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Nightmare Fuel / Pack Street

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  • When Remmy loses his temper and explodes in front of most of his neighbors, Al goes from being a bit intimidating to downright terrifying. In a fit of rage, he effortlessly rips apart a bag with his claws that Remmy can't tear with his knife or scissors, and Remmy stays locked inside of his apartment for four days after the incident, fearing he'll get mauled by the Alpha if they ever crossed paths again.
    • Chapter 31 has Remmy realize, after seeing Al's expression when Remmy came in bruised and battered after Don's attack, that the alpha was actually holding back when he destroyed his gym bag. You do NOT want to get Al angry.
  • The longer text version of "Wannabite" that ended the first season. After realizing that all of the co-conspirators of the Savage epidemic are all sheep, Remmy starts to panic. He heads towards his apartment window and looks out at the celebrating crowd of people on the street below...and sees the crowd, including one of his friends, destroy a sheep effigy. And then a bear notices him staring and points out his window to another predator...
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  • At the end of "Paint Job", Al mentions that when he was much younger, the shock collars from the earlier drafts of Zootopia were extremely close to being a very real reality. How close? Four votes.
  • Don and his pals truly believe that Remmy was in on the "pred epidemic" and were well about to deliver their own brand of justice. Who knows what might have happened if Remmy didn't have his whistle with him, but considering that one of Don's friends had a metal pipe and was "itching to use it", it wouldn't have been pretty. Not to mention Don's promise that "this isn't over"...


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