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Nightmare Fuel / The Loud Sim Date

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Just because this is nowhere near as dark as The Prodigal Lincoln, Requiem for a Loud, or any other significantly popular Loud House fanfic, doesn't mean this story can't be scary. In fact, it can be outright terrifying sometimes.


  • The simple premise can bring you chills once you think about it: A VR sim date game based on the Loud family is bad enough, but to have the Loud kids play it and then show differences in behavior? It's not a nice thought.
  • The way Cristina mind-controls people: She says "Would you kindly", then gives the order, and then the affected's eyes glow green and are forced to do it, without any "ifs" or "buts"
    • And judging by chapter 29, Leni has started to use the phrase too...
    • It becomes MAGNITUDES worse when you realize what this could be a reference to. Did Cristina, an eleven year old girl, play BIOSHOCK?!
  • Whatever happened to Lola in-between chapter 30 and 31. The poor girl is absolutely traumatized, and when trying to reveal what "The Truth" is, she immediately sees a dark and demonic version of Cristina in from of her.
    • When Lori and Leni are told by Carol to look under her dress (In certain place), they're horrified at what they see. Whatever damage was caused to Lola must've really been horrific...
  • "The Truth", which is nothing more than Rule 34, and is also the main reason why Cristina turned into the monstrous girl we have today. The simple idea that something like that could create such a sociopath is truly unnerving.
    • It becomes even worse once Cristina shows to Lincoln what exactly she saw. Cristina didn't just research rule 34, but also gore, among other notably niche fetishes. That is what she saw.
    • Hell, Cristina herself once you think about it. Sociopathic tendencies? Check. Believes herself to be in the right? Insane? Check. Perfectly willing to torture and destroy the Loud sisters, mentally and physically, just to get what she wants? Absolutely.
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    • Funnily enough, chapter 34 is the one that leaves us with some more. Cristina, in a bedroom, alone with Lincoln. Oh, and the sisters don't know.
    • Every time Cristina gets a breakdown. Every time she does, it's incredibly horrifying and shows Cristina at her most psychotic.
    • Then you start to think about it some more: Every atrocity, every manipulation, every damage she ever did to anybody, was all just to protect Lincoln from harm. In her quest do that one thing, she caused more mental damage, mental and physical trauma and defiling that most villains tend to get away with. All just to protect Lincoln, which she herself ultimately renders worthless.
    • And if that wasn't enough, by the end of the fic, she's basically a cannibalistic Ghoul who is bent on doing everything she can in order to protect Lincoln.

The Story

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     First half 
Chapter 11
  • Lynn and Lana being stuck at the beach doesn't seem like a creepy sight at first, but then Lynn calls Lana "Lucy", and the creepyness begins:
    • First, Lana figures out that Lynn has only been using her as a replacement Lucy. Even after Lana clarifies who she is, Lynn continues to call her Lucy, while making some unnerving advancements towards her.
    • Then, she makes the mistake of hurting Lynn in this state. This causes the athlete to become surrounded by pink electricity as she says she's about to play rough with Lana...
    • Lynn eventually winds up molesting Lana, and it would've probably gotten worse if Lori and Lola hadn't arrived when they did.
      • Lynn's mannerism during the whole thing: She bites Lana's ear lobes, she asks her if she's enjoying it, then gets an outburst of anger when she says no and tries to say she's not Lucy.
    • A revelation in chapter 13 makes this even more terrifying: Lynn knew what she was doing, but she couldn't stop. In other words, she saw herself molest her own sister and could do nothing but watch.
  • Afterwards, Lynn is locked up in a room. Imagine you suddenly wake up locked in a room, and nobody seems to be willing to free you...
Chapter 12
  • Storge, AKA Carol Pingrey, is a shapeshifter who works for Cristina. Let that sink in for a moment...
  • Lucy watches Lincoln and Lisa play chess. And while she doesn't do anything about it, it's not too far of a stretch to believe that she would do something, given the chance...
  • Lincoln has a moment of this when he sees that somebody opened Lynn's door.
  • The fact that Lana can recall so vividly how Lynn molested her is pretty unnerving.
Chapter 13
  • Lynn tries to go upstairs, but sees a battered Lana at the top... who then gives her a smile filled with broken teeth. The revelation that she's just Carol shapeshifting as her doesn't help.
  • When Lucy, Lincoln and Lynn try to race to the bottom, Lynn hears them say Lana and Lola are coming to them, and Lynn immediately hides. While it's understandable seeing both what happened before and how Lola can be, it's still pretty creepy to see Lynn hiding for her dear life.
  • After a short chess game with Lisa, Leni is offended when the little genius refuses to speak with her again, despite promising to do so earlier. However, Leni quickly explodes in anger and swipes the pieces away, only to then grow even angrier when Lisa continues to refuse to listen to her. And worst of all, this is her Start of Darkness.
Chapter 14
  • Lynn is so paranoid of Lola, she thinks she has a torture room. Even when Lucy tries to comfort her, she just asks if Lola not having a torture is just something she wants them to think.
  • Luna is distracted by Leni while Storge shapeshifts as her and takes her place. Imagine you go on a date with someone you love, only for someone to take your place and essentially ruin it.
  • Storge making Lori into the new Storge after it becomes clear she won't be able to run away from Luna.
    • The ensuing beatdown is pretty freaky too, since Storge shapeshifts into Luna just before she appears and beats the crap out of her, all while Lori is left utterly confused as to what just happened.
Chapter 15
  • Lincoln's nightmare. he's in the middle of some sort of barren wasteland, when his sisters pop up and start blaming him for causing the whole mess in the first place.
    • There are two particularly nightmarish instances of Foreshadowing: Leni using Lori as her footstool and Lisa stabbing Lincoln.
  • Lori is forced to read her job as the new Storge by Eros. Again, because of the mind control, Lori can only look as she forcefully reads the plan, which winds up disgusting her.
Chapter 17
  • Lana acting freaked out when Lola tries to help her by playing in the mud. Seeing what she just went through, and how Lola tends to act, it's an appropriate reaction.
Chapter 18
  • While this chapter is otherwise sad: Two notable instances are creepy:
    • While most of the heartbreaks, Leni's consist of her heart rotting away.
    • After heartbreaking Virtual!Luna, Luan winds up being struck by another guitar. That's bad enough on it's own, but it's the fact that it apparently felt realistic to the point that it not only hurt Luan, but left her hospitalized, that makes it creepy.
Chapter 19
  • Cristina has two plans left.
  • Lana winds up being so angry at Lola, she essentially forces her to help her fix the staircase after its broken. And she succeeded in getting her to work.
Chapter 20
  • Cristina gives gifts to the Loud kids. What did she do with the Loud parents? knock them out and kidnap them.
  • Cristina and Ronnie sharing a bed. Not only does it give Ronnie trouble sleeping, but when she does, Cristina flashed a malicious smile...
Chapter 21
  • While it's also kinda funny, the fact that Cristina could swap clothes with Ronnie without her noticing is rather worrisome.
  • Cristina's gift to Lana is a jack-in-a-box with a demonic Lynn replacing the jack. Yeah, that was quite the dick move.
  • At the school, after Lincoln kisses Cristina because she didn't give him information, we see the world change in her eyes: the people turn into masked strangers, and they laugh derisively at her, all while Lincoln continues to kiss her.
    • What's even worse is what happens next, since Cristina completely loses her mind and attacks Lincoln until she leaves him a scar. If it wasn't for Mrs. Johnson's arrival, it's quite possible that she would've severely damage Lincoln, or worse, kill him.
  • Mrs. Johnson manages to intimidate Cristina. No, that's not a joke: the main antagonist of the fic is intimidated by Mrs. Johnson! Yeah, she's her mother, but it's still frightening to think about.
  • After being left alone, Cristina looks at the window... and sees herself, with bloodshot eyes, and in a straitjacket, while crying tears of blood with a demented ear-to-ear smile.
Chapter 22
  • Lincoln made CRISTINA angry. And going by Ronnie's words, she'll stop at nothing until she gets her revenge.
  • Speaking of her, Cristina is officially The Dreaded to ALL of the sisters. Not SOME of them, ALL of them.
  • Leni basically gives her sisters a bunch of "reason you suck" speeches after Lori snaps at Lincoln. Sure, the only point of the speeches is to demonstrate how Lincoln isn't the only one who's made mistakes, but the fact that Leni pulls off these kind of speeches is still pretty frightening.
Chapter 23
  • After meeting with Lola, Ronnie muses how Cristina takes so much from her. Let that sink in for a moment...
  • Lori, stuck in an abandoned warehouse, listens as a voice (maybe Cristina) tells her a story:
    • There once was a stupid, redheaded girl, who made a dumb decision: research. They researched something, but were left traumatized. She then dragged her best friend along, and she regretted that decision. Then they showed it to the girl's best friend's brother... And he did nothing. The voice progressively angrier as she adds that this wound up in the creation of children, who didn't even want to exist, and who now exist in perpetual torment.
    • Then, Lori's promptly knocked out and told by the voice that they will punish her for doing "nothing".
Chapter 24
  • Lori finds herself bounded and gagged in the middle of an underground warehouse. Soon enough, she meets Bobby, Carol, and Cristina, who promptly torture her by showing her "the truth".
    • Her post-torture state is horrifying as well: Not only does she look battered, but she's also crying blood.
  • Lucy suffers relapses just as Lincoln and Ronnie get out of the tunnel of love.
Chapter 25
  • Lucy continues regressing back to her Yandere self at the start of the fic, and it's not pretty: She chants Lincoln's name in madness, then promptly asks him to marry her, while inside her eyes, she basically pleads for Lincoln to help her.
  • Ronnie Anne confronts Cristina in order to Bobby out of the Four Lovers.
    • Specially when taking into account this is after Lincoln kissed Cristina, which is not a time where someone can just mess with the redhead and get out of it unscathed. Ronnie was very lucky Cristina felt reasonable.
    • Furthermore, this is the second time Ronnie's brainwashed by Cristina, and though it's only for the tomboy to explain why her brother should be taken out of the Four Lovers, it could've been much worse.
    • And now, Clyde replaces Bobby and attempts to brainwash Cristina. It's played for laughs, yes, but it doesn't change the fact Ronnie essentially forced Lincoln's best friend to become Cristina's subordinate.
  • Leni finds the friendship bracelets at the end of the chapter. That is all.
Chapter 26
  • Leni basically got her whole family mind-tricked again, with her having the master bracelet.
    • Lincoln's bracelet makes him the center of affection and attraction of his sisters. Let's just say, after everything that came before, this is NOT a good thing.
Chapter 27
  • Mrs. Johnson discovers Cristina has apparently plans for something called the "Ghoul Serum". What's worst, we don't get an answer on what it is.
  • While it was obvious Cristina was pissed over Lincoln kissing her, according to Mrs. Johnson, she was being a childish manipulator for a while now...
    • Even worse? When Mrs. Johnson speaks with Bobby, he explicitly instructs him to make sure Cristina and Lincoln DON'T meet again. That's how bad it is.
  • Mrs. Johnson explained to Cristina what shipping was. Now, remember how Cristina reacted after her research...
  • Leni has been acting like she was being mind-controlled all along. This brings up the question of whether she's been acting all along.
  • Lynn gets a scare when she's called by a mysterious voice, who asks her if she'd be angry if her brother's virginity and innocence were taken away from him. When she answers she would, the voice promptly asks "Then why would you rape your own brother?" with Cristina's voice.
Chapter 28
  • Cristina apparently took most of her plans from television shows. What the hell has she been looking at?!
  • The same girl also grabs a cinnamon bun... Then tears it in half. A couple seconds later, Leni is called "a cinnamon bun". You should know where this is going.
  • While Cristina is research stuff at night, there's a wall of pictures with crosses on them, mostly with individual characters. The only one that isn't crossed is a picture of Ronnie Anne and Lincoln together. Yep, Cristina's a shipper.
    • The most disturbing one, however, has to be a crossed picture of Cristina herself. Yes, Cristina is so hellbent on Lincoln and Ronnie Anne together, she'd apparently get rid of herself just to make it a reality.
Chapter 29
  • Leni vs Lisa. All of it.
    • Leni takes Lisa while she's asleep and takes her to the basement of their own house. And she somehow does this without anybody but Lori waking up, and yet she still dealt with Lori easily.
    • Then, she demoralizes Lisa by telling her how, for all her great intellect, she doesn't use it for anything, not even to help her family, all while beating the crap out of her.
    • The amount of damage Lisa gets in this fight is worth mentioning too, because it's not something a freaking 4-year-old should be able to withstand.
  • While also sad, Cristina mind-controlling Ronnie into beating up Lincoln.

     Second half 
Chapter 33
  • Cristina watches as the events of the chapter unfold through a pair of cameras. The idea that Cristina is watching everything unfold, with the Louds no more the wiser, is pure Paranoia Fuel.
  • The "daughters" of The Loud Sisters, created by Cristina are absolutely terrifying. And when Lisa accidentally awakens her "daughter" they all start to go completely mad. Cristina's way of calming them down? Painfully electrocute them all of course!
  • Cristina's Villainous Breakdown. She goes completely mad when Ronnie Anne decides to tell Lincoln her plans, and starts to make threats of making "Ronnie Anne her bitch" are pretty horrifying. In the end, she goes so mad she punches right through her laptop... which causes her to get electrocuted.
  • Whatever Cristina has planned for "Agape", who's revealed to be Thetherby out for revenge on Lincoln in "The Garden". Seeing how's it made up by a fully insane Cristina, it can't be pretty.
Chapter 34
  • Lincoln was sent to the hospital after getting stabbed by Lisa. But thankfully, he's not alone! He has a nice new companion! A little, red-haired companion.
    • For those who don't get it, Lincoln is currently sharing a room with Cristina.
    • The above line not only means that Cristina managed to survive what she went through last chapter, but that she has Lincoln all for herself, his sisters are nowhere to defend him, and his wound makes it impossible for him to defend himself...
Chapter 36
  • Cristina's outburst towards Lincoln when he's unable to help her. She violently attacks him, kicks him right in his stab wound, and starts to strangle him. If it wasn't for the doctors getting Carol on time, it's very likely Lincoln would've been choked there.
Chapter 37
  • Cristina's third breakdown. After Lincoln asks her why she did what she did, Cristina starts to rant about everything she saw and how it showed how that's the Loud sister's true intentions. After Lincoln tries to convince her that it's just fiction what she saw, Cristina snaps once again, and starts to go on a long and psychotic rant on how everything she saw must be based on a true story, and how she's going to kill the sisters in the most pathetic ways possible. Oh, and she's strangling Lincoln again while ranting.
  • Cristina has escaped the hospital, and it's very clear she's much worse then before now. She's basically gone all super-villain by now, and has to electrocute herself regularly to keep her organs from shutting down. But just before she's starting a new plan, she first needs to visit an old friend of hers...
    • For the people who don't get it, Cristina's going to take revenge on Ronnie Anne for her betrayal. And from the looks of the preview, it's not gonna be pretty...
Chapter 38
  • Cristina's encounter with Ronnie Anne. At first, she talk with her like an old friend, before snapping, and attacking her. After a fight, she defeats Ronnie Anne, and kidnaps her, so she can finally punish her...
    • The punishment itself, while mostly a Tear Jerker, is also kind of scary. Ronnie Anne is forced to see Lincoln, the love of her life, not love her, and be taken by someone else, in repeat, for a week. The horrifying part? The program is created by Cristina, meaning that it's very likely that it'll be much worse then it already sounds...
Chapter 39
  • "The garden" Cristina talks about, implies that she killed/maimed Tetherby. And worse off, she describes him as a "vegetable".
  • Your kid sister getting beat up by a girl more than twice her age is definitely on the nightmare fuel list.
Chapter 40
  • Lincoln's sisters changing after only losing him for a week. Makes you wonder.
  • The bracelets still work.
Chapter 48
  • Your best friend and lover turning against you and trying to kill you.
  • A crazed psychopath staring you down and attacking.
  • Up to this point, the entire arc has been filled with this!
Chapter 49
  • The fight is full of this.
    • Cristina going full One-Winged Angel.
    • The sisters are only able to help Lincoln through Hard Light Models.
    • Cristina gets her second wind.
    • The chapter ends with them falling to their (supposed) deaths.


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