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Nightmare Fuel / I Can't Be a Magical Girl!! You, a Magical Girl, Say

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  • Izuku cannot die, not really. Even when his body is wrecked beyond use, like when his ribcage was shattered and his heart was turned to sludge on an industrial-grade metal pole, he is still able to recover after two weeks of regenerative hibernation.
  • The Handyman has many pupils in two main eyes, but they don't only have two. They have many, enough to fill an infinitely dark room in some mysterious space in the Abyss.
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  • Some place between time and space itself exists called the Abyss. It's where the Voice of the World exists, and thus, where gods exist, detailing the lives of those in their designated universe in a constant cloud of whispering voices.
  • Death apparently isn't the same as falling unconscious without a heart. What then is death?