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Tear Jerker / The Loud Sim Date

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Again, just because this is a fanfic based on The Loud House doesn't mean it won't have sad moments.

In General

  • If you're a fan of a particular Loud sister, watching them suffer so much crap from Cristina is a pretty sad thought.
    • It will specially hurt if you're a Leni fan, seeing how her character changes so wildly from the beginning that you'll begin to wonder what happened to her. It's just really hard to watch Leni act worse then Lori and Lola ever did, especially with her normally being the kindest of the Loud kids.
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    • And for an even bigger kick in the gut? Be a Luan fan. If you are then you'll certainty enjoy seeing her get smacked by a guitar twice, or any of the other stuff that happends. Seriously, you'll almost start to feel just as hurt as she herself is...
    • Want something even worse? Lana fans get to enjoy her being molested by Lynn pretty early on.
    • But don't worry, you don't have to feel out if you're a Lynn fan! You not only get to see her feel horrible for what she did, but also be shamed and threatened for it by Lola.
    • Believe it or not, even Lola fans get something, thanks to whatever Cristina did to her.
    • And if you like Lisa, you'll get to see her being horrified at having stabbed Lincoln so badly, he's sent to the hospital.
    • While not as big compared all of the above examples, if you're a fan of Lori, it'll be hard to see her go from the alpha sister to Leni's bitch.
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    • It isn't just restricted to the Loud Sisters. If you're a fan of Ronnie Anne, seeing all the stuff that happens to her in later chapters like Chapter 29, Chapter 33, and Chapter 38, is seriously heartbreaking. (See below for more detail on specific events on her)
  • Ronnie Anne's predicament. She promised Cristina that she would help her with her plan, and her family pride prevents her from calling it quits. Because of it, she not only helps Cristina basically make the Louds' life a living hell, but she's at the very least responsible for at least hurting one of their relationships. She really should've thought about it more.
    • Furthermore, by the time she does call it off and betrays Cristina? It's too late. Not only have most of the sisters been hurt by the events, not only has she basically allowed all of that to happen while failing to recognize Cristina for the threat she is right from the start, but she basically fails to protect Lincoln, and he winds up being stabbed and taken to the hospital by protecting her. Poor girl just can't catch a break.
    • Some of The Four Lovers' predicaments also count as this. Bobby only joined to keep Ronnie Anne safe, Carol is as much of a victim as everybody else, and Ronnie... well, you know, and worst of all, they're stuck working with someone like Cristina.
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  • Lincoln has probably the most horrible position in the whole story. Which is, ironically, the fact that nothing bad happens to him until chapter 33. However, knowing how he always tries to find a way to help his sisters through bad times, seeing him basically watch as his sisters change behavior because of his mistake of bringing the VR devices in the first place, is pretty hard to watch.

The Story

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     First half 
Chapter 11
  • At first, Lana being molested by Lynn is purely Nightmare Fuel, and maybe even some squick. But then 19 chapters later, we discover that Lana admires Lynn to an extent, so not only did she get molested, but she was molested by someone she honestly admire. That's pretty sad.
    • In addition, Lola's reaction to the whole thing. She essentially becomes an overprotective sister for Lana after the molestation. It was very clear that she hopes something like that never happens again.
Chapter 12
  • Lincoln blames himself for bringing the machines that caused this whole mess in the first place.
    • Lisa soon follows up by saying that she's just as guilty because she didn't tell them anything about the chips or who made them either.
  • Lana reveals just how much her molestation at the hands of Lynn took a toll on her: she blames herself because she didn't defend herself against Lynn, despite the fact that she couldn't do anything about it at the moment. And when Lola tries to comfort her, she lashes out at her.
Chapter 13
  • When Leni is left alone, she reveals to the voice how she feels like she's nothing more than a moron, specially compared to her sisters: Luan's a comedian, Lynn's an athlete, but herself? Leni believes she'll forever be seen as the dumb sister.
    • What's worse: When Lori comforts her soon afterwards and says how she'll make sure nothing bad happens to her, her thoughts imply she knew Lori was lying.
  • The whole Lynn-Lucy-Lincoln love triangle gives Lucy inspiration to write a poem. While this doesn't sound bad, she soon adds that the inspiration is not only great, but traumatizing.
  • Leni doesn't have a good time in this chapter: Outside of her Start of Darkness happening here, she's ignored by Lisa, Lori essentially ruins her chance to get a first kiss with her, and while also kinda creepy, her outburst when Lisa essentially betrays her trust after they play but she refuses to listen to her despite promising to do so earlier, is pretty sad.
  • Lynn seeing a battered Lana ( actually Carol Pingrey shapeshifted as her), while also creepy, is pretty sad: she barely got out of her mind-controlled state, and now she's seeing stuff reminding her about it.
    • Later, she hides when Lana and Lola meet Lincoln and Lucy. The idea that Lynn, who's usually willing to face any challenge and is pretty agressive, is reduced to hiding for her dear life is pretty hard to watch.
  • Lori has second thoughts regarding breaking up Luna and Luan after seeing the picture she took of them.
  • Luna revealing Luan how nobody thinks she's funny and explaining to her why everybody laughs at her and not with her, while also providing explanations for why they laughed. For someone like Luan, that has to be harsh.
Chapter 14
  • Leni's behavior during her and Lori's mission, when you think about it: She's obviously upset her sister-her designated lover-is paying attention to another couple instead of her.
    • This culminates in her snapping at Lori just before she goes into the restaurant, and Lori stays behind at Leni's request.
  • When Lucy, Lincoln and Lynn return to their resort room, Lisa is waiting for Lincoln to return. It doesn't seem like much, but seeing how much Lisa likes her brother...
  • Lucy snaps at Lynn asking her what they can do about their issues: Lucy can't do anything if she just writes poems about it, and Lynn essentially fails to give her an answer, and instead leaves her alone.
  • Luna and Luan's date take a turn for the worse when Storge, shapeshifted as Luna, takes her place. They were having such a good time, and then Storge comes up and messes it all up!
  • Lori becoming the new Storge has shades of this. She's essentially forced into the position without being asked about her opinion on the matter, and she then has to watch Luna beat up Storge while she's shapeshifted as herself.
Chapter 17
  • Lola forcing Lana to play in the mud, despite the fact that she's not in the mood, becomes this when you realize that while trying to help her sister, all Lola did was further scare Lana by forcing her to do something she didn't want to do.
    • Lana being hesitant to play is in itself rather sad, because seeing as how her getting dirty and playing in the mud is something she generally likes to do, the fact that being molested by Lynn caused her to swore it off means a lot.
Chapter 18
  • The way to reverse the effects of helmets. You need to get heartbroken, and the only way to do that is by treating the person picked horribly until they hate you. Picture that feeling you have after doing it, and you have how most of The Loud kids (Sans Lincoln, Lisa, Lily, and Lucy (until later that is,) for not having to do it, and Leni who...seemed like she liked doing it) feel after being forced to do that to the respective virtual versions of their siblings. The most heartbreaking examples are:
    • Lori, who has to tell Virtual!Leni that her fashion sense sucks. This causes Virtual Leni run away crying.
    • Lynn, who had the pleasure of having to destroy a poem made by Virtual!Lucy, who is horrified by what's happening. What's worse, is that while it's never confirmed, it can be guessed that the poem was meant for her. Talk about a kick in the gut.
    • Luan, who had to destroy a museum Virtual!Luna made dedicated to all her instruments, with the excuse she didn't want to make music with her. Virtual!Luna responds by punching Luan with a guitar (at the same spot she was already hit by with a guitar by the real Luna) and screaming that that didn't give her the right to destroy her museum. Oh, and did I say that Virtual!Luna confessed her love to Luan before all of that happened? No? Well now you know.
    • The worst of them though, is by far Luna, who has to tell Virtual!Luan that her comedy sucks, nobody is laughing with her but AT her, that Mr. Coconuts is creepy (which is followed by the puppet falling in a wood shredder) and that not even her family likes her jokes. Virtual!Luan is left completely broken by the end of the rant, and even Luna is crying after it all. And it all started with Virtual!Luan just wanting to make Luna laugh...
Chapter 19
  • Lana and Lola's falling out. Lola puts Lana in a bubble in order to keep her safe, but after it goes awry, Lana becomes pissed and makes her help her fix the broken staircase.
  • Lynn has apparently been affected so badly by the fact she molested Lana that she cries alone in her room when Lori comes in.
    • Even worse, she asks Lori to leave while stating how she only hurts those that she love
  • This chapter gives some backstory to Ronnie Anne: After some sort of traumatic experience, she promised to Cristina she would help her get revenge on the people who hurt them. As said above and shown everywhere else, she's not happy about that decision.
Chapter 21
  • Although most of the gifts delivered by Cristina are harmless, what does Lana get? A jack-in-the-box with a demonic Lynn. It's specially cruel seeing as Lana was just starting to readjust after being molested.
  • After just making her promise not to hurt Lincoln, Clyde and Ronnie's trust is betrayed by Cristina when she viciously attacks Lincoln.
    • Lincoln's side of the story isn't any better: He fails to get information, then does something stupid that almost costs him his life at the hands of Cristina, all because he wanted to try and make some progress.
Chapter 22
  • Ronnie has been severely affected by Cristina attacking Lincoln. When she goes back home, she snaps at her brother, and cries how Lincoln basically just pissed off Cristina and how that means he's basically screwed.
  • Leni giving her sisters some brutal "why you suck" speeches is this, given that this is the first step to Leni slowly being corrupted from the sweet innocent girl to a jerk.
Chapter 23
  • Ronnie's still upset over the whole " Lincoln kissed Cristina" deal, as she gives Lincoln the cold shoulder treatment.
  • Ronnie and Lana share some time together at Dairyland. While this is mostly sweet, it does open up two particularly sad moments:
    • Lana misses Lynn. She tells Ronnie of how she played a soccer game with Lynn in a field filled with mud, from which they wound up covered in mud by the end of it, and how she got to attack Lynn with as much mud as possible.
    • Ronnie is basically being guilt-tripped with Lana's explanation, specially because not only does she know bad the mud lover feels, but because she's basically-if only partially-responsible for the duo falling out.
  • After Ronnie and Lana finish their time together, Lola and Ronnie go next. They don't even get to talk that much: Lola simply dismisses Ronnie when the tomboy tries to give her advice on how to help Lana get better.
Chapter 24
  • Ronnie snaps at Lincoln while they go on the tunnel of love, where she asks him if he remembers their first date, how she knows of Cristina's plan and how she's worried about what will happen to him. This ends with Lincoln confessing his love with Ronnie and them leaving the tunnel of love kissing.
  • Lori's end state from her torture: she's battered, is crying blood, and just looks completely traumatized.
Chapter 25
  • Lucy's situation at the beginning: She's regressing back to the Yandere she was earlier in the fic, and can't do anything about it.
    • Her heartbreak isn't any better: She essentially screwed herself up by driving Virtual!Lincoln uncomfortable with her clinginess, and then earns a sad speech that sends her back to reality.
  • Lucy saying she feels "hurt and broken... but myself" after Lynn asks her how she's feeling. Given what she just went through, her answer is understandable, and Lucy would likely say that any other day, but the circumstances behind her answer make it sad.
Chapter 26
  • After readjusting from the whole early fiasco, the Loud sisters wind up being brainwashed again. And it's all Leni's fault.
    • Furthermore, this means Lynn's promise to play with Ronnie Anne now won't ever be fulfilled.
  • Lincoln is just as worried for his and Ronnie Anne's relationship as the tomboy did two chapters ago, and it ends with the duo hugging and reassuring each other that things won't go bad.
Chapter 27
  • Mrs. Johnson has tried three times to figure out Cristina's plans, all while discovering what sort of lengths her own daughter is willing to go through. That has to hurt.
    • A surprising bit of backstory makes it even worse: Mrs. Johnson explaioned to Cristina what shipping was. In order, she probably feels partially responsible for Cristina's fall from grace.
Chapter 29
  • Ronnie being forced to beat up Lincoln thanks to mind control to show Lincoln how horrible his "friends" are. The moment is absolutely horrible for both of them:
    • It's horrible for Lincoln, because his girlfriend is beating the crap out of him, he doesn't know why, his supposed "friends" (though luckily not Clyde)are mocking him while this is happening, and the poor boy actually ends up in tears and unconscious because of the entire situation.
    • Ronnie Anne herself doesn't get it much better either. She's forced to do this thanks to Cristina mind controlling her, and she's aware of what she's doing the entire time. There's even a moment where she tries to stop herself, but the mind control proves to strong and she just keeps on going. And all the while, she's forced to listem to the mockery Lincoln is getting. No wonder that in the end, she beats up Lincoln's "friends" (sans Clyde) after Cristina asks her to.
    • Cristina even hates this is happening. She's only doing this because she thinks it's necessary for her plans, and doesn't enjoy it anymore then Ronnie Anne and Lincoln. She even decides to bring Lincoln to the nurse when it's over, and gives Ronnie permission to beat the kids up once it's all done.

     Second half 
Chapter 33
  • Lincoln being stabbed Lisa. To be more specific:
    • Lincoln's been forced to date and nearly marry Ronnie Anne out of his will, and then out of nowhere come out some of his mind-controlled sisters who proceed to attack her. They manage to dodge them until Lisa comes into play, and Lincoln takes the stabbing for Ronnie Anne, which ends with him being sent to the hospital.
    • Lisa is basically stabbing her own brother, who she not only had to time to come to know and care about, but also grew affectionate with him. And she just stabbed him. It becomes very telling in the next hospital scene, since all she can say before leaving him is "I'm sorry".
    • The part is a specially massive kick in the gut to Ronnie Anne, who after having done who knows what just to protect Lincoln, she winds up watching him get stabbed, essentially failing to do the only reason she joined with Cristina's plan. And right after that, she also gets horrible insults and threats from Cristina when she decides to tell Lincoln the entire plan.
Chapter 38
  • The punishment Cristina has for Ronnie Anne. She's trapped in VR where she meets Lincoln again, but he doesn't love, and is taken away by someone else. And it's on repeat for a week. Basically, Ronnie is forced to see the love of her life not loving her back, and get taken away by someone else, for an entire week. Poor Ronnie...
  • Seeing just how broken up Cristina is over Ronnie Anne's betrayal is painful. It's implied that she was tied to the last shred of sanity Cristina still had!
  • In a sense, Lisa's actions this chapter. While there are no tears present, the idea of a 4-year-old channeling all of her feelings into a single punch is heartbreaking to say the least.
Chapter 48
  • Leni's reaction to Cristina taking control of Lori.
  • 2 lovers being forced to fight can be seen as this.
Chapter 49
  • Just how close to the end the author says the story is.
  • The messed up things Cristina does in the battle.
  • The ending, Ronnie and Lincoln are falling to their (supposed) deaths. The (supposedly) last thing they might do? Emberace each other one last time.
Chapter 51
  • The ending.
  • The scene in which Lincoln talks about his feelings for Cristina. Despite everything she's done, he still harbors some feelings for her.
  • The final farewell Lincoln gives.


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