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Nightmare Fuel / The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga

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  • It's played for laughs, but both Dan and Pinkie's psychotic episodes can be very creepy.
  • The Serial Killer/ Wendigo, in the camping arc.
  • Though it is mostly played for laughs, Terry-Guy's obsession of getting back at Dan and Pinkie, start to go from being laughable to terrifying. When he gets to the point of not only trying to outright murder them, but even threatening to blow Pinkie's head off! and even after Dan surrenders; he tries to kill them all anyway! including Chris, who actually tried to help him, all while taking a lot of glee in making them suffer.
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  • What TOK originally planned for Pinkie. A wide, beautiful Garden of Eden... all by herself. For an extrovert like Pinkie, who finds fulfillment in making others happy, it would be nothing short of a living hell.

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