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Nightmare Fuel / Dueling Trigger Finger

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  • Chapter 17:
    • Yami drags Genocide Jill into a Shadow Game that relies on trust. Given that she and Toko don't trust each other at all, she loses. Her penalty? Being impaled with all her scissors. Such a graphic description is a first for the fic, and both Yugi and Toko invoke this trope, saying the image is going to give them nightmares.
  • Chapter 28:
    • Neither Danganronpa nor Yu-Gi-Oh! are stranger to dark plot threads and cringe worthy imagery, so what kind of results does combining the two produce? Utter horror. Chapter 27 already pulled readers into a spore of madness by having Bakura challenge Danganronpa fan favorite Chiaki to shadow game and this chapter's author's notes start with the writer, nodding his head that this was sure to give readers Despair Side Episode 10 flashbacks. Chiaki dies in that episode in quite a brutal fashion. And then the duel proceeds to kick start this madness by freaking electrocuting Chiaki when she's hit by an attack from her own Thunderclap Skywolf. By the end of the duel, Chiaki is on the ground, unable to stand or move and the shadows are closing in on her heart ready to prematurely take her to the shadow realm because she's incapable of fighting back. As if that wasn't enough, every injury she takes is described in great detail to the point that the reader could be forgiven for thinking the writer was actually going to kill her off! And if not for the Power of Friendship that could've just as easily been the case.
  • Chapter 32:
    • Yami Marik's reveal in the anime was already horrifying to start with. How does this story make it worse? How about Marik trying to get rid of Celeste by sending her to the shadow realm on the spot because he's tired of putting up with her. Cue Mahiru getting in the way and Yami making threats to challenge Marik to an out and out shadow game if he doesn't undo his actions. It takes Chiaki to convince Kaiba to threaten to DQ Marik from the tournament for him to release Mahiru, but even then she still stress vomits from the horrifying imagery she had to endure for the brief minutes she was in the Shadow Realm. And Yami Marik makes it clear that Mahiru was a one time deal and anyone else gets stuck there until his defeat, if he's defeated. The chapter ends with Celeste just being fearful and in despair that she's partially responsible for this nightmare and, really who can blame her whether it's true or not?
      • And speaking of Mahiru, the narration even gives off a glimpse of the horrifying images she had to endure during her time their: Which were images of her being Made a Slave by Natsumi, all while her friends watch and taunt her predicament. It makes you want to hug the poor girl.
  • Chapter 33:
    • You thought Yami Marik's reveal was bad enough, well it gets worse: as his first victim of his shadow games is none other than Sonia, who comes within one move of beating Marik even managing to summon the Winged Dragon of Ra thanks to her talent of being an Omniglot. Yami Marik's crazy preparedness comes in the form of Sonia being hit with an absurd amount of direct damage and the narrative reading her screaming as though her existence itself was being torn apart. And to top it all off, the chapter ends with Yami screaming at Kaiba to do something and help the now comatose Sonia.
  • Chapter 37:
    • At the end of Chiaki's duel with Kaiba, Kaiba attacks her directly with Obelisk and the impact is so strong that it sends Chiaki flying off the arena and almost out of the blimp itself. If Hajime hadn't been quick enough to act, Chiaki could have easily been killed.
  • Chapter 42:
    • This chapter has the lovely suggestion that the Steering Committee can, through Noah's virtual world, lobotomize Hajime from a distance. The fact that their representative wins the duel further suggests that not only can they, they will.
  • Chapter 43:
  • Chapter 48:
    • Throughout the chapter, Byakuya keeps theorizing that Noah's death was no accident and that it was arranged by Gozaburo himself in order to eliminate an unworthy heir to Kaiba Corp. While it is confirmed later on that this was not the case, considering the kind of man Gozaburo is; it wouldn't be such a farfetched idea right there. This even counts as Nightmare Fuel in-universe as the very idea of it is more than enough to disgust everyone (including Kaiba) and call Byakuya out on his theories.
  • Chapter 61:
    • Junko turning Ishizu into a Remnant. Everyone who didn't like how she did it in the anime is probably taking their words back as we are treated to a detailed and horrifying depiction of Junko torturing and molesting the kind woman into a broken shell of her former self.
  • Chapter 63:
  • Chapter 66:
    • When Chisa returns to the Saionji estate to continue her investigation, she comes across a horrifying sight: That being several soulless bodies with their bodies malnourished and defiled according to how much Hiyoko feels they have "wronged" her. Specific mention goes to Hiyoko's cousins, whose bodies are graffiti'd with lipstick all around that the narration describes is something you would find in a rape-slave doujin!
      • It gets worse. Out of all of Hiyoki's souless victims, the only that she didn't desecrate and even outright honored was that of her father, which Chisa notes due to the healthy and loving relationship Hiyoko had with her father. Now why isn't this Heartwarming? Well...maybe it is for the one teensy-weensy fact that he too has lost his soul?
  • Chapter 73:
    • First off: You know things are bad when even the author himself says that everything that happens in this chapter will be playing a part in the Tragedy even though it is STILL a long way to go.
    • Throughout the fic: It has been mentioned that some events of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga occurred in this continuity, which is already nightmare-ish itself when you take into consideration the things Kaiba did prior to Yami's Mind Crush. But you remember that Yami himself wasn't any better when you remember the Penalty Games he inflicted on his opponents from making them believe they were being set on fire, that there was a bomb on them, and many more. All of this makes his demeanor when he's under the Orichalcos' influence that much scarier than it was in canon because for that moment: It seemed that the good old Pharoah was relapsing back to when he found such actions enjoyable.
      • This is even considered Nightmare Fuel for Tea in-universe, as she sees the Pharoah the same way his victims likely saw him which puts his supposed heroic actions to save her back then at a much darker light.
  • Chapter 75:
    • As awesome as Yami's iconic Berserker Soul scene is in canon: It still does not take away the fact that the pain he was inflicting onto Weevil was real, and he would have likely kept going until Weevil was severely injured had Tea not stop and calm him down. This fic however, sheds this scene in a very sinister light. Because Junko is the one who accompanies him instead of Tea, she instead encourages the Pharoah to not hold anything back, to make Weevil suffer for his actions. What ensures is a continued No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of nasty proportions as the Pharoah attacks Weevil over and over again, all while Junko relishes at the display. By the time he had stopped; Weevil had long lost his soul, as his lifeless body gets tossed over to the canyon making Weevil the second character to be Killed Off for Real in this story like Odion before him. And just like Odion, the second one to indirectly die from Junko's hands.
    • The chapter ends on a very dark and sinister note, as Junko expresses glee about her upcoming plans to convert the Pharoah into despair. What follows afterwards is a very dark Imagine Spot of a despair-converted Yami sporting the same sinister smile he had during his duel with Rafael, with him donning Monokuma's color schemes, his puzzle pitch black with a eery red glowing eye, as Junko calls him the (future) "King of Despair". We can only pray to the deities above that this image never becomes a reality...
  • Chapter 79:
    • If you already had enough of what Junko for what she did to the Ishtar siblings back in Chapter 61, what she does here is arguably just as disturbing and really emphasizes what a dangerous and disturbed individuals she is. Words truly fail to do it justice of just how creepy Junko can be.
  • Chapter 97:
    • Junko declares she's not going to murder Hajime and Chiaki's baby. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, right? WRONG! Junko states that killing the baby would be too easy and that the despair it would produce would be nothing compared to forcing Hajime and Chiaki to be teen parents during The Tragedy. She also says that she won't touch Class 77-B, but that just begs the question: who's going to take their place?
  • Chapter 98:
    • A direct case of Adult Fear and no less horrific is Chiaki's negligence of her infant son and the sudden panic attack she has when she realizes her mistake of almost turning into her parents. It's minor, but it still counts. Well...before the scene and its consequences turn full Tear Jerker.
  • Chapter 99:
    • Shadi's death (shuddering). In the anime, when Shadi went into the Pharaoh's labyrinth with the Millennium Key, the environment was disorienting, and dangerous, but Yami/Atem wasn't actually trying to kill him. Junko on the other hand had every intention to throw her mind's invader out and the way her mind is portrayed is absolutely horrifying. Some fans even described it as a hellscape. The environment is so inhospitable that Shadi dies inside Junko's head. And it's not quick and painless either. Junko plays with her food before devouring it. Not only to his arms get ripped off, but he is swallowed into a giant Junko head with a tongue like an Akaname, a long-tongued youkai. It's arguable whether this scene or her Cold-Blooded Torture of Ishizu is more terrifying.
  • Chapter 109:
    • Gundham, during his duel with Takemaru, reveals he got a new card from 'Marik' as an apology for the past: the Pyramid of Light! With certain creatures to go with it. Nothing nefarious seems to have occurred yet (apparently a connection to the ancient past is required for anything real to happen), Junko is clearly happy to see Gundham decided to use it.
  • Chapter 116:
    • Junko bulldozes Vivian, then leads her away, ostensibly for a friendly chat. Less than an hour later, we find that she has brutally tortured Vivian into being an obedient "chair" whom she intends to sell on the black market slave trade—and all because Vivian dared to say that she wanted Yugi for a boyfriend!


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