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2020 Poster of "Baby Lamb & Friends"

Baby Lamb & Friends is a web series created by Simon A.. It premiered on April 29, 2016, on the Baby Lamb Creations YouTube channel and currently has five seasons.

The series involves a young black sheep named Baby Lamb as well as his colorful and unique friends. His friends include his best friend Cow McMoo, sweet and bubbly Belle Butterfly, wisecracking Ricky Bowers, philosophical Donny Dolphin, and sassy Alice Pennington. All of them live in the random town of Capitol City, where they tend to get into random situations that happen. The show uses a mixture of live-action and animation as well as plush toys, "paper puppets", LEGO mini-figures, and others.

A feature-length web film based on the series, titled Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie, was released on November 9, 2019. It's about a guy named The Dark Slayer who may look threatening but is actually a very lousy villain. So, he sets out to prove to everyone in Capitol City that he is a real villain by plotting to destroy the town and rule its people with an iron fist. Baby Lamb and the gang don't believe him until The Dark Slayer proves them wrong, takes over the town, and kidnaps everyone. The rest of the gang seeks vengeance, but Baby Lamb realizes something serious about The Dark Slayer.


Baby Lamb & Friends is inspired by another web series called Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures and also SuperMarioLogan.

All the episodes can be found here.

[Baby Lamb & Friends] contains examples of:

  • Absurdly Ineffective Barricade: In the Season 1 episode "Revenge of the Prisoners", James tries to barricade the police garage door but it did not work because the prisoner ended up crashing through the garage.
  • Alone Among the Couples: At the beginning of the Season 2 episode, "Valentine's Day Redux: Part 2", Ricky Bowers feels lonely and single as he walks around and sees all the other couples having a date on Valentine's Day.
  • Back to School: Season 1 had a four-part musical special titled "End of Summer" where Baby Lamb had to get through the anxiety of having to go back to school.
  • Cutaway Gag:
    • In the Season 2 episode "April Foolin' Around: Part 2", Ricky brings up the time he auditioned to be Thomas the Tank Engine's Driver, and it immediately cuts to Ricky's audition.
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    • In "Baby Lamb & Friends: the Movie", Jonathan brought up previous attempts by the Dark Slayer to be evil, all of which were done in the form of cutaway gags.
  • Dogs Love Fire Hydrants: In the Season 3 episode, "Valentine's Day Redux: Part 3", Ricky Bowers and his date Riley (both of whom are dogs) go out to see a new fire hydrant opening on Main Street.
  • Ensemble Cast: As the title suggests, the show centers on not only Baby Lamb but also his friends such as Cow Mcmoo, Belle Butterfly, Donny Dolphin, Ricky Bowers, Alice Pennington, and many others.
  • Franchise-Driven Retitling: The earliest episodes were originally titled "BLC" (short for Baby Lamb Creations) but the creator of the series, Simon A., decided to change it to "Baby Lamb & Friends" to make it sound more unique.
  • Police Are Useless: In Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie, the police are obliviously busy watching television while the Dark Slayer and his evil army are attacking the city.
  • Story Arc: Numerous episodes of Baby Lamb & Friends have episodes with numerous parts. Season 1 has a four-part musical special called "End of Summer", a five-part Halloween special called "the Baby Lamb & Friends Halloween Special", and a six-part Christmas special called "The Baby Lamb & Friends Holiday Special". Season 2 has a four-part special called "April Foolin' Around".


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