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Syrio Forel is actually Mystique
For a group that is currently hiding, Syrio seems to know quite a lot about Magneto and what he and Mystique can do, and his speeches sound much like what Mystique would say. Plus, some of the exercises Syrio teaches Arya seem to emphasize flexibility, which is one of Mystique's tricks.
  • Confirmed.

Ned Stark will become the Westerosi version of the Punisher
Because the Punisher was a Vietnam War veteran who's on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the ones he perceive as responsible for his family's death. Ned is a war veteran who just saw his eldest daughter die and has sworn unholy revenge against the Lannisters.
  • As pointed out be a reviewer Ned's new armor features a weirwood tree on the front of it... and it is easy to imagine that, for some, this would resemble Castle's skull logo.
  • Confirmed. Arya reveals in Chapter 22 that Ned is now nicknamed The Punisher.

Gendry is Colossus
Tobho Mott describes him as being like a colosuss from the folk tales, saying he is all muscle and no brains. And now he's inadvertently on his way to meet the Brotherhood. He also chose the alias Petyr, and Colossus's true name is Piotr Rasputin, another variation on the given name "Peter".
  • Confirmed.

A Crack of Thunder will feature Thor
Even though Mr Chaos said he wouldn't be appearing. Or Storm, since the existence of mutants has already been established.
  • In Daenerys III, she mentions Logan told her some people at the Summer Islands worship a woman that can control weather, so that's a tick for Storm.
  • Confirmed. Thor crash lands at Dragonstone in the middle of Melisandre's Seven Burning Ritual.

The Night's Queen will create an Others-worshipping cult.
Showing herself as Sansa and being able to heal grave injuries - such as Sandor Clegane's fire-scarred face - might make people think the Seven sent her back, and she could easily guide them towards a more apocalyptic cult, acting as a sort of a fifth-column for the Others.
  • Partially confirmed. While she doesn't seem to be making a cult, she does appear to be brainwashing/turning people into more intelligent wights in order to manipulate King's Landing.

Loki is disguised as Melisandre.
Loki can become a woman, and he is sometimes associated with fire. And Melisandre looks at Jane with hatred after she welcomes Thor.
  • Also, Jane notices that Melisandre always burns the idols of the Seven, who are based off of the Asgardians, in a specific order, starting with the goddesses, then the Stranger, then the Father, before burning either the Warrior or the Smith. She seems to stare at the last two for a while, and Jane thinks it looks like she's trying to decide which one would hurt less to burn, implying she actually knows who the Seven actually are. It should be noted that the Warrior is actually based off of Thor, while the Smith is said to be Balder with Thor's hammer. She also liked to stare at Jane even before Thor showed up.
  • Though she could also be The Enchantress, considering she hates it when Thor pays attention to Jane and appears to dislike burning the idols that are based off of Thor. There's also the constant references to Melisandre being "an enchantress".
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  • Another possibility is Lorelei, the Enchantress' sister, a redhead who manipulates men easily which would fit Melisandre quite well.
  • Appears jossed as Book 2, Chapter 7 has Thor telling Jane he believes Melisandre is an Asgardian but not Loki.
  • Definitely Jossed. Melisandre is eventually revealed to actually be Amora.

Arya is Shadowcat
Mystique already scouted her as more than human, and she has a remarkable gift to pass unnoticed, which could very well translate into intangibility. She also chose the alias Kat - a pet name for "Katherine" just as Kitty - and in the series she's teased with Gendry, who could be Colossus - Kitty's love interest.
  • Confirmed. Jojen refers to her as a shadow cat when describing his vision. And later, she gains Shadowcat's phasing powers and is given that codename by Magneto.

Alternatively, Arya is Rogue
She and Mystique have already formed a strong adoptive mother/daughter bond, much like Mystique did with Rogue in the comics, and the ability to absorb the memories and abilities of others could be a nod to canon-Arya's efforts to become a Faceless Man.
  • Jossed.

Ned has the power of foresight
Jon mentions that Ned once told him he would get the feeling he was going to die if he did something, and instead tried something else that allowed him to live.
  • Actually, Ned says it's something that can happen to anyone in a situation where they know they are going to die, even in cases where they can't actually do anything about it, such as with the old farmer who got caught under a tree he had cut down and died, which was the incident that sparked the conversation with Jon.

Wakanda is Industrialized
It makes sense Wakanda will show up as one of the "southern lands." It will be mentioned it's good for mining but not much else and a quiet if backward people. In reality, behind this facade, the nation is far more advanced than the rest of Westeros, matching what would be the early Industrial Revolution era. Thus, when the Black Panther arrives, it'll be easy for even Tony to believe the man is using magic when in reality, it's technology, something the rest of this world has yet to grasp but Wakandans use easily.

Varys is this story's version of Black Widow
Both are master spies who are nicknamed after spiders, both are masters of disguise, Mr Chaos said there is a chance Black Widow may show up, and she hasn't yet, even though Thor Odinsson has, despite him saying they wouldn't, and he's also stated that Captain America will show up, despite also saying he wouldn't, both on the same page as the one where he said Black Widow and Hawkeye might show up (and Hawkeye has). Also, Both work with Nick Fury and for the Council.
  • That, or MCU!Fury, who we know also exists alongside Gerion/616!Fury in this universe, will show up with her in tow. Or she is a high-ranking agent of Varys'
  • Jossed. Natasha has appeared as Oberyn Martell's eldest and legitimized daughter, the Black Widow of Dorne and Jon Stark's future wife
    • The high-ranking agent of Varys and/or the Council theory may not be Jossed yet, as Chapter 18 of A Crack of Thunder reveals that either she has some connection to the Council and the Brotherhood, or Oberyn has a connection to them (or is at least somewhat aware of them)
    • Chapter 38 reveals that Natasha is indeed an agent of the Council.

The Lord of Light is actually Loki
And they created the religion to get back at the Asgardians for whatever reason, hence the burning ceremony. Or they simply founded it and never claimed to actually be the Lord of Light.
  • Jossed. Loki is Davos Seaworth.

Doctor Doom is in Qarth
Okay, so this is a weak theory, but we know that Doom fled Westeros after being driven mad by his scarring (according to the story Jon Arryn told Ned), so he must be in Essos somewhere if he's going to be part of the story. And Qarth seems to be the most likely place he'd end up, as it has all the class of the Free Cities, but none of the elitism towards foreigners of Slavers Bay (going by how Xaro managed to become a leader), so it seems likely someone Doom could set up shop there and flourish. Besides which, the summary for A Crack of Thunder states that Daenerys will "face doom", which seems like the kind of word play Mr Chaos would make use of.
  • Confirmed. Viktor Vondam, known as Doom in Qarth, shows up in Chapter 8 of book 2. And he is apparently one of the Thirteen.

This fic's version of Deadpool will show up in the third book.
This is actually a weak theory, but Tony mentions a Second Son member who pretty much matches Deadpool's usual description back in Tony I of the second book. If Mr. Chaos is planning on adopting Daenerys' subplot with the Second Sons, then it would make sense that he would show up and becomes a duo with Daario Naharis (similar to the dynamic that Clynt and Bronn have). It's too great of an opportunity to pass up on.

Theon Greyjoy is Loki's mortal form.
In the comics, Thor's alias Donald Blake was actually the human body he was born into when Odin decided to give him a lesson. Loki could very well pull that kind of stuff. Also, his storyline and Loki's bear many similitudes: both of them have a dual identity - Theon being an Ironborn raised in the North and Loki being a Frost Giant raised in Asgard, both of them are considered "soft" - Theon for not paying the Iron Price, Loki for using magic, Asgard and the Iron Islands are strongly inspired by Norse mythology, both have Butt-Monkey-tendences and desesperately crave acceptance of their adoptive family while thinking they will never have it. It should be interesting when Theon will meet Thor - which should be soon if Dragonstone's envoy still contacts Renly at the same time than the Starks'.
  • Probably jossed by Thor stating that Loki's been in Westeros for thirty years, roughly twice Theon's life.
  • Loki was able to de-age himself, obtaining a clean record in the process, so don't write it off yet.
  • Jossed in Chapter 9 of A Crack of Thunder. Theon himself shows no sign nor possibility of being Loki.

The Mandarin is a Former High Born
Given he's one of Iron Man's most iconic foes, it only makes sense the Mandarin will appear at some point. In this world, he'll be a former leader of a High Born family from the East whose clan was crushed as part of the Rebellion (much like Vanko's). His power lost and on the run, this man would eventually find an ancient temple hiding ten rings of power (perhaps lost by Asgardians or a special creation of long-ago magic users) that he uses to rebuild himself. He has bided his time in hiding but hearing of the chaos in Westeros, he will take advantage to create his new empire.

is going to be the equivalent of Hammer in this story.Word of God says that there is an equivalent to him, and that he's put hints in that point to who it is. It's heavily implied that Renly was the one who hired the bandits that attacked and branded Tony, all because Tony refused to make a suit of armour for him. Since Tony isn't dead yet, Renly may still want to kill him, leading to the conflict between them.
  • Confirmed. Theon finds out by accident that Renly was the one that paid the bandits, and was behind Vanko and Asha's attacks against Ramsay Snow and Casterly Rock - also telling them to kill both Tony and Robb Stark.

Steve Rogers is Azor Ahai.
Apparently, Thor knew him and swears he never used a sword, but had a shield. And he's supposed to come back to save the world, just as Steve Rogers came back from the "grave" to inspire mankind again. Hmm...

Loki is with the Others
We know that the Asgardians, or at least Thor, fought the Others during the Long Night, which combined with their power set would make them clear stand-ins for the Frost Giants. And what is Loki by birth? Odds are he somehow ended up north of the Wall, learned of his true origins, and took a place among them. Maybe even as the Night's King (assuming the latter isn't being kept to his canon origin).
  • Jossed, Loki was with Stannis under his human disguise of Davos.

Littlefinger's true masters
Instead of just out for power for himself, Littlefinger is actually an agent of a sinister force, long hidden for centuries. They've bided their time, laying down the seeds but are now preparing to finally strike. At the proper time, the Goldcloaks and other soldiers across Westeros (including among Ned's armies) will suddenly show their true allegiances and strike with their mantra: Hail Hydra.
  • Given that it's been implied that Steve Rogers is Azor Ahai, and his canon history with HYDRA, perhaps they're a cult of Les Collaborateurs who serve the Others in exchange for being spared (like Craster), and the Night's Queen will reach out to them as part of her plans.

Mystique has already recruited at least another of Robert's bastards, or plans to.
She has already grabbed Gendry, who is clearly going to be Colossus: if someone's going to be Magik (Ilyana Rasputin) it'll be one of his half-sisters. For extra fun, she may be named (or take the nickname of) Lyanna.

The Starks descend from Steve Rogers/Azor Ahai
One of the details several Stark and non-Stark characters mention the Starks have in common is that they cannot get drunk. Steve Rogers also had the same ability. Hmm...
  • Chapter 34 indicates this may be a Red Herring: Thor mentions that he put a spell on Brandon the Builder that gave him an Asgardian constitution - at least in regards to his ability to get drunk.

Vanko will attack Jon and Natasha's Wedding
In Jon I of A Crack of Thunder, it's mentioned that Oberyn and Tony plan to have a chariot race as a part of Jon and Natasha's wedding festivities. This corresponds with the Monaco Grand Prix featured in Iron Man 2, where Vanko made his presence known to Tony by attacking him there. It's kind of an obvious parallel to use in the fic. Plus, let's face it, in Westeros, a normal wedding is a rarity.
  • Confirmed.

The Red Skull is the Commander of the Court
When Maester Luwin is sharing the tales he's studied of the Court of the Others, he mentions that the Commander has a "skull like face". Now, given that it's been all but confirmed that Azor Ahai in this timeline is Steve Rodgers/Captain America, it seems perfectly fitting for his canon Arch-Enemy to be a leader of the armies he fought during the Long Night.
  • Partially confirmed. In Jojen's vision he was going to "bathe their face in blood" of the Night Watch. So it's definitely someone with red face/mask.

Rickon has been abducted by the Guardians of the Galaxy
Right before he disappears, he can hear bits and pieces of "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede, the song featuring in the movie trailer. Also, Robb tries to take his hand but fails, echoing what happened to Meredith Quill on her deathbed when her son Peter was too scared, and he was abducted immediately afterwards.
  • Alternatively, Rickon will BECOME Star-Lord! The circumstances of his abduction are very similar to the one where Peter Quill was taken by Yondu and the Ravagers. Which brings up a very important question: does Westeros have raccoons?
    • Confirmed. Bran's dream shows him with Yondu.
    • And Chapter 45 has Rickon returning as Star-Lord.

The REAL Sansa Stark will come back as Ghost Rider
Let's get the facts: 1) She's dead; 2) Joffrey, his murderer, is still alive; 3) The Night's Queen is walking arround Westeros in her body. That would be enough to make her vindictive and attract Mephisto's, or maybe Zarathos' attention. One deal after, she is back in Westeros, months or years after her death, assaults the Red Fortress, likely at the same time that her father or Tony do, kills Joffrey and Cersei, and then uses her new habilities to destroy her old body and make the Night's Queen scape. All this time she and her horse are flaming skeletons and everyone is scared shitless of her except Thor, who remembers a predecessor as Ghost Rider helping him during the Long Night.
  • [[Spoiler:Jossed. In chapter 50, Sansa wargs into Lady's taxidermied body and escapes King's Landing, on her way North.]]

The identity of The Traitor
The Traitor is the only member of the Court of the Others about whom no information is known. So obviously, they're going to be important. The question simply is, who are they?
  • The Winter Soldier — since it's been all but fully confirmed that Steve Rogers is Azor Ahai, it would all so fitting for his Brainwashed and Crazy best friend to take on the role a leader within his enemies' faction.
  • Loki — it's already been theorized above that Loki could be with the Others; however, that theory includes a belief that Loki might be the Night's King, which has since been Jossed by the implication that the NK is actually Thanos. So, if Loki is selling out to the Court, he'd be given a different role.
    • A similar idea is that Loki is the Traitor, but he isn't selling out to the Others: He's the Traitor because he's betraying the Court, acting as The Mole. It would explain why Rickon implies it's a good thing that the Traitor was the second member of the Court to awake, since that means he has more time to undermine them without anyone watching him (since the Queen is in King's Landing) before the rest of them wake up. The lack of defining features in the legends could be due to the people who knew about him covering up his identity, making sure that the other members of the Court couldn't figure out who the Traitor was just by reading the legends. Or Loki is on his own side, betraying both the Court and everyone else, either for power or simply because he can.
      • Jossed, Loki was actually Davos Seaworth and on Stannis' side.
  • Sandor Clegane — He is The Quisling, became so soon after the Night's Queen awoke and may be turning into an Other himself.
    • Jossed. Jojen refers to them as being somewhere beynd the Wall. Sandor is in King's Landing.

Doom will become King of Qarth
He wants to use Daenerys to upend the city's status quo and make them finally break with tradition, in order to advance their place in the world. And given Mr. Chaos has stated that Doom is most interesting as a character when he's a morally grey ruler who rules Latveria with an iron fist for its own good, it stands to reason that in this universe Qarth will end up being the Latveria stand-in, with Doom having taken control with Dany's help.
  • Confirmed. He takes over in the power vacuum following the Warlocks' move against Dany and the Thirteen.

The Doctor will appear
The Lonely God story was mentioned recently, and Marvel UK did publish Doctor Who comics. If the Night King has the Infinity Gauntlet, they would need a time expert on hand.

Jaime will end up on the Wall
It's been stated that Jaime's story, influenced by the fact that Mystique is impersonating him, is going to be important in Book 3, which Mr. Chaos has stated is also where we'll finally see events on and beyond the Wall. Sending Jaime there would be a good way to combine those storylines, especially as Jaime wouldn't have anywhere else to go thanks to his family thinking he's the imposter.
  • Going by Jojen Reed's comments, Jaime may end up being the one to accompany Bran in his travel north to meet the Three Eyed Crow.
  • Jossed in Book 2 Chapter 39. Jaime is indeed going with Bran north of the Wall.

Maester Maxell of Harrenhall is Magneto
The part where Arya, upon Maxell revealing he knows who she is, is unable to unsheathe her knife because it refuses to come free sounds like Magneto using his powers to prevent the unsheathing, and his knowledge of Baelish's true nature and "businesses" (quite good for a Maester living hundreds of miles away from King's Landing) reminds one about how he met Mystique when she was working as a prostitute. Plus, his physical description does resemble that of Ser Ian McKellen.
  • Confirmed.

Stannis is going to be Ultron
There was mention of Maegor using a powerful armor modelled after Ultron (here a Valyrian demon). Melisandre is heard offering a suit of armor to Stannis, telling him it will make him "the father of a new age", reminding the title Age of Ultron.
  • Possibly Jossed, as when the armor is finally described, it appears more similar to the Destroyer.

Rickon will be aged up to a teenager when he returns to Westeros
We already know Rickon is on the path to be Starlord, meaning it is likely he and the other Guardians are going to help with the War for the Dawn. Sansa and Arya have both already had plot-relevant age ups, so it would not be out there for Rickon to get one too.My theory is that he's not in outer space, but rather an alternate dimension where time runs faster than in Westeros, so to him it will be thirteen or more years, but to the Starks, it will be only one or two.
  • Partly confirmed. he returns in Robb IV as an adult Star-Lord

Littlefinger is Loki in disguise
Thor says that Loki has been in Westeros over 30 years, so he'd have more than enough time to establish the identity of "Petyr Baelish". He's been working behind the scenes to take over Westeros, and we know that Loki would be content being a god ruling humans if he can't be king of the gods. Littlefinger is arrogant, petty, ruthless, condescending, manipulative, deceitful, constantly sets plans in motion to cause strife, puts people in just the wrong places so they make the worst decisions, plays two sides against each other, all so he can take advantage of the chaos to grab power, and take every chance to give out a smartass quip. That's Loki to a T!
  • Jossed. Loki is actually Davos Seaworth.

Logan's daughter is actually Lyanna Mormont
The vision in which the girl appears looks very similar to Bear Island, and her physical description fits. Also, Maege Mormont never married nor named a father for any of her daughters. And Logan's amnesia means he could have traveled anywhere before ending with Drogo's khalasar.

Whether composited with an ASOIAF character or not the fic's X-23 equivalent will be composited with Jimmy Hudson.
For those who don't know Jimmy is the son of Ultimate Wolverine who grew up normally having been entrusted to a friend of Logan before his powers emerged. This is more feasible for the technology level of the story than a clone with altered genetics.

Robb Stark is Iceman
Jojen Reed mentions that one of his green dreams showed the sea being turned to ice. This itself is prophetic of the Starks defeating the Greyjoys, but maybe this is a little more literal and the Ironborn will turned into actual ice. If anyone is going to be Iceman, it’ll be a Stark and with Robb having fled the Ironborn attack on Winterfell, he’s in the perfect position to do. Also, given that the Ironborn using energy swords, ice powers will be the perfect counter.
  • Possibly Jossed: During the Battle of Blackwater Bay, Tyrion mentions hearing the report of a squire that turned into living ice.

Loki will have Adaptational Heroism
Given that a key source of Loki's villainy is a belief that he should be king instead of Thor or Odin, and in this story Thor agrees, it would make sense that either Loki will not be a villain, or that he will be redeemed by Thor if he is currently a villain.
  • Confirmed. His human disguise is Davos Seaworth, who's nothing short of a good guy.

Jane will either become a female Thor or Valkyrie.

Sandor will become the Executioner.

Traditional Game of Thrones villains that are not merged with Marvel villains will be pushed out of significance by their more powerful rivals.
We're already seeing it happen; Ramsey was killed by Vanko, Hela has been more of a threat than Joffery and Cersei in Kings Landing and Vanko's actions have forced Balon to abandon his plans of conquest.

Loki didn't come back because he is trying to stop the Others.
  • Jossed. He didn't come back because he was content living as Davos.

Tyrion will become the Westeros equivalent of Dr. Strange.
His hands have been heavily maimed by wildfyre and he will likely never be able to use them again, and the explosion on the Blackwater that's unlocked so many powers might give him magic.
  • Probably confirmed. In chapter 50 Tyrion reveals his intent to travel to Essos in order to search for a way to fix his hands. While he hasn't met the Ancient One, donning the Cloak of Levitation or wearing the Eye of Aggamoto but it's safe to say Tyrion is on his way to being Sorcerer Supreme.

The Wildfire explosion is what will give Petyr Parker and Gwen (or however she's named) Stacy their spider powers, and possibly age them to their teens, like Arya and Gendry.
Not only that, it will probably give rise to more Marvel characters on King's Landing, who were all probably hit by the wave too.
  • Possibly not empower them directly, particularly since the use of wildfire to unlock powers has been used a lot in the story and so would seem a bit overdone, particularly since it is the analogue of the X-gene in the story, which is not the source of Peter or Gwen's powers, it is possible the wildfire will enhance the spider that will empower them, particularly since both the X-gene and the spider's enhancement are frequently attributed to radiation in the comics.

More Marvel characters will become a part of Daenerys' Queensguard
It would certainly help fill the vacant spots from canon, and to allow more interactions with other Marvel characters.

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