules, damnit! There are rules!
    • Made even more hilarious since it's freaking Deadpool.
  • In the latest chapter, Dr. Doom has been made the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. His first assignment for his students, building plasma guns.
    • Then Luna sweet-talked her way into becoming his apprentice. When he takes over the world, she'll rule Counter-Antartica. And he assured her she'll be allowed to give her dinosaurs laser-vision.
  • Sirius Black: Agent of SHIELD!!!

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