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     Character Guesses 
Ned has the power of foresight
Jon mentions that Ned once told him he would get the feeling he was going to die if he did something, and instead tried something else that allowed him to live.
  • Actually, Ned says it's something that can happen to anyone in a situation where they know they are going to die, even in cases where they can't actually do anything about it, such as with the old farmer who got caught under a tree he had cut down and died, which was the incident that sparked the conversation with Jon.

The Mandarin is a former Highborn
Given he's one of Iron Man's most iconic foes, it only makes sense the Mandarin will appear at some point. In this world, he'll be a former leader of a High Born family from the East whose clan was crushed as part of the Rebellion (much like Vanko's). His power lost and on the run, this man would eventually find an ancient temple hiding ten rings of power (perhaps lost by Asgardians or a special creation of long-ago magic users) that he uses to rebuild himself. He has bided his time in hiding but hearing of the chaos in Westeros, he will take advantage to create his new empire.

Littlefinger's true masters
Instead of just out for power for himself, Littlefinger is actually an agent of a sinister force, long-hidden for centuries. They've bided their time, laying down the seeds but are now preparing to finally strike. At the proper time, the Goldcloaks and other soldiers across Westeros (including among Ned's armies) will suddenly show their true allegiances and strike with their mantra: Hail Hydra.
  • Given that it's been implied that Steve Rogers is Azor Ahai, and his canon history with HYDRA, perhaps they're a cult of Les Collaborateurs who serve the Others in exchange for being spared (like Craster), and the Night's Queen will reach out to them as part of her plans.
    • Jossed on the Littlefinger part, as AWOL reveals he is an independant agent and now Ultron.

Mystique has already recruited at least another of Robert's bastards, or plans to.
She has already grabbed Gendry, who is clearly going to be Colossus: if someone's going to be Magik (Ilyana Rasputin) it'll be one of his half-sisters. For extra fun, she may be named (or take the nickname of) Lyanna.

Logan's daughter is actually Lyanna Mormont
The vision in which the girl appears looks very similar to Bear Island, and her physical description fits. Also, Maege Mormont never married nor named a father for any of her daughters. And Logan's amnesia means he could have traveled anywhere before ending with Drogo's khalasar.
  • A hint in this direction is Jeor grousing he doesn't know any of his nieces' father's names, except for Lyanna's: Jayms. Just like James Howlett.

Whether composited with an ASOIAF character or not the fic's X-23 equivalent will be composited with Jimmy Hudson.
For those who don't know, Jimmy is the son of Ultimate Wolverine who grew up normally having been entrusted to a friend of Logan before his powers emerged. This is more feasible for the technology level of the story than a clone with altered genetics.
  • Probably. If Lyanna Mormont truly is an expy for X-23, then she's the natural-born daughter of Maege Mormont who enjoys taking lovers but never married.

will become the Westeros equivalent of Dr. Strange.His hands have been heavily maimed by wildfyre and he will likely never be able to use them again, and the explosion on the Blackwater that's unlocked so many powers might give him magic.
  • Probably confirmed. In chapter 50, Tyrion reveals his intent to travel to Essos in order to search for a way to fix his hands. While he hasn't met the Ancient One, donned the Cloak of Levitation, or wore the Eye of Agamotto yet, it's safe to say Tyrion is on his way to being Sorcerer Supreme.
  • More evidence for this, in Catelyn's first POV in A Shield of Man, she sees Tyrion in her dream foreshadowing herself to be The Phoenix.

More Marvel characters will become a part of Daenerys' Queensguard
It would certainly help fill the vacant spots from canon, and to allow more interactions with other Marvel characters.

The Black Order are part of The Court
It wouldn't be surprising thanks to the recent revelations concerning Thanos. Maybe they lead the regular Others and its Wights in the name of the Mad Titan.
  • Possibly confirmed, as Steve states that the Court's elite guard are known as the White Order. Considering the Court is led by Thanos, it's rather obvious that they're meant to be the same group.

Kamala will have a slightly different last name.
The last name Khan is derived from the word for leader in Mongolian, and since the world of Westeros doesn't have Mongols the name will have to be from their closest equivalent, the Dothraki. Instead of Kamala Khan, her name would be Kamala Khal.

Cersei becomes The Shadow Queen
It looks like the purple energy blade she now bears will make Cersei a version of Psylocke. However, it seems unlikely given she's never been an athletic figure and is just gaining weight (not to mention how she's nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is). Thus, it's more likely Cersei becomes a version of the Shadow King, using her new abilities to get ahead... and no doubt finding a way to muck it all up.

Sandor will become Skurge the Executioner.
Since the Night's Queen is Sansa and the Song of Metal and Marvels equivalent of Hela, Sandor will already serve as her Skurge the Executioner. And since the fic is partially inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it means that Sandor's role as the protector of the Night's Queen will be analogous to Skurge's relationship to Amora the Enchantress in the comics.

Traditional Game of Thrones villains that are not merged with Marvel villains will be pushed out of significance by their more powerful rivals.
We're already seeing it happen; Ramsay was killed by Vanko, The Night's Queen has been more of a threat than Joffrey and Cersei in King's Landing and Vanko's actions have forced Balon to abandon his plans of conquest.
  • This pattern seems to be continuing, with Margaery and Loras Tyrell, who are composited with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver killing Joffrey, framing Littlefinger for the act, resulting in his death, and killing Tywin.

The status of other Marvel characters in the story
  • Fantastic Four: So far, A Song of Metal and Marvels has introduced us to some of the Avengers, the X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the Fantastic Four have never appeared anywhere in the story, despite being one of the most important Marvel super-teams in existence, though Doctor Doom does exist in the ASOMAM universe and Logan mentions the Thing (albeit indirectly). When and if they do finally show up in the world of marvels and magic, they'll likely be a group of bold, seafaring explorers from Westeros and Essos who want to discover what lies beyond the Sunset Sea only to get into a supernatural accident that gives them extraordinary powers. As for the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman, IIIyrio Mopatis' children will become acquainted with Reed Rychards and Benjen Grimm (Westerosi spelling) since they are the ASOMAM equivalents of the Storm twins. Alicia Masters would also be the babysitter of Franklyn and Valeria, the children of Reed and Mopatis' daughter.
    • Galactus: He would be a man-eating giant from Beyond the Wall.
    • Silver Surfer: A herald for the White Walkers. He would also have a different name since surfing doesn't exist in the world of ASOIAF/GOT.
    • Perhaps a few of their lesser villains are making waves around Essos and Westeros as well. The Puppetmaster might be an ex-warlock who left to find new work in the slums of King's Landing. The Mad Thinker could be an advisor of one of the houses we haven't seen yet. The Mole Man might even be a desert warlord that Dany hasn't encountered yet.
  • Ant-Man and The Wasp: We've seen the Avengers from the comics and movies appear throughout ASOMAM but so far, they have yet to show up in the story. Assuming they are not combined with other ASOIAF/GOT characters, they would be mystical sages trying to the secrets of size-changing and shifting. The in-universe equivalents of Ant-Man and the Wasp would be Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne in the comics as opposed to Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne from the movies, though we might see them in supporting roles.
  • The Defenders (Marvel Cinematic Universe version): We know that the Kingpin is a major warlord in Essos and he's more or less Daredevil's archnemesis in the comics, as well as a recurring Spider-Man villain. As for Daredevil himself, my guess is that he is a former Volantine slave from Meereen who escaped from his masters and later adopted by Stick of the Chaste after his father was killed by a Meereenese slaver during an escape. Jessica Jones was a former sex slave who was rescued by a sellsword from the clutches of the wicked Pentoshi merchant Purple Man. Luke Cage is a Summer Islander mercenary for hire and later falls in love with Jessica after rescuing her from the clutches of the Purple Man. Iron Fist is a Reach nobleman of House Rand who went on a journey to the lost YiTish city of K'un-L'un and came back to Essos, well-versed in martial arts and to avenge the deaths of his parents at the hands of Ward Meachum, that is assuming he is not combined with Loras Tyrell given that they are played by the same actor, though it's possible for ASOMAM Iron Fist to be from a cadet branch of the Tyrells and have a Strong Family Resemblance.
  • Shang-Chi: Considering that he has his own film, the author may or may not choose to include him in the story. If that's the case, Shang-Chi will be a wealthy merchant from Yi-Ti who ends up in one of the Free Cities and just so happens to be a skilled fighter.
  • The rest of Thor's supporting cast: Heimdall has been mentioned a few times in Book 2 but still hasn't made a proper appearance yet. If he does, he will likely look like his raceswapped MCU depiction as opposed to the comics version similar to the ASOMAM incarnation of Valkyrie. Balder has been sorely underutilized in other Marvel media and considering that he is Thor's half-brother, it would be a shame not to have him appear in the flesh since he was already mentioned before much like Heimdall. The Warriors Three are another important group of Marvel characters that haven't been seen yet in the A Song of Metal and Marvels series but they will probably show up somewhere for reasons already explained. As for Darcy Lewis and Erik Selvig, the fanfic has incorporated elements of the MCU from the Guardians of the Galaxy to Phil Coulson and the portrayal of Iron Man but who knows whether they'll even appear in the story since only the latter has made it into the comics and the former has just recently reappeared in WandaVision. Even then they aren't exactly popular. If they do, neither Lewis nor Selvig will have much connection to Jane Seaworth since she is an independent lady's maid from the Stormlands. They would be likely just a pair of friendly traders from the Iron Islands and the Riverlands who meet Jane and Thor during one of their travels across Westeros.
    • As for Thor's other villains, Malekith would likely be one of the White Walkers that fought Bor or Odin in the past, Surtur would be a particularly powerful fire-breathing dragon that is destined to bring Ragnarok to Asgard, Fenris is a Direwolf and Gorr the God Butcher would simply be just an ordinary man who lost his family during the War of the Five Crowns and vowed to destroy the gods for not answering his prayers.
  • The Mandarin: With the recent chapter revealing that the ASOMAM universe's version of the Ten Rings are a group of pirates, the Mandarin is likely going to be a pirate himself or at the very least, a wealthy backer that supports the group through providing them money and supplies. We know that he is YiTish, basically the ASOIAF/GOT equivalent of the Chinese. So far, Chapter 24 has already set up Iron Man 3 with the presence of Extremis-fuelled soldiers and who knows, he might even show up in the flesh as opposed to imposters using his mantle for their own purposes.
    • Maybe in person, he's Sumaru San?
  • Other X-Men characters: Assuming they are not combined with other ASOIAF/GOT characters, Nightcrawler will be an acrobatic sellsword for Mystique since they are related to each other in the comics, Angel is going to be a nobleman from the Free Cities since he is wealthy, Cyclops' long lost brother Havok will be working for Qyburn (the fic's equivalent of Mr. Sinister), Polaris is a Blackfyre much like her father Magneto, Jubilee is a YiTish orphan living in Essos, the Juggernaut is a Baratheon bastard and brother of Charlus who worships the war god Cyttorak and En Sabah Nur, otherwise known as Apocalypse, would be a member of the Others' court. Last but definitely not least, the Hellfire Club or whatever it's called would be a secret society of influential nobles and merchants from the Free Cities of Essos led by Emma Frost seeking to manipulate various events to advance their agenda. Think of them as more powerful than the Faceless Men or the Brotherhood, a group that even the Sealord of Braavos (aka Charlus Waters) doesn't suspect of secretly plotting against him and his circle for control of the Free Cities.
  • Peggy Carter: She would likely be combined with Nissa Nissa, Azor Ahai's wife from the books.
  • Taskmaster: A sellsword for hire who can imitate the skills and fighting styles of his opponents.
  • Bullseye: A Psycho for Hire sellsword working for the Brave Companions or another company.
  • Jigsaw: As Ned Stark is the Punisher, he'll need an archnemesis who is truly capable of pushing him to his limits. It's doubtful (but not completely impossible) that the other members of Punisher's rogues' gallery from 616 and MAX will show up in the story but his long-time Arch-Enemy who has remained alive in the comics on the other hand is going to appear at some point and he might be a bannerman from a rival house who tries to kill Ned only to have his face horribly mutilated by him and barely survive the encounter, swearing revenge upon all the Starks.
  • The other members of SHIELD/The Council: We've seen Nikolos Fury (Gerion and Ultimate Marvel versions) and Phylup in A Song of Metal and Marvels so far. As far as the other agents of the organization are concerned, we might see them in later chapters or books. For instance, Maria Hill's ASOMAM counterpart could be a Dornish woman since she has a name that is commonly used for Spanish people (of whom the Dornish are based on).
    • Alternatively, Maria Hill could be a bastard daughter of a Westerlands house, as "Hill" is the name for bastards in that kingdom
    • With the reveal of Maria's physical appearance, a new possibility has arisen: Maria Hill could very well be Tyrion and Tysha's secret daughter!
  • Lemar Hoskins/Battlestar: We know that John Walker (aka U.S. Agent) exists in this universe as the head jailor of Winterfell for House Stark. Naturally, his sidekick from the comics would exist, probably as an executioner from the Summer Islands.
  • Squirrel Girl: The legend of Doreen, Queen of the Squirrels, has been mentioned several times in A Shield of Man, too many for her to not show up.

Deadpool has minor Greensight
Breaking the Fourth Wall just means that you know about what's going on right now. However, Wade seems to anticipate coming events rather than jump in just to snark at Chaos. This seems to indicate that he's got some future sight to tie into an in-universe reason for his Deadpooliness. Which will prove interesting down the line if his breaks start to clash with the visions Jojen has.

Deadpool once killed a man with a wagon pulled by a diseased donkey while laughing.
He killed someone with a Zamboni in the movie. Seems like Chaos to toss in a nod to that. Deadpool will acknowledge this, saying, "And yes, Chaos did this to my backstory as a reference to that Zamboni scene in that incarnation of me. He loves these shout-out things too much!"

Samwell Tarly will become Wong
He's still traveling with Tyrion, and it's mentioned he's really smart already. Plus, with the hands issue, and him being Tyrion's Number Two, it seems like a logical path forward. And, it can give him a new way to push forward his Cowardly Lion character arc in turning Sam into a Determinator even if he's never going to be the same warrior his friends might be.

Catelyn Stark will perform a Heroic Sacrifice for her children at the end of the series
In a play on how Arya took down the Night's King by surprise, this time it will be Catelyn working to redeem herself to the children whom she failed. With the power of the Phoenix Force, she will stop the king of Ice with the fires of the heavens, giving her life to stop Winter, and show Jon, Arya, and Sansa Stark that when the chips come down, she would do all she can for her family.

House Bolton will have a healthy dose of Adaptational Heroism
Since Ramsay is dead and the Red Wedding never happens, House Bolton will stay loyal to the Starks and they'll be far less villainous than they were in the books or the show much like the Freys. Tying into a troper's theory that Roose will be Microchip, they won't be traditional heroes but rather Anti Heroes who fight for the North's cause but are not afraid to resort to flaying their enemies and other dirty tactics if this means achieving victory in the War of the Five Crowns, causing some disagreements with House Stark. Given that Domeric and/or his brother are alive, it's possible that they might even become Token Good Teammates under the right circumstances especially if Roose gives them a decent upbringing and isn't an Abusive Parent.

Jon will become The Exile after his time in King's Landing
No matter how much Jon has learned from Tony on how to play politics and keep the Secret Identity in the process, playing in King's Landing against such titans as the Olennas, The Tywins, The Cerseis, and the Joffreys are going to be too much for him to handle. However, Unlike his uncle Ned, Jon will leave in self-imposed Exile, helping from the shadows rather than living in the political realm.

We will have Steve Rogers as the Sergeant Rock of the Wall
As he returns to the wall, things are a mess, and without Jon there to help, it probably hasn't improved all that much. However, Steve by his nature won't be accepted as commander by this point. Instead, he'll become the new drill sergeant, and in that way, work his way to kick the Wall into shape to prepare for Thanos. After all, he's a living representative of the legends being true.

Arya's overall arc will be leading into a series of Sadistic Choices
Arya sees the world simply as a child. She just wanted to survive and not be seen as a "lady". She followed that survival into the hands of The Brotherhood, where she was given power and a team of seeming True Companions. However, there is a problem. Namely, she's an X-Man working with the Brotherhood of Mutants. And the pull of Canon will force her to make choices that no child should have to. Choosing between love and friendship. Choosing between morals and the group flow. Choosing between her blood family and her found family. Because no matter how Marvely A Song of Metal and Marvels gets, Arya's Coming of Age Story is learning to better understand the world, and understand where the conflicts of interest affect her.

It was Miles who aided Jon in the fight at the Blue Oyster, not Petyr
While it could be the distance or the lighting Jon's description of a dark figure scrambling up the wall sounds closer to Miles' predominantly black costume than Petyr's bright red and blue suit.

Whoever is placed in the Ultron armor will kill Cersei.
Typically Cersei's schemes eventually backfire on her (Railroading Tyrion over Joffery's death causes her father's death and Mycella's death, arming The Faith Militant gets her arrested, etc) so it stands to reason that, if it's either Ultron himself, Apocalypse, they will pull a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness and kill her, or if it actually is Jaime he will lash out in horror at what she did to him. Either way, assuming that Ultron doesn't bother to clarify who he is beforehand she will assume her slightly younger twin is the one to kill her, fulfilling the prophecy that is a key part of her history.

Charlus is a half-uncle to Gendry
We already found out that he's the son of a lord from Storm's End, the seat of power of House Baratheon, of whom Gendry is a bastard son of. And this connection will push him to join Charlus's faction in time, and challenge Arya's loyalty to the Brotherhood and whether her ideals are worth turning on a friend and family in the process.

Varys will take on the role of Caliban
Just cause. As we've seen, if you want to keep your significance in the song of Metal and Marvels, then you need to link up with a marvel character. And as an information guy, it'd be fitting for the Spymaster to become the mutant tracker.

The status of other Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire characters in the story
  • Roose Bolton: Because Ned is the King in the North and the Freys were not paid by the Lannisters to betray Robb, he won't become Warden of the North. Not to mention that his illegitimate son Ramsay is dead and Walda Frey isn't his bride, so Roose's trueborn son (who may or may not be Domeric) will grow up to become the heir of House Bolton and his younger brother (if he even exists) won't die at all.
    • Alternatively, he gains a new skill in studying the magic of the world, and becomes Microchip: the Punisher's right-hand man, but one whom you can never fully trust due to his own self-serving views.
  • The rest of House Frey: Again, since they never betrayed House Stark and Robb married Roslin instead of Jeyne Westerling/Talisa Maegyr, Lothar and Walder will not be assassinated by Arya. Similarly, Walda and the elder Walder won't die.
  • Khal Drogo: He appeared in chapter 8 of A Man of Iron where he killed a Dothraki woman who tried to murder Daenerys. We have no idea whatever happened to him but since Dany's story is mostly the same as canon, we can assume that he still suffers the same fate as in canon.
  • Jeyne Westerling/Talisa Maegyr: If she even exists in A Song of Metal and Marvels, she is going to meet Robb once during the Battle of Oxcross and will never become his spouse since he is already betrothed to Roslin.
  • Ros: Who knows whether she lived or not in this universe due to Iron Man saving Ned from being executed.
  • House Karstark: With Sansa dead and the Lannisters having no Stark hostages, Torrhen won't be killed by Jaime and they won't abandon the Northern cause or side with the Boltons for that matter.
  • Doran Martell: He may have avoided the unfortunate fate of being killed by his bastard niece Tyene since he has Natasha on his side.
  • Balon Greyjoy: He might take on the characteristics of Attun, another underwater villain, thus making his inevitable clash with Namor a bit more even. Either that, or he's going to get squashed like a bug, because Asha didn't share the flaming sword trick Vanko gave her men.
  • Jalabhar Xho: He was the mentor or a close friend of Sam when they were fighting together against enemy forces in the Summer Islands. The real reason why he came to King's Landing was so he could keep in touch with him.
  • The High Sparrow: He will be a Composite Character with William Stryker. Thus being Truer To Text compared with his movie appearance in calling a "crusade" against all the new marvels of the world, thus tying The Sparrows into Marvel nice and smooth. Plus, it makes for a natural tie with Cersei having mutant powers now too.

Steve is going to say it during the War for the Dawn
It is already written in Dany's visions, that in the great war against Thanos, she will be in trouble. And then, the new heroes will arise, and he shall say, "Avengers, Assemble!"

The name of Robb and Roslin's child
Since Eddard is very much alive and the Red Wedding never happens, Robb and Roslin will welcome the newest Stark into the family. The child's name is unlikely to be Brandon since that's been already taken so it will be either Rodrik (the Northern king that took Bear Island from the Ironborn), Osric (the youngest commander of the Night's Watch) or Lyanna (Rickard's only daughter) depending on their gender.

The Avengers of Westeros
Since this fanfic has SHIELD (as the Council) and many of the Avengers have already been introduced, the pieces are in place for the Westerosi version of Earth's mightiest heroes to exist. The probable lineup for the Avengers in A Song of Metal and Marvels will be:
  • Antony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man (leader)
  • Thor Odinson
  • Steve Rogers/Captain Westeros
  • Brienne of Tarth/She-Hulk or Bruce of Tarth/Hulk
  • Clynt Barton/Hawkeye
  • Natasha Martell/Black Widow
  • Jaime Rhodes/War Machine
  • Isamalwi Iso Malsosia/Falcon
  • Jon Snow/Centurion
  • The Spider trio

  • Possible future members:
    • Bran Stark the Visionary
    • Hank Pym/Ant-Man
    • Janette Vandayne/Wasp (Westeros-style name theming at play here)
    • T'Challa/Black Panther
    • Jojen Reed/Quicksilver and Meera Reed/Scarlet Witch (assuming if they are the ASOMAM equivalents of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff as postulated by one theory above)
      • Jossed on the Reed siblings, Margaery and Loras Tyrell are Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Sam will become the Falcon by taking the Vulture King's wing harness
After Adrian is defeated for good, the wing harness will somehow end up in Sam's hands.

Littlefinger's Trial by Combat will benefit the Others somehow
Both Sandor - as the Crown's champion - and Tywin - who appointed him - are being manipulated by the Night's Queen. The question is who will win, and what will be gained by it.

Rhaegar's powers
Magneto briefly mentions that Rhaegar also got powers from the Tragedy Of Summerhall. While it's unlikely that his abilities will actually get revealed, it's still fun to speculate on what they were.

     Story WMG 
The Night's Queen
will create an Others-worshipping cult.Showing herself as Sansa and being able to heal grave injuries - such as Sandor Clegane's fire-scarred face - might make people think the Seven sent her back, and she could easily guide them towards a more apocalyptic cult, acting as a sort of a fifth-column for the Others.
  • Partially confirmed. While she doesn't seem to be making a cult, she does appear to be brainwashing/turning people into more intelligent wights in order to manipulate King's Landing.

Once the Avengers assemble for the first time, bards will sing a song of the Avengers that is a slightly modified version of the theme for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
When the Avengers come together for the first time to fight a common enemy, it will not be Thanos/The Night King/Others, but someone else. Thus, the song is born in this story. The original song refers to the Avengers in the first person, but once bards sing it, it will be in the third person, because the bards aren't Avengers and it wouldn't make sense for them to sing in the first person.

A Shield of Man is going to do versions of both Iron Man 3 and The Avengers (2012)
Three forces are slowly beginning to converge on Braavos. 3 kingdoms with greatly different backgrounds, but great dedication to try and do right by Westeros. A man named The Mandarin is making plots at the Iron Bank's door. And into all this, there's a chance that Iron Man, She-Hulk, and Firestar can meet, agree to unite against a common foe, and begin the first seeds of The Avengers.
  • Antony just turned up in Braavos in damaged armor, sometime after the Mandarin was being mentioned, so the Iron Man 3 seems to be on its way to being adapted. No evidence on The Avengers just yet.
    • Confirmed on the Iron Man 3 part, Jossed on the Avengers part.

The King's Landing section of A Shield Of Man will have adaptations of Spider-Man: Homecoming AND Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Vulture King is one key component. But the other is the fact that a noble hero has come to the capital, where there's intrigue and suspicion, meeting up with a man named Sam. There's japing prepared to poke at the existing system, while also a transition of his thought process on how to interact with the world around him. Plus, if the author is going to keep to the 7 book structure as well as tapping into a multitude of the 21 Marvel films, there's going to be some condensation and fusing of the stories into something new.

Alternatively to above, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be adapted into A Web of Lies
Aside from how apt the title is to a SHIELDRA plotline, thus far in ASoM, Jon has not interacted with the Night's Queen once, or accomplished much investigation on her. Once the Vulture is defeated and Tommen established as King, however, he will have much more time to do so. Perhaps him doing so will cause the Night's Queen to move up her plans, leading to someone important (Tywin perhaps) being killed and the blame pinned on Jon and Natasha. They hide out with help from Sam and the spiders, discover how extensive the Night's Queen's grasp on King's Landing is, and the group of them set out to stop her, Sam will don the Vulture wings, possibly changed to be more birdlike, and there will be a big battle in the Red Keep.

However, with addition players like Cersei and Qyburn, plus whoever else shows up in KL in that time, the outcome is far from certain.

How the MCU/Marvel films will be adapted for A Song of Metal and Marvelsnote 
  • The Avengers (2012): Loki won't be the Big Bad of the story since he's been given a dose of Adaptational Heroism as Ser Davos Seaworth. Instead, the Night's Queen will fulfill Loki's role as the main antagonist to the Avengers since she's already in Westeros and is able to manipulate others to give her what she wants. She will either kill Shireen Baratheon (if the author wants to pull another Not His Sled plot twist like before) or Phylyp (similar to MCU canon). The climax of the story will take place at King's Landing with the Night's Queen and her army of wight warriors attacking the city with the Avengers finally formed and putting a stop to the invasion. Also unlike Loki, the Night's Queen might be killed by Hulk or another Avenger given that this is Westeros we're talking about and characters (even important ones) can die.
  • Thor: The Dark World: This time, Thor and Jane Foster's relationship is much more well-developed than the film version, Malekith might be a White Walker or a Dark Elf and no other supporting human characters for Thor besides Jane and Stannis (assuming if the author chooses not to omit Darcy Lewis or Erik Selvig from the story).

The story will unintentionally create a Running Gag of people arriving at Winterfell just missing important characters
To start, Yondu took the Guardians and Robb north to fight Euron just as Ned and Catelyn are about to arrive. Then Shireen says she's taking the remaining Baratheons north to fight the others, so there's another chance for HER to just miss the other marvels on her march to the wall. Plus, Sansa and Nymeria are moving north too. So, a recurring joke is that character storylines keep ending up at Winterfell, but never quite meeting and uniting.

Shireen and Ned will create a new alliance to protect the realm, thus forming the first Superhero "team"
With Shireen now grown up and has become this fic's equivalent of Beta Ray Bill, and marching north, her linking up with the King in the North would provide ample opportunity to show him that a great evil beyond merely vengeance is growing, and that in order to survive, House Baratheon and House Stark must ally once again. It will be..difficult for Ned to square these 2 conflicting parts of his life, but this first alliance will be the beginning of a new dawn for the realm. With this alliance being called The Defenders, The Avengers, or maybe even SWORD.

The Battle of Braavos will cause 2 superhero groups to form
As there are heroes in place to meet and begin forming alliances, I see 2 groups emerging from the chaos.
  • First, the Illuminati. The father of Reed, Tony, Tyrion, and Charlus are all in this area. Now all they need are 2 royal families of Inhumans and Atlanteans, and the Illuminati, dedicated to reshaping the world can form as another shadow group apart from the Council.
  • Second, in a nod to the modern X-Men story, the mutants will unite in one grand force to invade, creating a compromise between Charlus, Erik, and Dany to reclaim the Dragon's legacy.
  • As you notice, Charlus being a member of both groups will play a key part of the Illuminati's immediate plans. Allowing him to be The Mole and ensure Mutants don't immediately undermine themselves as feared Conquerors, and mentoring Dany's team and Arya to see that they can create a better way beyond merely desiring power and conflict.

There will be multiple chapters in the next installment or two focusing on Wakanda
We know per Word of God that Black Panther and the Kingdom of Wakanda will appear in the fic. Since Ulysses Klaue is a House Lannister blacksmith who happens to know what vibranium is, Wakanda's first appearance in the storyline proper will be the fourth or fifth book of A Song of Metal and Marvels. As one writer said, it will be one of the "southern lands" located far away from Westeros with a reputation of being a good place for mining and nothing else. Of course, Wakanda will be a technologically advanced utopia hidden from the rest of the world like in the comics and the MCU. As for where Wakanda is located, it won't be the Summer Islands for sure since far too many people know about it and instead it's more likely that will be found somewhere in Sothoryos, the least explored part of the ASOIAF/GOT world. Or it could be its own continent if Mr. Chaos is willing to go an extra mile into making a hidden civilization.

For viewpoint characters, we will see Wakandan civilization through the eyes of its natives or a Lannister. Klaue will be at least mentioned by Black Panther, since he killed his father in the comics. Wakanda will have technology that no other civilization has.

The final installment of the series will be an amalgamation of Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones Season 8
When and if A Song of Metal and Marvels gets to the Great War, it will be very different from the one seen in the show. For starters, Ned Stark will be the leader of the human forces opposing the White Walkers since he is alive and well in the series. Not to mention that the major Marvel characters of the story such as Antony Stark and Steve Rogers would assist the humans in staving off the White Walkers led by Thanos, aka the Night King. The breaching of the Wall or some other event will also be the equivalent of Thanos attacking the Statesman and killing Loki and Heimdall in Infinity War. The author will certainly rewrite the final season of GOT given that it is widely derided by fans. This means that the civilians of Winterfell won't take refuge in the Great Hall instead of the Crypt, Jon or Antony would fight Thanos, the dragons would play a significant role in the Great War, a different outcome for the Battle of King's Landing, Daenerys never pulling a rushed Face–Heel Turn, Westeros potentially embracing a new form of government (see below) and so on. And let's not forget, the Infinity Gems/Stones will matter to the plot in some shape or form as well as some characters dying and vice versa (i.e. Antony performing a Heroic Sacrifice similar to the one seen in Endgame).

Norman Osborn will be a villain for Book 4
A Web Of Lies seems to refer to the Spider-Heroes, and there have been multiple references to Norman already. He'll enter the story by replacing Littlefinger as Master Of Coin at King's Landing.
  • Semi-confirmed, he is a villain (and the opening POV), but he was hired post-humorously to avenge Littlefinger. A Spider-Man villain does become the new Master of Coin, but it's Otto Octavius.

Because it's not a Game of Thrones fic without musing about future deaths.

One of the Spiders will die
To emphasize the fragility of Westeros, and the danger these teenagers took on, one of the Spiders will be killed fighting Vulture. My guess would be for Miles to push his father's story forward. Plus, it would be an inversion of how both Petyr and Gwen have died in the past, so it's his turn to die according to the author.

Shireen will die
To again play her part as a Sacrificial Lamb, but in a different way. Instead, her death will signify the end of House Baratheon, and show the other heroes that the forces of Thanos are going to be the true threat to the realm, and show their need to unite to avenge her death. Yes, she's the Coulson who will form The Avengers.

     Ending WMG 

This fic will have a very different end compared with the TV Series
The ending of the show was...controversial. And the books aren't done (and may never be?) Given that Marvel now has its fingerprints in this world, with heroes arising, magic and magitek becoming a manmade answer to the dragons of old, and the Night King's ways given a much different vibe. Plus a variety of characters living, dying and changing as they get the Marvel hand. I see the end of the story being quite different from how Game of Thrones ended. Perhaps uniting all the factions against the existential threat the Night King is all the factions remaining united for a new version of the battle of Winterfell. Following it, and having created a new national solidarity in protecting all the realms, a great council will be called. Probably with a different king put on the throne who was worthy and lead them in solidarity, brains, and honor. But with a new understanding that the common folk of the kingdoms need more than a lord to protect them, the kingdoms also establish a new national council to safeguard the land: The Avengers.

The story will end in the breakup of the Seven Kingdoms
Though they fought the Others as brothers, the scars from the War of the Five Crowns run too deep, and so the kingdoms dissolve, leaving the land fractured, but more locally attentive without the neglects or abuses King's Landing had before.

The series will end with the establishment of the Westeros Commonwealth
That like the Commonwealth, the Iron Throne will lose much of its power, but that they nominally hold it as "head of state", creating a different kind of compromise compared with what was created in the series.

The end of the wars will begin the Westerosi Parliament
Since the crown caused so much trouble, and the small council is a bit more advisory than restraint, the lords have a vested interest in establishing an actual parliament after this war as a way to better stabilize the realm. Like a perpetual Great Council to ensure the realm is better kept, along with giving each of the lords a space to feel the taste of power without turning to war as often. Plus, there's historical precedence that this is what happened in Europe when the nobles wanted some more direct connection to the government.

     Setting WMG 
Wakanda is industrialized
It makes sense Wakanda will show up as one of the "southern lands." It will be mentioned it's good for mining but not much else and a quiet if backward people. In reality, behind this facade, the nation is far more advanced than the rest of Westeros, matching what would be the early Industrial Revolution era. Thus, when the Black Panther arrives, it'll be easy for even Tony to believe the man is using magic when in reality, it's technology, something the rest of this world has yet to grasp but Wakandans use easily.

The Lord of Light is a Demon.
The Lord of Light is associated with fire and resurrecting the dead, which seems more demonic than divine. Mephisto, Surt, and Blackheart are all suitable candidates. Maybe he is trying to get as many mortal souls as possible before the world dies. Mephisto was a major character in the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline and the title of the book series is A Song of Ice (White Walkers) and Fire (dragons in the book, demons in this guess).

The Seven Hells will appear.
The Seven Hells is a good opportunity to explore pieces of the Marvel cosmology and to explore a twisted reflection of Westeros and human nature. The Seven Hells would be ruled by seven Hell lords: Mephisto, Surt, Dormammu, Cyttorak, Hela (or Cinder, Surt's daughter, if Chaos doesn't want to draw on Hela for two characters), Chthon and Set. Each can reflect a part of how we think of the devil. Mephisto the Swindler, Surt the Doom-like monster, Dormammu the cosmic horror, Cyttorak the Corrupter, Hela the Ice Queen, Chthon the Decadent mortal with great power and Set the ancient evil. You can even go full Dante and have each Hell House full of different kinds of sinners. All of them would be competing for the throne and title of Satan. Competing for a throne and title and causing untold suffering because of it, sound familiar?

The story is the result of one of the 14,000,604 timelines Strange saw in Avengers: Infinity War where they lost.
The story still plays out much like the events that Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame played out, EXCEPT, Tony didn't remove the Infinity Stones from the gauntlet when 2014 Thanos snapped his fingers in Endgame, and he succeeded in using the stones. However, Tony installed a failsafe into his nano gauntlet to control the result of the snaps, and while it couldn't stop Thanos from creating a new reality, it was able to prevent the current reality from being erased. The result is that to reconcile the nano gauntlet AI's and Thanos' wills, the alternate MCU timeline ended up getting merged with other realities, namely the Game of Thrones universe, as well as some Marvel Comics and other Marvel television series to produce the current reality. This is why Jojen and Rickon were able to perceive the main TV show timeline - because it was the original reality that they existed in.

The Infinity Stones are hidden in key locations across the story.
Seeing as how the Night's King was said to wield a gauntlet of infinite power, yet has done nothing with them at this point in the story, it is likely that it requires the Infinity Stones, of which he does not have the majority of. So the question remains, where are the stones?
  • It's possible that one of them is located in the Westerlands, near Iron Pointe, which is why there are Sunstones there. Considering the nature of the Sunstones, the potential stone there could be the Power Stone.
    • While this whole idea isn't Jossed, the bit about it being the Power Stone is, as the first appearance of Euron (who is a Composite Character with Ronan) notes that he has something glowing purple (clearly the stone) in place of his missing eye.
  • The Three-Eyed Raven, Beyond the Wall, may have the Mind Stone, as he needs to expand Bran Stark's mental abilities, and remake him into the Vision.
  • Another stone may be located in Winterfell, and may have contributed to Winterfell's construction at the location and/or the portal that pulled in Rickon. If so, it might be either the Reality or Space Stone.
  • If the stone in Winterfell is the Reality Stone, then the Space Stone might be in Slaver's Bay, in either Yunkai or Meereen. Dany will find it in someplace, hidden from everyone who lived there and use it to expedite her conquest of the Seven Kingdoms or stabilize her rule of Slaver's Bay.

Traditional versions of at least some heroes may appear later.
Particularly Spider heroes, with the introduction of Petyr, Gwen and Miles it is possible they could, at least tangentially, get pulled into a Spider-Verse style event, bringing them into contact with their non-Westerosi counterparts. Alternatively, many Marvel characters have had cross-dimensional adventures, and could randomly wind up popping up in Westeros.

There's something special about the Tyrell Tombs.
While Adrian is convinced that the Tyrells are only forcing his family to keep guarding the Tombs in order to keep them down, Tywin seems certain that there's some higher reason. And given the law of narrative casualty, he's probably right. So, what could be locked away in those tombs that are so important?
  • One of the Infinity Stones.
  • A Sealed Evil in a Can.
  • Blade (or some other vampire characters)
  • A gateway to Monsteroplis, a city of monsters.

     Outside primary sources guesses 
The Doctor will appear
The Lonely God story was mentioned recently, and Marvel UK did publish Doctor Who comics. If the Night King has the Infinity Gauntlet, they would need a time expert on hand.

     Who wins the Game of Thrones? 
We have basic blueprints already laid out for us for general Marvel-ness and general Game of Thrones-ness. But when you put the 2 together, who do you see winning the Game of Thrones at the end of the series?
  • Ned Stark. Having survived canon, and coming to understand why his background has turned him into a good king, after all, the end of the struggle has the punctuation of putting The Good King and the muggle king on the throne to oversee this new age of Metal and Marvels.
  • Jon Stark. Learning and growing, the true heir apparent retakes his birthright after learning all the lessons of his uncle Tony, his wife Natasha, and the many perspectives of others.
  • Tyrion Lannister. The new king of the Metal and Marvels will be a man dealing with how The Magic Comes Back. Having Dr. Strange as that king with a sharp mind and a cool temper would make for the last laugh for the distant relative of Steve Rogers.
  • Jaime Lannister: Regaining his honor in his own and in the world's eyes, becoming the Westeros version of Captain Britain, and proving the Lannisters truly honorable and atoning for their actions in Robert's Rebellion.
  • Daenerys Targaryen/Firestar: The last of the Targaryens, regaining the family honor by the journey she took, and the council of X-Force along the way.
  • Bran Stark the Visionary: With a bit more character growth, and the wisdom of the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran becomes a compromise king, with the view to lead Westeros into a new age of Marvels.
  • Erik Blackfyre/Magneto: In a come from behind victory, the man with true personal power finds a way to take the throne for himself and mutants.
  • Cersei Lannister. Because though the others thought her a fool, her own kind of cruel cunning found a way to pull a cruel victory from defeat.
  • Robb Stark: Having grown and learned, Robb accidentally falls into the role of King by growing in the same way his cousin Jon did. Only he actually wants it.
  • Margeary Tyrell: It's the ones you don't notice that can sneak up on it all. So, it'll be the roses who win this modified war of the roses.
  • Shireen Baratheon: Loki made a promise to Stannis to put Shireen on the throne, and he will see that promise fulfilled.

Loki is disguised as Melisandre.
Loki can become a woman, and he is sometimes associated with fire. And Melisandre looks at Jane with hatred after she welcomes Thor.
  • Also, Jane notices that Melisandre always burns the idols of the Seven, who are based on the Asgardians, in a specific order, starting with the goddesses, then the Stranger, then the Father, before burning either the Warrior or the Smith. She seems to stare at the last two for a while, and Jane thinks it looks like she's trying to decide which one would hurt less to burn, implying she actually knows who the Seven actually are. It should be noted that the Warrior is actually based on Thor, while the Smith is said to be Balder with Thor's hammer. She also liked to stare at Jane even before Thor showed up.
  • Though she could also be The Enchantress, considering she hates it when Thor pays attention to Jane and appears to dislike burning the idols that are based on Thor. There's also the constant references to Melisandre being "an enchantress".
  • Another possibility is Lorelei, the Enchantress' sister, a redhead who manipulates men easily which would fit Melisandre quite well.
  • Appears jossed as Book 2, Chapter 7 has Thor telling Jane he believes Melisandre is an Asgardian but not Loki.
  • Definitely Jossed. Melisandre is eventually revealed to actually be Amora... and Loki is actually Davos.

Alternatively, Arya is Rogue
She and Mystique have already formed a strong adoptive mother/daughter bond, much like Mystique did with Rogue in the comics, and the ability to absorb the memories and abilities of others could be a nod to canon-Arya's efforts to become a Faceless Man.
  • Jossed.

Varys is this story's version of Black Widow
Both are master spies who are nicknamed after spiders, both are masters of disguise, Mr Chaos said there is a chance Black Widow may show up, and she hasn't yet, even though Thor Odinsson has, despite him saying they wouldn't, and he's also stated that Captain America will show up, despite also saying he wouldn't, both on the same page as the one where he said Black Widow and Hawkeye might show up (and Hawkeye has). Also, Both work with Nick Fury and for the Council.
  • That, or MCU!Fury, who we know also exists alongside Gerion/616!Fury in this universe, will show up with her in tow. Or she is a high-ranking agent of Varys'
  • Jossed. Natasha has appeared as Oberyn Martell's eldest and legitimized daughter, the Black Widow of Dorne and Jon Stark's future wife
    • The high-ranking agent of Varys and/or the Council theory may not be Jossed yet, as Chapter 18 of A Crack of Thunder reveals that either she has some connection to the Council and the Brotherhood, or Oberyn has a connection to them (or is at least somewhat aware of them)
    • Chapter 38 reveals that Natasha is indeed an agent of the Council.

The Lord of Light is actually Loki
And they created the religion to get back at the Asgardians for whatever reason, hence the burning ceremony. Or they simply founded it and never claimed to actually be the Lord of Light.
  • Jossed. Loki is Davos Seaworth, and in fact, considers R'hollor's religion a joke.

Jane will either become a female Thor or Valkyrie.
  • Jossed. Jane is Jotun/Asgardian due to her father being Loki. Though she might decide to become a Valkyrie as they were never wiped out in this continuity.

Loki didn't come back because he is trying to stop the Others.
  • Jossed. He didn't come back because he was content living as Davos.

Theon Greyjoy is Loki's mortal form.
In the comics, Thor's alias Donald Blake was actually the human body he was born into when Odin decided to give him a lesson. Loki could very well pull that kind of stuff. Also, his storyline and Loki's bear many similitudes: both of them have a dual identity - Theon being an Ironborn raised in the North and Loki being a Frost Giant raised in Asgard, both of them are considered "soft" - Theon for not paying the Iron Price, Loki for using magic, Asgard and the Iron Islands are strongly inspired by Norse mythology, both have Butt-Monkey-tendencies and desperately crave the acceptance of their adoptive family while thinking they will never have it. It should be interesting when Theon will meet Thor - which should be soon if Dragonstone's envoy still contacts Renly at the same time as the Starks'.
  • Probably jossed by Thor stating that Loki's been in Westeros for thirty years, roughly twice Theon's life.
  • Loki was able to de-age himself, obtaining a clean record in the process, so don't write it off yet.
  • Jossed in Chapter 9 of A Crack of Thunder. Theon himself shows no sign nor possibility of being Loki.
  • Definitely Jossed with the reveal that Loki was actually Davos.

Loki is with the Others
We know that the Asgardians, or at least Thor, fought the Others during the Long Night, which combined with their power set would make them clear stand-ins for the Frost Giants. And what is Loki by birth? Odds are he somehow ended up north of the Wall, learned of his true origins, and took a place among them. Maybe even as the Night's King (assuming the latter isn't being kept to his canon origin).
  • Jossed, Loki was with Stannis under his human disguise of Davos.

Jaime will end up on the Wall
It's been stated that Jaime's story, influenced by the fact that Mystique is impersonating him, is going to be important in Book 3, which Mr. Chaos has stated is also where we'll finally see events on and beyond the Wall. Sending Jaime there would be a good way to combine those storylines, especially as Jaime wouldn't have anywhere else to go thanks to his family thinking he's the imposter.
  • Going by Jojen Reed's comments, Jaime may end up being the one to accompany Bran in his travel north to meet the Three-Eyed Crow.
  • Jossed in Book 2 Chapter 39. Jaime is indeed going with Bran north of the Wall.

Stannis is going to be Ultron
There was mention of Maegor using a powerful armor modeled after Ultron (here a Valyrian demon). Melisandre is heard offering a suit of armor to Stannis, telling him it will make him "the father of a new age", reminding the title Age of Ultron.
  • Possibly Jossed, as when the armor is finally described, it appears more similar to the Destroyer.
  • Definitely Jossed, since he dies in the Battle of the Blackwater and is sent to Valhalla.

Littlefinger is Loki in disguise
Thor says that Loki has been in Westeros for over 30 years, so he'd have more than enough time to establish the identity of "Petyr Baelish". He's been working behind the scenes to take over Westeros, and we know that Loki would be content being a god ruling humans if he can't be king of the gods. Littlefinger is arrogant, petty, ruthless, condescending, manipulative, deceitful, constantly sets plans in motion to cause strife, puts people in just the wrong places so they make the worst decisions, plays two sides against each other, all so he can take advantage of the chaos to grab power, and take every chance to give out a smartass quip. That's Loki to a T!
  • Jossed. Loki is actually Davos Seaworth.

The Starks descend from Steve Rogers/Azor Ahai
One of the details several Stark and non-Stark characters mention the Starks have in common is that they cannot get drunk. Steve Rogers also had the same ability. Hmm...
  • Chapter 34 indicates this may be a Red Herring: Thor mentions that he put a spell on Brandon the Builder that gave him an Asgardian constitution - at least in regards to his ability to get drunk.
  • Chapter 54 confirms he's actually related to the Lannisters.

The REAL Sansa Stark will come back as Ghost Rider
Let's get the facts: 1) She's dead; 2) Joffrey, his murderer, is still alive; 3) The Night's Queen is walking arround Westeros in her body. That would be enough to make her vindictive and attract Mephisto's, or maybe Zarathos' attention. One deal after, she is back in Westeros, months or years after her death, assaults the Red Fortress, likely at the same time that her father or Tony do, kills Joffrey and Cersei, and then uses her new habilities to destroy her old body and make the Night's Queen scape. All this time she and her horse are flaming skeletons and everyone is scared shitless of her except Thor, who remembers a predecessor as Ghost Rider helping him during the Long Night.
  • Jossed. In chapter 50, Sansa wargs into Lady's taxidermied body and escapes King's Landing, on her way North. This would make her the equivalent of Wolfsbane.

Jaime will become a version of Captain Britain
With hints of Cersei taking on some of Psylocke's characteristics, Jaime hasn't been given a Marvel equivalent yet. And with so many of the "main characters" of Game of Thrones now getting a composite with Marvel characters, Jaime needs to get one now too. The "original" Captain Britain, Brian Braddock, is the brother of Psylocke, so that's one connection. But in addition, part of Captain Britain's origin was being given a choice between taking a Sword of Might or an Amulet of Right. In more recent X-Men history, both Braddock siblings have gotten the sword and amulets, and both have a history as Captain Britain. But in making HIS choice, we will see how worthy of redemption Jaime might be.
  • Jossed. He's Ghost Rider.

Qyburn will accidentally summon the demon Ultron to control the armor instead of Jaime
Assuming that Qyburn doesn't somehow rip Jaime's soul from his body then something else is going to be summoned to possess the armor. The simplest explanation is that it will be that the demon that the armor was based on in the first place.
  • Jossed. At least, not unless there's a reveal about the nature of the armor.

Alternatively it'll be Apocalypse
Qyburn is based on Mister Sinister in this story, and Sinister is classically a minion of Apocalypse, it is possible he is using Cersei to assemble a body for his master.

Joffrey will become Ultron
Cersei changes her mind about whose soul she wants in the armor and has Qyburn bring back Joffrey instead. It will also be Jaime, the newly minted Ghost Rider who puts down the rampaging Ultron. Not only will it be recompense for creating the monster with his sister, but Jaime will use the Penance Stare so Joffrey will finally understand the magnitude of all the suffering he's caused.
  • Jossed. Though not for lack of trying. His spirit did try to get to the armor, but was fought off by Littlefinger.

The Reed Twins will be composite characters with the Maximoffs (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver).
Bran is implied to eventually become the Vision. And his origin story has ties to the Maximoff siblings in the MCU adaptation Avengers: Age of Ultron, which a good chunk of the fic is based on. Plus, Meera has a certain implicit attraction to Bran in canon, just as Wanda and Vision do explicitly.
  • Jossed as Margaery and Loras Tyrell are actually the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, respectively.

If the Reed Twins are composited with the Maximoffs, their power sets will be switched between genders
Scarlet Witch's probability manipulation powers would synergize with Jojen's greensight, while Meera would become an even deadlier combatant with super speed.
  • Jossed as above.

Likewise, the Three-eyed Raven will be Ultron, who will either be an anti-hero or anti-villain in the continuity rather than a straight-up antagonist.
Face it, he has ties to Vision's backstory. Besides, Ultron has been mentioned as a Valyrian demon. He likely does exist. And canon Bloodraven has ties to House Targaryen.
  • Jossed. At least initially, Petyr Baelish is Ultron.

Robb Stark becomes a Mantis analog
While the Guardians are already established by Rickon, Robb hasn't gotten his composite character yet. And you need some Marvel character if you want to stick around in this story.
  • Jossed. Mantis is a Child created from Rhaenys Targaryen, daughter of Rhaegar.

Robb and Roslin will become Adam Warlock and Mantis
The northern story is starting to lean more heavily into the Marvel space zone, and with Robb beginning to learn leadership, there are a limited amount of leader heroes in that part of Marvel, so it's unlikely to make him someone like Silver Surfer. However, one theme building is that the Starks are beginning to line up in becoming Thanos's greatest enemies, with Gamora, Drax, Yondu, Star-Lord, and Iron Man all with the Starks already with things like Vision also waiting in the wings. So, for Robb and his wife to become additional Guardians would be fitting.
  • Roslin could also become Quasar, given her strong demeanor and the way she's part of the Stark family by marriage now.
  • Partly Jossed, Mantis is a Child created from Rhaenys Targaryen, daughter of Rhaegar.

Robb Stark is Iceman
Jojen Reed mentions that one of his green dreams showed the sea being turned to ice. This itself is prophetic of the Starks defeating the Greyjoys, but maybe this is a little more literal and the Ironborn will be turned into actual ice. If anyone is going to be Iceman, it’ll be a Stark and with Robb having fled the Ironborn attack on Winterfell, he’s in the perfect position to do. Also, given that the Ironborn using energy swords, ice powers will be the perfect counter.
  • Possibly Jossed: During the Battle of Blackwater Bay, Tyrion mentions hearing the report of a squire that turned into living ice.
  • This troper is 90% sure that particular vision is from Robb Returns, not this series.
    • This troper thinks so as well, I'm fairly sure it was indicative of Theon's allegiance permanently shifting from the Ironborn and the Drowned God to The Starks and the Old Gods.
  • Jossed, ASOM has him become Venom, and Roslin She-Venom.

Mystique's lost children are The Reed Twins
Strictly speaking, we've never found out who Meera and Jojen's mother is. And with them being fraternal twins like Mystique had, and the fact that she could assume any form, plus the hinting they could become Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (see WMG above), it'd be an interesting twist on those two. And a way to work around how Magneto hasn't exactly had leeway to have kids given he disguised himself as a Maester.
  • Jossed. Magneto actually is the father of Mystique's children, who are revealed to be Margaery and Loras Tyrell.

The Night's Queen will turn Tywin into a thrall
She'll decide that he's a servant too potentially useful to just let go.
  • Jossed, this was likely her plan but he is killed before it can come to fruition.

Renly will cause an Enemy Mine in Braavos during A Shield of Man
That with him manipulating The Iron Bank and other sections of Braavos, he will cause the Iron Family (Tony's group), The Brotherhood, The X-Men, and X-Force to unite to defeat his machinations, showing how outmatched a manipulator really is when faced with people with genuine powers.
  • Jossed: Renly has been under the control of the Mandarin for a while and now has only his memories up to age seven. That said, the Mandarin himself could always be said manipulator.

Tywin will turn against Joffrey and betray him.
Thanks to the majority of Joffrey's actions, the Lannisters, and the Crown are in a far worse position than they were in canon. With Robb's marriage to Roslin Frey, and Ramsay's death, the Freys and Boltons can no longer be turned against the Starks in this story, so the canon Godzilla Threshold Tywin took, the Red Wedding can no longer happen. What's more, he's not dealing with Robb Stark here, who is relatively inexperienced with betrayal and politics compared to his father, but Eddard Stark, who, while not as experienced as Tywin, fought in Robert's Rebellion and is far warier of traitors now than he was in canon. To make matters worse, Tywin likely will likely find out from Ulysses Klaue, who is experimenting with sunstones, Iron Pointe metal, and possibly silver, how the Iron Man armor works and, thus, how Antony Stark is the Iron Man.

With the consideration that Antony saved his cousin Ned, and sought to avenge Sansa by maiming Joffrey, he will realize that Antony is loyal to his family, and thus, that even if they manage to defeat Ned, Antony will potentially swoop in to avenge his family, and decimate his armies. Even if they were to create their own Iron Man armors to combat Tony, odds are Tony will be prepared for such an event, as he displayed enough cleverness in both deflecting suspicions that he was the Iron Man and convincing Tywin to give him Iron Pointe, and may have even created an Iron Legion already, something the audience knows is true, with the multitude of armors he's made and the number of loyalists he has, and the fact that despite the risk of discovery of the sunstones' abilities, he still sold them. And in addition, if they try to neutralize Jon as a threat, they will also have to contend with Natasha Martell, whom if they make a move against, will worsen already tense relations with Dorne, and potentially lead to a war on both the northern and southern ends. And even if by some miracle, they manage to defeat both Antony and Ned, and ensure Jon and Natasha don't turn against them without drawing Dorne into the war, the prolonged conflict would risk weakening and thinning the Lannisters' armies, leaving the Seven Kingdoms vulnerable to being retaken by Baratheon forces at either Stannis or Renly's hands (they don't know Stannis is dead and that he can't return, or what Renly could be up to).

As such, Tywin will eventually give a far fiercer "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Joffrey at a Small Council meeting than any such speech he gave to Joffrey in canon, even raising his voice the way he did to Cersei when insisting that she marry Loras Tyrell. The Night's Queen, ever the manipulator, will pit Joffrey and Tywin against each other, making it a minor and discreet example of a Cock Fight (she has managed to seduce Tywin by pretending to be Joanna Lannister), convincing Tywin to kill Joffrey, sue for peace, abandon the war, and return to Casterly Rock while convincing simpleminded Joffrey to kill Tywin in the open, where Tywin will be luring him out by appearing to desert. Joffrey will try to order his men to kill Tywin for treason, but before they do, they choose not to, both out of fear of Tywin, and out of realization from a speech Tywin gives then and there, that they have no chance of winning the war, and that their only chance to survive it, is by giving the North the vengeance they desire. As such, Tywin succeeds in turning Joffrey's men against their king out of fear, and kill him.

  • Jossed: Joffrey dies on his wedding day, apparently stabbed by Littlefinger, although the circumstances are murky at best.

Jon will take Tyrion's role in A Shield of Man
We are tracking a version of A Storm of Swords after all. And with Tywin's newfound interest in Jon's identity, Jon might be framed, put on trial, made to fight The Hound (since the Mountain is already dead), and end up needing to escape to Essos to link up with Tony/get away from the mess. And in the end, he'll kill Tywin, giving him a "My Name is Jaehaerys. But you will take this secret to the stranger."
  • Jossed: The one (potentially) being framed is Littlefinger, who is seen with his hand holding a dagger that has been plunged into Joffrey's chest, but no one actually saw it due to lightning hitting so close it blinded everyone in that moment.

Cersei will kill Tywin
She'll get sick of the disrespect she keeps getting from him and will kill him with her new powers.
  • Jossed: Tywin is killed by Margery and Loras Tyrell

Syrio Forel is actually Mystique
For a group that is currently hiding, Syrio seems to know quite a lot about Magneto and what he and Mystique can do, and his speeches sound much like what Mystique would say. Plus, some of the exercises Syrio teaches Arya seem to emphasize flexibility, which is one of Mystique's tricks.
  • Confirmed.

Ned Stark will become the Westerosi version of the Punisher
Because the Punisher was a Vietnam War veteran who's on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the ones he perceive as responsible for his family's death. Ned is a war veteran who just saw his eldest daughter die and has sworn unholy revenge against the Lannisters.
  • As pointed out be a reviewer Ned's new armor features a weirwood tree on the front of it... and it is easy to imagine that, for some, this would resemble Castle's skull logo.
  • Confirmed. Arya reveals in Chapter 22 that Ned is now nicknamed The Punisher.

Gendry is Colossus
Tobho Mott describes him as being like a colossus from the folk tales, saying he is all muscle and no brains. And now he's inadvertently on his way to meet the Brotherhood. He also chose the alias Petyr, and Colossus's true name is Piotr Rasputin, another variation on the given name "Peter".
  • Confirmed.

A Crack of Thunder will feature Thor
Even though Mr Chaos said he wouldn't be appearing. Or Storm, since the existence of mutants has already been established.
  • In Daenerys III, she mentions Logan told her some people at the Summer Islands worship a woman that can control weather, so that's a tick for Storm.
  • Confirmed. Thor crash lands at Dragonstone in the middle of Melisandre's Seven Burning Ritual.

Arya is Shadowcat
Mystique already scouted her as more than human, and she has a remarkable gift to pass unnoticed, which could very well translate into intangibility. She also chose the alias Kat - a pet name for "Katherine" just as Kitty - and in the series she's teased with Gendry, who could be Colossus - Kitty's love interest.
  • Confirmed. Jojen refers to her as a shadow cat when describing his vision. And later, she gains Shadowcat's phasing powers and is given that codename by Magneto.

Doctor Doom is in Qarth
Okay, so this is a weak theory, but we know that Doom fled Westeros after being driven mad by his scarring (according to the story Jon Arryn told Ned), so he must be in Essos somewhere if he's going to be part of the story. And Qarth seems to be the most likely place he'd end up, as it has all the class of the Free Cities, but none of the elitism towards foreigners of Slavers Bay (going by how Xaro managed to become a leader), so it seems likely someone Doom could set up shop there and flourish. Besides which, the summary for A Crack of Thunder states that Daenerys will "face doom", which seems like the kind of word play Mr Chaos would make use of.
  • Confirmed. Viktor Vondam, known as Doom in Qarth, shows up in Chapter 8 of book 2. And he is apparently one of the Thirteen.

This fic's version of Deadpool will show up in the third book.
This is actually a weak theory, but Tony mentions a Second Son member who pretty much matches Deadpool's usual description back in Tony I of the second book. If Mr. Chaos is planning on adopting Daenerys' subplot with the Second Sons, then it would make sense that he would show up and becomes a duo with Daario Naharis (similar to the dynamic that Clynt and Bronn have). It's too great of an opportunity to pass up on.

Doom will become King of Qarth
He wants to use Daenerys to upend the city's status quo and make them finally break with tradition, in order to advance their place in the world. And given Mr. Chaos has stated that Doom is most interesting as a character when he's a morally grey ruler who rules Latveria with an iron fist for its own good, it stands to reason that in this universe Qarth will end up being the Latveria stand-in, with Doom having taken control with Dany's help.
  • Confirmed. He takes over in the power vacuum following the Warlocks' move against Dany and the Thirteen.

is going to be the equivalent of Hammer in this story.Word of God says that there is an equivalent to him, and that he's put hints in that point to who it is. It's heavily implied that Renly was the one who hired the bandits that attacked and branded Tony, all because Tony refused to make a suit of armour for him. Since Tony isn't dead yet, Renly may still want to kill him, leading to the conflict between them.
  • Confirmed. Theon finds out by accident that Renly was the one that paid the bandits, and was behind Vanko and Asha's attacks against Ramsay Snow and Casterly Rock - also telling them to kill both Tony and Robb Stark.

The identity of The Traitor
The Traitor is the only member of the Court of the Others about whom no information is known. So obviously, they're going to be important. The question simply is, who are they?
  • The Winter Soldier — since it's been all but fully confirmed that Steve Rogers is Azor Ahai, it would all so fitting for his Brainwashed and Crazy best friend to take on the role a leader within his enemies' faction.
  • Loki — it's already been theorized above that Loki could be with the Others; however, that theory includes a belief that Loki might be the Night's King, which has since been Jossed by the implication that the NK is actually Thanos. So, if Loki is selling out to the Court, he'd be given a different role.
    • A similar idea is that Loki is the Traitor, but he isn't selling out to the Others: He's the Traitor because he's betraying the Court, acting as The Mole. It would explain why Rickon implies it's a good thing that the Traitor was the second member of the Court to awake, since that means he has more time to undermine them without anyone watching him (since the Queen is in King's Landing) before the rest of them wake up. The lack of defining features in the legends could be due to the people who knew about him covering up his identity, making sure that the other members of the Court couldn't figure out who the Traitor was just by reading the legends. Or Loki is on his own side, betraying both the Court and everyone else, either for power or simply because he can.
      • Jossed, Loki was actually Davos Seaworth and on Stannis' side.
  • Sandor Clegane — He is The Quisling, became so soon after the Night's Queen awoke and may be turning into an Other himself.
    • Jossed. Jojen refers to them as being somewhere Beyond the Wall. Sandor is in King's Landing.
  • Identity confirmed: Steve Rogers is both Azor Ahai and the Traitor.

Steve Rogers is Azor Ahai.
Apparently, Thor knew him and swears he never used a sword, but had a shield. And he's supposed to come back to save the world, just as Steve Rogers came back from the "grave" to inspire mankind again. Hmm...
  • Confirmed in Chapter 54 of Book 2. Not only that, but he's also the Traitor and the son of Lann the Clever.

Vanko will attack Jon and Natasha's Wedding
In Jon I of A Crack of Thunder, it's mentioned that Oberyn and Tony plan to have a chariot race as a part of Jon and Natasha's wedding festivities. This corresponds with the Monaco Grand Prix featured in Iron Man 2, where Vanko made his presence known to Tony by attacking him there. It's kind of an obvious parallel to use in the fic. Plus, let's face it, in Westeros, a normal wedding is a rarity.
  • Confirmed.

The Red Skull is the Commander of the Court
When Maester Luwin is sharing the tales he's studied of the Court of the Others, he mentions that the Commander has a "skull like face". Now, given that it's been all but confirmed that Azor Ahai in this timeline is Steve Rodgers/Captain America, it seems perfectly fitting for his canon Arch-Enemy to be a leader of the armies he fought during the Long Night.
  • Partially confirmed. In Jojen's vision he was going to "bathe their face in blood" of the Night Watch. So it's definitely someone with red face/mask.
  • Confirmed. Steve, Jeor, Mance and Ygritte face Johan (who is actually an Other possessing the body of Johan, who was Steve's friend) and takes the Red Skull name after Ygritte uses that to mock him.

Rickon has been abducted by the Guardians of the Galaxy
Right before he disappears, we can hear bits and pieces of "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede, the song featuring in the movie trailer. Also, Robb tries to take his hand but fails, echoing what happened to Meredith Quill on her deathbed when her son Peter was too scared, and he was abducted immediately afterwards.
  • Alternatively, Rickon will BECOME Star-Lord! The circumstances of his abduction are very similar to the one where Peter Quill was taken by Yondu and the Ravagers. Which brings up a very important question: does Westeros have raccoons?
    • Confirmed. Bran's dream shows him with Yondu.
    • And Chapter 45 has Rickon returning as Star-Lord.

Maester Maxell of Harrenhall is Magneto
The part where Arya, upon Maxell revealing he knows who she is, is unable to unsheathe her knife because it refuses to come free sounds like Magneto using his powers to prevent the unsheathing, and his knowledge of Baelish's true nature and "businesses" (quite good for a Maester living hundreds of miles away from King's Landing) reminds one about how he met Mystique when she was working as a prostitute. Plus, his physical description does resemble that of Ser Ian McKellen.
  • Confirmed.

Rickon will be aged up to a teenager when he returns to Westeros
We already know Rickon is on the path to be Starlord, meaning it is likely he and the other Guardians are going to help with the War for the Dawn. Sansa and Arya have both already had plot-relevant age ups, so it would not be out there for Rickon to get one too.My theory is that he's not in outer space, but rather an alternate dimension where time runs faster than in Westeros, so to him it will be thirteen or more years, but to the Starks, it will be only one or two.
  • Confirmed except for the age. he returns in Robb IV as an adult Star-Lord, and in Robb V, he explains the Children of the Forest took him to their home plane of existence where time moves faster.

The Wildfire explosion is what will give Petyr Parker and Gwen (or however she's named) Stacy their spider powers, and possibly age them to their teens, like Arya and Gendry.
Not only that, it will probably give rise to more Marvel characters on King's Landing, who were all probably hit by the wave too.
  • Possibly not empower them directly, particularly since the use of wildfire to unlock powers has been used a lot in the story and so would seem a bit overdone, since it is the analogue of the X-gene in the story, which is not the source of Peter or Gwen's powers. It is possible the wildfire will enhance the spider that will empower them, particularly since both the X-gene and the spider's enhancement are frequently attributed to radiation in the comics.
    • This theory is confirmed. Chapter 15 confirms that Peter, Gwen and Miles gained their powers after being bitten by wildfire-affected spiders.

Loki will have Adaptational Heroism
Given that a key source of Loki's villainy is a belief that he should be king instead of Thor or Odin, and in this story Thor agrees, it would make sense that either Loki will not be a villain, or that he will be redeemed by Thor if he is currently a villain.
  • Confirmed. His human disguise is Davos Seaworth, who's nothing short of a good guy.

Drax is Brandon Stark, Ned's elder brother.
  • They both certainly have a certain hot-headedness and interest in discussing their sexual prowess (at least the MCU version does). Plus Gamora is revealed to be Lyanna, so it would add to the plot twist.
    • OP here. This theory is confirmed as of A Shield of Man, Robb I.

Mystique was the one who aided Tony in rescuing Pepper
Rhodey can't be both helping to fight The Manderin and being stuck in the cluteches of R'hillor. So, the easy explanation given our current knowledge is that Mystique is the one who aided Tony with a slightly more straightforward, bloodthirsty attack compared to the knight. And the reason? Show that even when he thinks he got away, he's still not escaping the Blackfyres.
  • Confirmed.

Robb Stark will become Venom
Currently he's being held captive by Euron, who's made clear that he intends to use him for experiments with the symbiote pool. Robb will be the success, his Stark constitution being the key to him not dying messily. Agent Venom in the comics was part of the Guardians of the Galaxy for a time, plus Eddie Brock styled himself as a "Lethal Protector," which can fit into Book 3's themes.
  • Confirmed, and it looks like Roslin might've gotten a symbiote too.

The Mandarin is another ruse like in Iron Man 3
Playing off the twist in that movie, the Mandarin is a person who believes in his own ways, (Salador San comes to mind as a feasible choice) but in actuality, he's being backed by Renly as a way to undercut all the other crowns by going for their finances and leaning on the Iron Bank. And since Tony is heading there on behalf of the Lannisters, it's a perfect time for the more clear message of Renly naming himself the author of all Tony's pain, and proclaiming, "I AM THE MANDARIN!"

Asha will become Nebula
When caught by Euron Greyjoy who has become the story's equivalent to Ronan, he is mentioned to be using his knives on her scalp as he mentions that he will remake her to serve his king, much like Nebula was when Thanos (the story's equivalent of the Night's King) captured her.
  • Confirmed. Euron even calls her so.

There is a Professor X analog somewhere in the story
And one of the fun gimmicks of using him will be contrasting perspectives on who he is. For the Brotherhood, he's a fool and an obstacle for Arya. For X Force, he's an ally to guide Dany's quest. For Tony? Maybe an equal to match wits with. But regardless, one of Chaos's fun parts of writing will be figuring out how to capture these varied perspectives for 1 character without true bias.
  • Confirmed in Arya II of ASOM, Charles Xavier is the Sealord of Braavos.

Rumlow will be captured by the Red Skull in their march to the Wall
In a Heroic Sacrifice to ensure the Free Folk's safe passage. Thus adding a layer of tragedy to his character, in that like Schmidt, he died a good man, but was reborn as the Skull's Number Two Crossbones as a mocking gesture towards his former title as Lord of Bones in that he's double crossing the living.
  • Confirmed, though YMMV on him being a good person even before his enthrallment.

Jon will take Petyr Parker as his squire
Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to be one of the plotlines adapted to A Shield of Man, and one of the biggest plot points of that movie is Peter being Tony's protegee. Well, Tony's going to be staying at Iron Pointe, but another Stark is on his way to King's Landing, and Petyr is the right age to be taken in as a squire (even more so if he got hit by the magic wave during the Battle of the Blackwater).
  • Confirmed, Petyr and Miles Morales become Jon's official squires in AWOL.