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Nightmare Fuel / Fairy Dance Alternate

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In this alternate universe, there is quite a bit of nightmare fuel in this story already.

  • Chapter Four
    • Sugou and Asuna's first meeting in the real world. While it did end well for Asuna, he comes off extremely threatening to her throughout their confrontation, and if he did attempt something she would not have the strength to fight back against him.
  • Chapter Five
    • It is revealed that Sugou regularly tortures Kirito within Alfheim Online for weeks. If that wasn't enough, Sugou turns on the pain sensors which causes Kirito to not only suffer within the game, but his real body is affected as well.
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    • The above revelations above indicate that one of the times Kirito's body moved on reflex when Asuna was visiting him indicates he was most likely being tortured.
  • Chapter Six: Asuna's dream sequence of the chapter is loaded with nightmare fuel.
    • The dream Kirito telling Asuna to let him fall into the abyss, so she wouldn't die as well
    • The dream Yui's confrontation with Asuna.
    • The dream Kirito bleeding from his eyes and mouth while pleading with Asuna to let him die, so he wouldn't be used as a hostage by Sugou.

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