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  • Anytime someone attacks Berk or it’s holdings, and we see just how utterly outmatched a traditional army is to one reinforced by dragons.
    • The first hint of this was in chapter 6, where Hiccup and the Hooligans return a longboat full of tied-up thieves, with Hiccup and Toothless snatching guards off of the walls of the fortress, and then a flock of dragons lifts the ship and puts it into the fort's courtyard as a pointed reminder that they could have easily done much worse.
    • Later, the King of England and Denmark goes to attack Berk. The Hooligans fight back, but the English and Danes came prepared to fight dragons, and the riders get repulsed, losing nearly a tenth of their people and dragons to massed archer fire. Then Hiccup takes charge... and invents bombs. By morning, the fleet is broken and running for their lives.
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    • The third major attempt to attack Berk occurs when most of its usual army is mounting an attack on England for a recent assassination attempt against Hiccup, with the result that Hiccup, Astrid, Wulfhild and their dragons are still grounded from their injuries and Stoick and Fishlegs are away. Despite the enemy being aided by a former Berkian with experience of fighting dragons, and Berk possessing only newly-trained but unpartnered dragons, the dragons once again overwhelm their enemies.
  • Berks rise to power, going from a small Viking settlement in the middle of nowhere to easily the most powerful nation in all of the North Sea, if not all of Europe.
  • At one point, Sigurd/Snotlout is Locked in the Dungeon, with a cell that gives him a view of the torture chamber. It has the intended effect of scaring him out of his mind... followed by him using his brains and brawn to literally rip the iron cell door off its hinges, just before his rescuers arrive.
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  • The epigraphs are always interesting and informative, whether they talk about culture, history, or the characters future legacies.


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