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Nightmare Fuel / A Man of Iron

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     A Man of Iron 
  • Gregor Clegane, full-stop. He's a Point-of-View character, and his chapters are quite disturbing to read.
  • Ned disapproves the Iron Man because he doesn't follow the proper rules, but also because his attacking the corrupted and powerful will inspire others to become vigilantes, maybe sparking a Civil War with peasants deciding they are fed up with the elite's douchebaggery.
  • Arya daydreaming about mean fates for her sister is quite creepy: first she wishes for Sansa to be fat as King Robert and fall from a tower on Joffrey and Cersei, then she imagines Sansa growing old at an accelerated rate and shrieking in despair when she see herself. Yeah...
  • When he's locked into the Dark Cells, Ned muses about the many kinds of prisons you can find in Westeros. A reviewer says they couldn't understand why anyone would take the Black until they read this.
    • To go into more detail some of the ways prisoners are dealt with in Westeros include:
      • The Vale's Skycells.
      • Winterfell's version of a Chinese Water Torture Rack, where alternating boiling and frigid cold water is dropped on a prisoner's back.
      • Casterly Rock placing one in a windowless cell and then purposely alternating guard schedules and feeding times so a prisoner thinks they've been locked away for months instead of weeks.
      • The Reach's version of bamboo sprout torture, with a rose vine plant buried under a person's back and allowed to grow through their body; rumor has it that the plants end up taking over the corpse, keeping them semi alive in the cells.
      • The Dreadfort has a new prisoner select an older prisoner. The new guy gets that cell... and the next day gets a blanket made of the old prisoner's skin, with the old prisoner's face in the middle, stretched so it is always screaming.
      • Save for the Skycells every other example listed above are not from the books but created by the author. Mr. Chaos has a very sick mind.
  • Syrio drops hints about "special people" waiting in the shadows for a revolution, until "he" reveals "himself" as Mystique, scouting talent for Magneto. And she intends to take Arya to the Brotherhood.
  • More mundane but no less terrifying for Tony and Pepper: Tywin called the banners and he asked Tony to bring Jon with him. Tony perfectly knows Tywin intends to use his ward as hostage against the main Stark family but has no way to politely refuse because Tywin is his lord liege.
  • When Ned helplessly see his daughter Sansa die right before him, his reaction made reviewers worry about him taking the Lady Stoneheart road - or the Punisher one.
  • After revealing Jon's true parentage to the boy, Ned grimly confirms he kept quiet about it because he thought Robert would kill Jon for being the living proof Lyanna loved another man. Even now, the Lord Stark is desperate to hide this little fact because the Seven Kingdoms are full of people who would like to see the last male Targaryen dead.
  • The Others are now present in King's Landing: Sansa Stark awoke as the Night's Queen.
    • Sandor's knee-jerk reaction when he sees the corpse he's watching over is talking and trying to seduce him with a suddenly mature body, is a massive Freak Out!. Can you blame him for it?

     A Crack of Thunder 
  • The beginning of the burning of the statues of the Seven reminds Jane of the people that have already been burned alive by Melisandre. It is made obvious that Shireen has been forced to see all the burnings that have taken place, and Jane is left hoping that Shireen will not become a fanatic like her mother.
  • Ned and Cat desesperately want for their daughter Arya to be safe, but there's a Civil War raging and she's still away, so they have to accept the very real possibility she could have been killed or captured in spite of being under Syrio's wing.
  • The mood in King's Landing when Tyrion and co. enter the city: fights in the streets, the Goldcloaks too scared to act because there is a very real danger of dying via a mob, blood on the walls.
  • The changes in Sansa Stark. Tyrion refuses to believe she is the genuine article because of her wildly different appearance. Bronn's gut immediately pegs the lady as trouble, whatever she is. Yes, whatever, not whoever.
  • RAMSAY SNOW has a point-of-view chapter. Mr Chaos found himself quoting the Joker and Pennywise to better live in his brain. Yeah...
    • His death - whipped to death by Vanko's customized whip - is very much deserved but kinda unsettling. And as psycho as Vanko is, how much do you bet he uses this whip on poor, unsuspecting commoners?
    • Myranda's death manages to be even worse than Ramsay's. She is stripped naked, her tongue is ripped out, her eyes are sealed shut with hot wax, and she has shallow cuts made along her torso before salt water was poured on her. She is left wandering around sobbing and scared, looking for Ramsay... and then Vanko wraps his burning whips around her throat. Mr. Chaos goes into graphic detail of her skin burning down to the muscle before she finally dies. There is a reason this is the first chapter to receive a warning for graphic violence.
      • Making it even worse according the Mr. Chaos this is the TAME version, as how he originally wrote it was so graphically violent he chose to tone it down. He only mentions that in the original version Myranda's eyes were stitched shut with fish hooks.
    • Myranda herself is incredibly disturbing. While she and Ramsay are hunting their current victim, this is what she has to say:
    "I want to sew her pussy up. She wanted to have your baby, I can tell. I want to stick some foul rodent in her and sew her up and watch her scream as it burrows out."
  • Thor confesses his brother went to Westeros for a learning travel and was supposed to come back five years ago. He didn't, and that's not the first time it happens to an Asgardian. When something is bad enough to affect a god, it's time to bring the brown pants out.
    • And Thor suspects Melisandre to be responsible for it. As if the lady wasn't creepy enough.
      • Worse. She may be an Asgardian as well.
  • Let's put it this way. Tyrion Lannister, the man who faced several credible death threats with just a small sweat, is reduced to having to sleep with the candles lit after his chat with the Night's Queen masquerading as Sansa.
  • Rickon begins to show an ability to tell that they are not in the original timeline, Robb and him begin to hear a ghostly song in the crypts of Winterfell... and suddenly Rickon is swallowed by a portal in front of Robb, Roslin and Luwin.
  • The Night's Queen has started to spread her poison through King's Landing, converting all sorts of people to her cause. And she turns one bird into a wight in front of Sandor.
    • Speaking of Sandor, he notes that while everyone else is complaining about the cold snap accompanying the approach of winter, he's constantly boiling. Given who he's sworn his service to, it suggests that he's being corrupted into an Other.
  • Thor is a walking nightmare for Theon, since he's the Storm God who constantly opposes the patron god of Ironborns in their creation mythos and seeks to destroy their world. He's basically the Beast of Revelation for the poor guy, and his little lightning-show doesn't help Theon to trust him more.
    • It should be noted that his fear is, for the most part, misplaced, since Thor is actually good friends with the Drowned God, who's real name is Ægir, a sea jotunn who in Norse Mythology was friends with the gods and often hosted parties for them, and the Drowned God is revealed to be a nickname Ægir got from Sif after she dropped him in a pond for trying to bed her at one of his parties. Thor's actually quite confused over why Theon would be afraid of him before he'd even done anything.
  • The raw power Thor showcases. While he appears rather goofy and lighthearted when he is pissed off he unleashes a fraction of his power, creating the blackest of storms ever seen and using the lightning to carve the words "I AM THOR GOD OF THUNDER" in the hillside near the parlay. If it weren't for Davos calling for him to stop it is likely Renly and his entire party would have died.
  • Tyrion's nightmare of a demonic-looking Not-Sansa throttling him while covering herself in blood, while the real Sansa looks on while chained up.
  • Vanko makes his big entrance in a recreation of the racetrack scene from Iron Man 2, made just as much more gruesome as you'd expect from Westeros. The chapter ends with him advancing on a trapped Tony and cracking his whips.
  • If it hadn't been for Oberyn Jon would have died in his fight against Vanko. Repeat... Vanko can defeat someone in the Iron Man armor. His whips are that powerful.
  • If she hadn't run into Doom, Dany's story would have abruptly ended with a village that uses a large scale Wounded Gazelle Gambit, appearing to have just been ransacked and in need of help, when actually the whole place is booby-trapped to kill and rob any Good Samaritans that take the bait.
  • During the riot in King's Landing, a group of men try to rape Not-Sansa. She casually kills one with a Neck Snap, then tears the others apart with her bare hands. Varys, watching this from a hiding spot, is left horrified. What's worse, Sansa is not only the Night's Queen, she is Hela.
  • Bran remembering how Old Nan lovingly detailed wights retained their souls while their bodies were rotting and eating their loved ones, unable to cry while they converted their friends and families into other monsters to replenish the undead army.
    • Even worse, it implies that Tyrion's nightmare of the real Sansa being chained up and forced to watch as Not-Sansa kills people may be an accurate description of what Sansa is going through.
  • According to Jojen, all of the members of the Court of the Others are awake. The Commander has gathered their forces to attack the Night's Watch and "bathe his head in their blood", while the Night's King is allying with a person strongly implied to be Euron Greyjoy.
    • Worse, thus far, there's hints at the identities of three of the Court of the Others. The Commander, with his "Skull-like visage," and the "Bathe his head in their blood," strongly suggests the Red Skull. As discussed, the Night Queen is Hela. And the Night King? He's said to have a gauntlet of infinite power, meaning that the Big Bad of the setting is Thanos.
  • Arya is disappointed to find the various horrors of Harrenhal are just people's imaginations making mundane things seem scary. Except that one of them is Dormammu, who is said to grant power in exchange for your soul. And Arya's right there for the taking...
  • Vampires exist in Westeros with the confirmation that Blade is around and he killed Mad Danelle, a noblewoman who drank and bathed in blood and was rumored to kidnap children using an army of giant bats.
  • Magneto's rampage in Harrenhal proves just how deadly he can be. And the way he activates Gendry and Arya's mutant powers: he took the surviving Bloody Mummers and roasted them alive. With wildfire. Poor Arya gives a really graphic depiction of Hoat burning.
  • Daenerys' vision of the future in the House of the Undying has her being choked by a massive figure — one who, judging by the description of his gauntlet and his line about bringing balance, is clearly Thanos, seemingly confirming that he's the Night's King.
  • Chapter 41. You can imagine how horrifying it is when the author admits he had nightmares about what he has written.
    • First, the three men that threaten to rape Jane for days. They do not do it, but not for lack of trying.
      • In order to get into the head of the rapists, Mr Chaos went through testimonials of actual rapists. Yeah...
    • Then, Thor's punishment for the three would-be rapists, which he makes so brutal that he swears bards through the Realm will have to invent new happy songs to erase the horrors he is going to visit upon them.
      • The first is electrocuted alive until his eyes and balls explode and his flesh is completely burned - and then Thor rips the man's flaming heart and crushes it.
      • The second has all of his bones shattered, his throat crushed and then his bowels ripped out - so Thor can literally hang him with his own intestines.
      • And the third loses an arm - with Thor cauterizing the bleeding with lightning - and then proceeds to execute him with one of the most horrifying execution methods ever invented: the Blood Eagle.
    • When Thor finds out that Amora has either found or made a Destroyer Armor, he becomes terrified with good reason: a man using it can easily become a One-Man Army - but only after killing the person they love the most.
    • Thor and Jane reach Dragonstone, only to find a dying Selyse, who reveals that Amora tried to convince her to kill Shireen with a knife, but when she chose not to do so, Amora just stabbed her and told her she was going to turn Stannis into her toy and convince him to kill Shireen.
  • During the Battle of the Blackwater, a Lannister guard tries to kill Tyrion — and it quickly becomes apparent that it's a wight, as it keeps coming no matter what he does to defend himself. Worse, in the process of trying to get to safety, Tyrion falls into a puddle of wildfire, burning his hands in horrifying detail.
    • As Word of God explains afterwards, the wildfire plan accidentally creates the same recipe for unlocking mutant powers. Except this time there's too little Targaryen blood with just a few bastard descendants among Stannis' men, and too many human sacrifices, and so it goes wrong with many of the new mutants going completely insane and lashing out randomly with their powers, while others are stuck with horrifically mutated bodies.

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