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Nightmare Fuel / Sonic Boom Legends Halloween Special

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Even when you compare Sonic Boom Legends to Sonic Boom, and see it's already Darker and Edgier, the Halloween Special takes things a step further, and is a fair bit more grim and spooky.

  • Chapter 1 sets the tone pretty quickly that this ain't your momma's Legends, as it describes one hearing the screams of people from another village (considering we have yet to hear from this village again, these could very well be dying screams, and the cackles of whatever's tormenting them.) We then are described the terrifying ghosts of the story, but not before being described that village being ransacked. Again, as he don't hear again from that village for the rest of the chapter, it's safe to assume it's been destroyed.
  • Chapter 2 starts to up the ante, as it finally has the characters being possessed by the evil ghosts. First one to get it is Sophia.
    • And what a Mood Whiplash it was, too! Sophia had just been daydreaming about Forge, and finally worked up the nerve tgo ask him to the party. Then, all of a sudden, a ghost enters her body. And after a second, she faints, only to wake up under the control of the ghost. The fanfic describes her as laughing, but not in the sweet, loving laugh she usually has, but rather, a creepy, ominous laugh that echoes in the night.
  • Dawn's the next one to be possessed, and it's definitely not much better. Dawn is awake in the library late at night, and comes across the ghost who'd been dancing near Wake's house before. Dawn, thinking this it's just Wake in a costume, promptly tells "Wake" that's she not interested in whatever prank he has, and promptly tells him to get lost. The ghost responds by promptly possessing Dawn from behind, and it is actually eerie, the way Dawn doesn't realize what was happening at first, but then faints, and as she's unconscious, she floats up from the ground, as the ghost gleefully chuckles in it's newest form.
  • Finally, Fixer's the last person in Chapter 2 to be possessed, and by golly, it is freaky.
    • First off, when he is possessed, Alkira quickly goes to check up on him. And she is really frightened to find the workshop room empty. She hesitantly searches the room for him, not realizing that the Possessed!Fixer is right behind her, following her. With a knife.
    • Finally, she notices that someone's behind her, and after softly asking if that's Fixer, she sees her best friend, possessed, and wielding a knife, ready to hurt her.
      • Again, just like with Erik and Dawn before, Alkira sees Fixer's face when the audience can't, and she is terrified.
  • When Maniac is jogging back home, listening to music, she hears Alkira screaming. Properly Paranoid, Maniac runs to the Workshop, only to find Alkira attempting to defend herself, sobbing, scared, and her arm cut open. She then sees Possessed!Fixer attempting to kill Alkira, and, enraged that Fixer would hurt Alkira, attempts to confront him, but again, as before, Fixer gives her an unseen Nightmare Face, which clearly shakes Maniac.
    • After Maniac temporarily knocks out Possessed!Fixer, we get to see the kind of state Alkira is in, clearly traumatized, and a Nervous Wreck. It's even impied she's having PTSD-flashbacks to the time with Ensham, and is outright stated that she would potentially never get over what just happened. But after what just happened, who can blame her?