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Fridge Horror

  • The entire first half of the story involves the sisters and Lincoln playing with a dating sim… BASED AROUND THEMSELVES.
    • Not only that, but they all seem eerily ok with it.
    • Later we find out that these are meant to brainwash the user into having feelings for whomever they decided to date in the game. And while most of the girls felt their effects after the first date and the chip’s upgrade, Lucy never reached her first date nor got an upgraded chip… That means that she had been repressing feelings for Lincoln for so long that she would’ve probably gone Axe-Crazy if they had no cured her during a relapse!
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  • During the resort arc, Lynn “attacks” Lana and traumatizes her. When asked about it later, Lynn says that she had lost all control. How far does the helmet’s influence go?!
  • The idea that something was so horrible it turned somebody like Cristina into a sociopath. We still have no idea what it is, but it can't be anything good...
  • The description of Lynn and Lucy’s room when Lana goes inside… Lucy is insane while Lynn is hugging a Lucy Body pillow
  • With the body pillows, Lisa just so happens to have one laying around to give as payment… why?! Does she pay other, more sinister people, with that stuff?!
  • As Lucy reveals in chapter 10, Lisa used one of the helmets before. The question is, when did this happen?
  • Imagine you’re standing across from the boy you love, and some random person has asked you to attack them. For some reason, you can't deny the request, and you attack them, fully conscious and the person you love doesn't know why.
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  • Cristina can mind-control people just by saying "Would you kindly", which she mostly uses for her subordinates. What would happen if she tried it on the Loud sisters?!
  • So, Cristina managed to get Tetherby to create the ghoul serum. However:
    • How was the ghoul serum even done?
    • Was it tested before?

Fridge Brilliance

  • Once it's revealed that Cristina ships Ronnie and Lincoln together, a couple things seemingly start to make sense:
    • Why is Lincoln’s of all helmets given a defective chip? Because Cristina wants to ship him and Ronnie Anne more.
    • Lincoln is primarily out of the picture when it comes to the chips, and for most of the plan, Cristina seems to have forgotten about him. This is because, since she ships him and Ronnie together, she'd rather keep them out of danger.
    • Cristina is sad when she makes Ronnie Anne beat up Lincoln. Who would ever be happy to see one of the people they ship hit the other one?


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