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Headscratchers / A Man of Iron

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     Why does Tywin think Ned might've married Cersei? 
As any student of the Seven Kingdoms' history is aware, the spark that set off "Robert's" Rebellion was the Mad King Aerys's execution of Eddard Stark's father and elder brother; the price to get the Riverlands to join the North, the Vale, and the Stormlands in their rebellion was the marriage of Hoster Tully's two daughters to the members of the rebellion's triumvirate that weren't already engaged.

By the time King's Landing fell, Eddard knew he'd fathered a child (and possibly knew he'd fathered his heir) on his wedding night. The idea that Eddard Stark would set aside his wife, his heir, and his word to Hoster Tully in exchange for tying Casterly Rock more tightly to his Iron Throne is laughable.

  • This is assuming, of course, that Tywin would let her LIVE long enough for Ned to see her again.
  • I thinkTywin was more grousing at a what if, knowing Ned would be a better king than Robert.

     Charlus's Age 
So, how old is Charlus? We know he's a Baratheon, so then is he of the same generation as Stannis, Robert and Renly then? Older? And older half sibling of Gendry?