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Nightmare Fuel / Children of an Elder God

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  • One of the first clues the reader has this setting is darker than Canon!Eva is Shinji sitting inside the cockpit for first time... and a goey, black liquid filling it. What is it? You do not want to know.
    • It starts earlier than that - a group of explorers Dug Too Deep into a complex network of caves and woke up... something. We don't know the fate of said explorers, but their screams indicate that their fates were awful. Later it turns out to be the Angel Matarael, whom Shinji and Rei fight in the first chapter.
  • One of the first things Shinji sees in chapter one after Matarael attacks Tokyo-3 is a man setting himself on fire after he gets covered in spiders. Eeugh...
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  • One of the abominations absorbed by Rei forces her to rape Asuka.


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