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Trivia / The Loud Sim Date

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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: An early story arc in the story is about the Louds gaining through Bobby a weekend stay at a resort in Aloha Beach, and the parents take their kids there in order to help them relax. "Suite and Sour", which premiered in January 9th, 2017, deals with almost the exact same setup, with the Louds gaining a trip to a resort.
  • Follow the Leader: Wherever this fic is the leader or simply a follower is a mystery, but this is not the first fic to use Cristina as a main antagonist and corrupted into being an evil character. However, this Cristina absolutely stands on a class of their own.
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  • Old Shame: The author had since felt bad for writing the story.
  • Reality Subtext: There was a brief hiatus starting in Christmas of 2016 due to the author deciding to enjoy the festivities.


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