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Nightmare Fuel / A New Hope (Danganronpa)

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As in canon, there's plenty of moments; in particular are the various murders and executions, most of which also fall under Cruel and Unusual Death.

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     A New Hope executions 

  • Rantaro: “Final Summit”: Pick-axed to death by Monokumas while climbing a small mountain. There was even a Hope Spot that he'd get a Stay of Execution if he could pull the flag off of the summit (he couldn't).

  • Nekomaru: “Monokuma Pep Rally”: Subjected to increasingly loud applause by Monokumas until his veins rupture.

  • Leon: “The 1,001 Fungoes”: His canon execution (shot with a thousand baseballs from a pitching machine), with the added bonus of being beaten with baseball bats first.
    • Right before that, everyone gets to see Kanon also get beaten to death with a baseball bat, much to their (especially Leon's) horror.

  • Yasuhiro: “The Last Prophecy”: Impaled on spikes after falling off a giant tarot card.

  • Angie: “House of Wax”: Drowned in hot wax, which sets her on fire in the process! She even get's a Hope Spot of starting to crack the glass container she's in ... right before a stream of wax hits her dead on. Worst of all, there's the brilliant description of her last moments.
Yonaga's agonizing screams continued as she was slowly enveloped in several feet of wax. Her burning limbs still collided against the glass wall, leaving a bloody streak along the surface as she tilted her unrecognizable head up as she let out a horried and panicked scream, before her head was quickly submerged as well.

  • Korekiyo: “The Tomb of the Scarab” : Eaten alive by hundreds of scarabs that fly out of the jaw of a mummy while trapped in a sarcophagus.

  • Peko: “The Last Samurai”: Chopped in half by a samurai Monokuma. She takes it with her, at least.

  • Mondo: “Quartered and Keelhauled”: Torn to bits by motorcycles ripping his limbs off. This is basically a high speed version of the medieval execution of quartering.

  • Tsumugi: “House Rules”: Chained to a roulette wheel while saw blades mutilate her arms, legs, and torso, before finally sawing her head in half. She's essentially diced in the casino. And this happens right in front of the rest of the students. It was so horrific that the writer added a Squick warning.
    • And that had been meant for Celestia initially.
      • And somehow she still manages to laugh right before the end.

  • Much like the first game, Alter Ego is executed after Sakura's trial. Only this time, known as “Exisal Extermination”, there's a hope-spot as Alter Ego hacks the exisals that were going to shoot him to death...only for Monokuma to step in with a mallet to crush the laptop he is in.

  • Keebo: “Junkyard”: Controlled by the Mastermind into killing Maki, thus being forced to become the blackened and executed by hydraulic press.

  • Even Usami gets an execution. “Rabbit Season” has her chased down by a rifle-toting Monokuma, who then pulls the rifle to her head, just before it cuts to black... thankfully she turns out okay.

  • “Labyrinth of Despair”: Makoto is forced to run through a labyrinth similar to one that A.) nearly killed him in the past (apparently), and B.) actually killed Chiaki in canon. Full of traps, saw blades, pits, and a giant minotaur, the only reason Makoto survived was because Alter-Ego was able to intervene.
    • As it turns out, he didn't make it through that labyrinth the first time...

  • Mastermind!Makoto's "execution": stabbed in the gut by his own combat knife (dislodged from a podium by an exploding Monokuma Hajime kicked away), and left to be crushed by the collapsing ceiling of the Trial Room as Hope's Peak collapses on top of him.

     A New Hope Motives 

Yes, even the motives can count as Nightmare Fuel:

  • The first motive is the canonical video motive. This also has the added effect of revealing several relatives.
    • Of note is Hajime's video, where his former homeroom had a pile of bodies in the center of the room. The bodies are identified as Hajime's Classmates with ghastly pale skin and lifeless eyes.

  • The second motive is a Truth Serum released through the vents that prevents many people from lying.

  • Celestia's personal motive is to kill Aoi Asahina, who is pregnant with Naegi's twins.

  • The third motive is fairly tame (the lights are turned off until someone kills), but the real trouble comes across in Monokuma's harmless Christmas gift exchange. Mukuro is given the head of the real Hiyoko Saionjinote , Angie gets a fake book of Atua's will which includes a claim that 'murder to preserve peace' is justified, Celestia gets a revolver in order to push her to kill Hina.

  • Fourth motive to come along is the motive of the secrets, and the threat of them being revealed. Though it actually plays little to no part in Korekiyo deciding to finally act. His prep work was already done.

  • The fifth motive involves a Fantastic Drug that makes the students hallucinate their worst fears. Hina hallucinated blood coming from the shower, and hearing Yuta's voice calling for help. Makoto and Kazuichi's fears involve their traumas over Sayaka and Sonia being killed by the iron maidens, and they both hallucinate the respective girls (with the wounds they had during their deaths) giving them Breaking Speeches for not saving them. Mikan saw horrific scars covering the rest of her limbs, and she was afraid that Hajime and Chiaki would think she was ugly if they saw them. Celestia saw her Dark and Troubled Past, where her mother was Driven to Suicide and her younger self chides her.

  • Not several hours after the last trial, the next motive, an Instant Illness, springs up to afflict 10 of the cast members, which will only end when a murder occurs— irrespective of any deaths due to the illness.

  • Celestia's secret motive is revealed just in time for the next one. The circumstances are a bit tricky to explain, but Monokuma has the cast herd into the casino. In said casino, the cast must decide whether to kill off one of their own or to leave it up to chance. Ultimately the cast picks to off Shirogane after Kaede makes an impassioned plea to spare Celestia and any other 'traitors' two of whom get revealed during that time.
    • Yet all joys are shortlived when Monokuma reveals the aforementioned secrets anyway, exposing Maki as an ultimate assassin, Hajime's failure to exist soon enough, Sakura's original mole intentions, among many others.

  • Under the same conditions as the Instant Illness, the cast is forced to remain awake until a murder or in this case, suicide occurs.

  • The surviving hostages are forced to play a role into the next motive: The participants of the killing game have to kill someone in 24 hours or else ALL surviving (captive) hostages will perish.

  • Only one person (Kaede) is affected by the next motive, but they are hit with a flashback light that drives them to Despair.
    • Even worse, that was the same thing that happened to Rantaro, in order for him to kill Mahiru. Unfortunately, there was nobody around to snap him out of it.

  • The students are then forced into the Neo-World Program, where they slowly forget they're in a simulation over the subsequent three days. And Junko seemingly reemerges to torture Mukuro.

  • Though it ultimately didn't go into play, the next motive would have been the Forbidden Action Motive. The few bracelets revealed say that Fuyuhiko cannot curse, Miu cannot talk, Kotoko wouldn't be able to touch anyone, Makoto cannot run in the halls, Akane cannot yell, Aoi cannot eat or drink, and Kirumi cannot make eye contact with anyone.


  • Mahiru is strangled by a Brainwashed and Crazy Rantaro. This would have also been Mikan's fate.

  • Himiko has No Body Left Behind when their body is eaten by piranhas like Ryoma did in the canon Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Teruteru follows after when Nekomaru impales him on a wall mounted spear.

  • Ibuki: An in-universe Nightmare Fuel example, as her death (bashed in the head by a shot put ball) happens on a stage in full view of most of the surviving cast! Including her Love Interest, no less!
    • Gets worse when you find out who set up the trap in the first place.
    • Becomes worse again when you learn that Kaede was the intended victim.

  • Toko, aka Genocide Jill is stabbed through the chest by Yasuhiro Hagakure in self-defense.

  • Gundham, Ishimaru, and the Imposter: Poisoned, with their dead bodies later coated in hot wax to hide any evidence.

  • Sayaka and Sonia: Locked in an iron maiden and impaled with spikes once a timer goes off. The same fate also nearly befalls Kaede, Chihiro, and Chiaki.

  • Gonta: Shot by a nail gun, with multiple nails impaling his chest, one through an eye, and a nail to the jugular vein from a different person being what actually killed him.

  • Yamada and Tenko: Suffocation by a manufactured disease. Shuichi nearly experienced the same before Tenko resuscitated him (dying herself in the process).

  • Ryoma: Strangled to death and left to look like a suicide by hanging.

  • Sakura: Committed suicide like in the first game, but this time by shooting herself in the head as opposed to death by poison.

  • Maki: Found dead in the theater room, pinned to the screen with Peko's katana.
    • Also the build-up to that death: fighting a losing battle against an unstoppable robot, beaten and lifted up by her neck as said robot/classmate talks about how hopeless life is, before finally getting her late friend's katana shoved through her chest.

  • Throughout the last half of the story, but starting in chapter 83, cast members outside the killing game meet an untimely end.
    • For starters, Ryota is the first victim of Munakata's deranged campaign to end despair.
    • Yamada's sister is poisoned in front of Kaito and Mikan and Kokichi's grandparents by Ruruka Ando.
    • Gundham's Mom and Takemichi Yukimaru both try to plead to Chisa to take them instead but wind up bludgeoned.
    • As a result of her failures Ruruka Ando meets the end of Chisa's bat.
    • The remaining survivors not saved end up blown up, taking a few Future Foundation members with them.

     Miscellaneous aspects 

  • The fact that the Ultimate Despair has many more members, including the Student Council of Hope's Peak Academy, several double agents: Chisa Yukizome and the Class 76 trio, and, as explained below, Matsuda.

  • Shuichi's Near-Death Experience at the hands of Genocider Syo.

  • The flashback to Kaede trying to murder Nagito and Hajime while brainwashed into despair.

  • Matsuda's existence. After being killed, he is revived into a Frankenstein's monster like creation who is barely alive and in imminent pain.

  • The Mastermind's backstory: When Makoto fell in the labyrinth, Junko and Seiko collected and revived him (minus an eye). Jibo Momota, behind everyone else's backs, created a clone of him and sent him to take the original Makoto's place, with no one in Class 77-B or 78 the wiser. Driven to Despair by this, Makoto joined Junko, became one of her dragons, and took charge of the killing game to get revenge on his old friends. And Class 79 (who weren't even around at the time of his replacing) just because.

  • The opening of the epilogue: the survivors, who literally just finished escaping Hope’s Peak’s collapse ... are promptly captured by Munakata and held at gunpoint, with Munakata fully intending to have them all (including Juzo) shot to ensure the destruction of despair. He even personally kills Ryoko (sword to the chest) in front of them. All that the survivors, who have worked so hard and gone through so much to get to this point, can do is try and comfort each other before the end ... fortunately, the soldiers aren’t very interested in Just Following Orders.

  • At the end, in addition to the Despairs and remaining Fingers running around, with more promised Killing Games on the horizon, there remain two additional threats running around unresolved: Munakata escaping from prison, still determined to spread his murderous brand of Hope to the world ... and one of the Despaired clones of the dead students, who managed to (unlike the rest of the clones) survive the explosion and collapse before escaping; Nagito Komaeda, Ultimate Luck.

The sequels aren't slouches in this department either.

     Final Horizon 

  • Ichiro: Sets off a trapped fridge and gets stabbed in the throat with a crossbow bolt. As an added bonus, his corpse (or whatever) is put through a football game with Monokumas, ending in being blown up.

  • Alice's backstory. She was a doctor for Fenrir (even knew Mukuro), when one night an injured stranger came to her team's camp and she gave him medical treatment. The stranger turned out to be the vicious serial killer Mr. Psycho, who slaughtered everyone in the camp except her in the night. He left her a message (in blood) promising to come back for her. It would appear he's on the station with her.
    • Not to mention The Mole nearly drowned her in a (thankfully lukewarm) hot tub the first night there. And no, it wasn't Mr. Psycho or Ringo.

  • Nico: Drowned in the pool in the same manner as Alice, but the attempt succeeded for Nico. Raef: Hit by a violin case, then strangled to death as he continuously begs for the murderer to spare him because he is still needed, but to no avail.

  • Rei: Bisected by razor wire.

  • Rei's backstory. She was worked until her fingers bled by her parents, eventually reaching the point where she honestly wanted them dead. She found them dead with their hands cut off, courtesy of Mr. Psycho, and was genuinely overjoyed by it.

  • Hayate: Buried under gold and mauled to death by Rottweilers.

  • Hayate's backstory: He's Mr. Psycho, having developed the Split Personality due to his abusive upbringing. Even at the end he had no idea why he kept having blackouts until the others told him about it.

  • Hikaru going crazy under the psychosis motive, being egged on by hallucinations of Rei to harm his fellow students. It costs him his arms and his life.

  • Shuhei and Giselly are nearly sucked out a destroyed window into space. Even though they survive Shuhei still gets injured from a nail bomb.
    • The hits keep coming in the following chapter: Shiori is poisoned (by someone besides Ringo!), and Wei gets part of his leg blown off. Akiho nearly walks into another trap on her way to find Ringo.

  • How Ringo died: a shadowy monster summoned by Galexialyn (Immune to Bullets, naturally) appeared in front of him, slashed at his throat, and transferred the effects of cyanide poisoning to him. He dies thrashing and unable to breathe with the creature's red eyes being the last thing he sees.

  • Galexialyn's backstory: She, in her quest to actually be able to feel pain, has become the leader of a murderous cult. She mentions that they've left 'rivers of blood' in their wake.

  • Sayaka: Abruptly has her head and neck explode from a bomb in her neck. The rest of the group (sans Alice) gets caught in the shower of gore.

  • Everyone else's backstory: Class 80-A were all mentally ill in one way or another, and were all confined to the sanitarium wing of the station and experimented on. A montage is shown of their histories and what Dr. Jibo Momota and Hiyoko Saionji did to them.

  • Akiko and Akiho: blown up like Sayaka.
    • Akiho admitting she's willing to become a monster to punish/kill those that have wronged them, like the mole. Unfortunately, the person she thinks is the mole is the completely innocent Alice.

  • Giselly: Strapped to a rocket in a spacesuit, and shot out of the station at the meteor. Halfway there, the suit's helmet opes, so she experiences the vacuum of space.

  • Hiyoko Saionji: sucked out an airlock by Jun taking an escape pod. Lets herself fall after grabbing on to something. Sadly, her death isn't shown in detail.

  • The Archangel virus: the Despair video, in computer virus form. It's yet to be released.

     Sea of Tranquility 

     Kuma-Kuma Land 

  • The first chapter: At the start of the roller coaster, there were a hundred students. By the time it's done and people stop getting ejected from their seats at random onto the spikes below(or in one person's case, onto the tracks), there's only twenty.
    • Annabelle, the nine-year-old, was nearly ejected.

  • Otto: Pushed off a balcony. Shiho is the unfortunate girl who finds his body the following morning.

  • Patrick: forced into a death game of hockey that ends with a hockey puck stuck in his gut and his helmet blowing up.

  • Nagito's Despaired clone is back, and he's in the park. His first move? Trying to shoot Annabelle!

  • Utano getting progressively more obsessed over Soo Young, to the point of casually threatening to kill someone thinking they might like him.

  • Kanade: Died in agony after being shot by an acidic paintball, going into shock so she couldn't scream as her insides fell out. And it was a complete accident brought about by the Intruder.

  • The subsequent trial: the students vote incorrectly when it turns out that Maddie was the accidental culprit, to everyone's surprise including her own. The rest of the cast is dumped into a game of chess, with themselves as the pieces, to survive; whichever pieces get taken, the associated student dies.

  • Churi: her neck is slit ear to ear. She was murdered by Utano because she was in the way of his relationship with Soo Yeong. Utano talks about his romantic obsession with him and how he wants to be with him forever. Eventually, Soo Yeong tricks him into kissing him before shoving Utano into the trolley and killing him by breaking his neck. Sure, he deserved it, but it was still a horrifying way to die.

  • All the gray bears running around as labor, including Yoshikuma? They are all made from the eighty students that died at the beginning, among others. Yoshi is actually the Nagito clone, and the Warriors of Hope transferred themselves into the lead Kumas. Hence why Yushikuma was bleeding when Laris chopped his head off.
    • As it turns out, the students that died in the killing game also get this treatment. They're forced to spend eternity in gray robotic bears, forced to carry out whatever (likely menial) task they've been assigned, and will experience horrific pain if they refuse.

  • The students attempt to escape through the sewers, fail, and get flushed by a wall of water into different areas of the sewer system. It's dark, they're split up, there are alligators swimming around, and they have a time limit to kill or their hostages will be killed instead.

  • Soo: Right when he was starting to get better mentally, his neck is broken (by one of the people who originally tried to encourage him) and he's left hanging like a suicide victim.

  • Sigmund: He and his sister Cathy are bound to chairs and told to eat of what's before them: his other sister Chloe. Whoever eats the most gets to live. Ultimately, he talks Cathy into eating something (just a tiny bite from the end of a fried finger) while he doesn't eat anything. In the end, she's allowed to go free, while he's sawed apart right in front of her.
    • Turns out, Sigmund had already done this before: When he lost his limbs, he was buried for days with his parents' bodies. He avoided starving to death.

  • The true plan of the Mastermind, Dolly Dewitt: To turn everyone in the world into kumas, eliminating humanity (which she hates) and leaving only dolls for her.
    • Also, Shiro and Kuro Kuma were running on the Junko AI. As was Dolly's doll Becky.

     House of Horrors 

  • The setting. A large gothic mansion surrounded by a creepy, almost unnaturally dark forest (which the characters first poke around in at night, no less), on an island. The only way off the island is a small boat, and if anyone actually tries to leave ... the security staff member, a Artificial Ultimate who's been turned into a Gill Man-esque monster, will stop them.
    • As it turns out, the forest (and graveyard) is also home to assorted creatures and experiments beside the students, including living, bleeding trees and The Slender Man! Hikyou and Kiyomi nearly get killed out there! Apparently, the Mansion's built near an old SCP facility, and was already a draw for the supernatural.
    • The mansion includes a gallery of assorted paintings ... depicting the assorted murders and executions from previous games. In full gory detail.
    • It's been indicated that the current Killing Game isn't the first one to occur on the island. A lot of people (and other things) have ended up in the graveyard ...

  • Kitai: Gutted like a fish and left hanging in a tree. What’s worse is that he was 7 years old.
    • Hikyou: Stabbed to death, probably while trying to find the above character.

  • Kiyomi: Dragged down a hallway (leaving bloody scratch marks on the floor from trying to escape) before being crushed somehow. Her soul is then absorbed into a mirror and trapped. Fortunately, she ultimately gets better.

  • The scarecrow in the maze. He looks humanoid, but acts like a feral animal, nearly killing Samuel and Alejandra before Shiro steps in. Becomes even worse when you find out how he became that way. See Creatures of Despair’s folder for that.

  • Kuuma: crushed like a grape by a tentacle through a window.

  • Brooke: Her head was psychically blown up.

  • Alpha: Killed and autopsied, in the reverse order.

  • How Hora Island became the way it is now. Hora Island was first stained in blood when a battle was fought on it during WWII. Since then, the island has been a hotbed for supernatural activity. And the souls of those who die there cannot find peace.

  • A Zombie Apocalypse breaks out (including dead former participants) that won't stop until a murder happens. The entire group spends a whole day fighting the endless horde.

  • Remy: Self-inflicted near-decapitation with a shovel blade to avoid zombification.
    • Remy's backstory: He was sold on the black market at a young age, taken by terrorists to become a weapon, and ended up killing thousands. He finally left after bombing a church. During children's choir.

  • Saino's true goal: to create a virus that turns people into monsters, and spread it across the world as a means of wiping out the human race.

  • The Necronomicon is a motive.

  • Sabishī: Frozen solid and smashed to pieces.

  • Saino escapes the island. Her first action is to infect London's water supply with the monster-creating formula.

  • Nozomi: Abruptly stabbed from behind by Jason Voorhees.
    • Who in turn gets eaten by the thing that used to be Alice's brother Nick, now a hulking, heavily mutated beast.

  • Chapter 27: Freddy Kruger is a thing, and he traps the cast in a nightmare world. Of special note are he impersonations of dead people, and the moment where he tries to drag a panicking Kiyomi into a mirror.

  • Mackenzie: Gets her throat burned/strangled before having her body burned entirely, killing her in real life. Also, she was pregnant.

  • Jizoku's backstory: He was once Seishin, Ultimate Voodoo Practitioner, who suddenly started turning into a zombie as a side effect of his work. His classmate and friend - Jibo Momota - tried to help cure him, unfortunately then Jibo's fiancé became terminally ill ... and once she died, Jibo felt he needed to do something to justify the things he did to his friend to try to cure her...
    • And then Freddy stabs him in the heart and leaves him to die.

  • Alexander: He's actually a Serial Killer that gets off on burning people to death.
    • Even his death (burning in an iron bull) nearly wipes out everyone else: his death activates a curse that would kill everyone (besides Akeno) from magically catching fire. Only the suddenly-revived Seishin's Heroic Sacrifice saves them.

  • Daisuke: Ripped in half by a giant scale.
  • The reveal of the final trial: Akeno (the Ultimate Vampire) was Junko Enoshima all along! She killed Jibo, worked with Alexander (hence not getting the curse), and escapes the island with Shiro.
  • After everything, Hora Island and its inhabitants are still out there...
    • And they include a Kraken, and an army of shark-men.

     Railway of Despair 

  • Eight teenagers stuck on a train in Siberia (and later in Russia). In a week's time, the train will crash, and if they accidentally lose their tickets in the meanwhile, they'll be thrown off the train outright.

  • Eline: Eats food with poisoned utensils and graphically succumbs to it in front of everyone.

  • Kazuko: Viciously eaten alive by a massive Piranha Plant.

  • Eline's and Kazuko's bodies are fed to the passengers disguised as sandwiches. This ends up turning Sarah into a Wendigo Thankfully, that doesn't happen in the version.

  • Sarah: turned into a Wendigo and killed fighting another passenger.

  • Tonbe: Dropped into magma.

  • What turned Sarah into a Wendigo? Saino's monster virus, which also turns Emizel into a winged demon.

  • In the lead up to the final trial, the survivors find a film showing the death's and murders in Hope's Peak. Halfway through, it abruptly switches to footage of how Makoto was sent into Despair: in addition to being informed that he'd been replaced with a clone and no one was the wiser (with someone ending up pregnant by said clone), he also endured a rigorous spree of beatings, druggings, and 'other tortures'. Apparently, he held out for a time, but ultimately he fell into Despair.
    • Also, Emizel, Gundham's cousin, and Axel really don't react well to footage of Gundham and Angie's deaths.

  • Upon reaching the final investigation, Adohira, Emizel and Axel all discover that Despair was heavily involved in each of their respective past traumas.
    • Adohira is shown a puppet show that details the events of his parents' murder by his crazed sister's hand, who is revealed to have been a Despair junkie herself. This is nearly enough to make Adohira lose his cool, a rarity for him.
    • Emizel is shown a video that reveals the child molesters he was enslaved by actually bought him from Ultimate Despair, who are implied to have been the ones who kidnapped him in the first place.
    • Axel recieves an excerpt from a document written by one Kyoko Kirigiri describing a series of intentional and violent traffic accidents by an early faction of Despair, complete with pictures of the bloody and burning wreck of Axel's car accident with the implication that Axel's sister's body was removed from the morgue..
      • Also, the fact that Axel's reveal implies that even before The Tragedy, Junko, or possibly even someone else entirely was already manipulating the world into despair.

  • The mastermind reveal. It's Jun, now seemingly fully corrupted into a Despair. But that's not all. As it turns out, this game has three masterminds. Both Despair!Makoto and Junko are alive and well. The fact that both of them are now running loose is absolutely horrifying enough, but Junko has become a vampire and can create long-distant portals to travel with.

  • The point of the Killing Game? Simple. Expose Future Foundation's secrets, those being that it's president and second in command are a clone of the Hope's Peak Killing Game's Mastermind, and a large contributor to Despair as a whole. The students, their pasts? Never mattered in the long run, at least not to Despair. As Junko points out, plenty of people's lives have been ruined by Despair, they're not special.
    • Future Foundation's secrets being exposed end up causing mass riots in Tokyo, possibly kickstarting a Second Tragedy (though that seems averted, for now). Axel and Emizel are unlucky enough to be dropped off smack dab in the middle of these riots, although Fuyuhiko comes to their aid.

  • While Axel, Emizel and Yumei have escaped the Killing Games with their lives intact, Adohira isn't so lucky. He and Akazukin are dropped off in the middle of the desert, set to participate in the Oasis Killing Game.

  • Even if this game were to end without Future Foundation being exposed, Junko claims they could just start again, since they have a(n allegedly) near endless supply of Ultimates to pick from. The mass killing of nearly 100 student at the start of Kuma-Kuma Land? Apparently, that's just a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of Ultimates that Ultimate Despair claims to have captured.

  • In the epilogue, someone's been spotted roaming the Japanese mainland. It's the mutated thing that used to be Alice Bailey's older brother.

     Oasis of Hope 

  • The openings. The three starting points are a trio of crashed planes; an abandoned old west town ... that gets attacked by giant scorpions at sundown; and an underground prison ... that has a load of traps that kill a significant amount of the people trapped inside. People remain trapped inside after the main characters escape.

  • Toshi: Eaten by a giant Sand Worm while crossing the desert.

  • The Ra tribe woke up in an active minefield. Their numbers quickly went down, not helped by an unidentified 'psycho' that killed Emily while pretending to be friendly. By the time they're found by Ouroboros, only five of their number are left.

  • Lucille: Dragged into a sarcophagus and crushed to death.

  • Korekiyo pops up again, now as a mummy. He's quickly put down for good (a sniper round to the head will do that), but not before he kills Lucille.

     Legacy (working title) 
  • The story hasn’t even begun yet, but the premise is already chillworthy. These kids aren't strangers or people that have been made to forget each other, they're the children of the past game's survivors. Kids that grew up together, friends, family in blood and bond, and now they're being forced into a killing game against each other, just like their parents and their friends. That’s just horrible. Crosses over with Tear Jerker.

Some of the things the spinoffs do make the other fics look like sunshine and rainbows.

     Mists of Penjar 

  • Penjar is a town of horrors in of itself, with windless mists, decrepit buildings, and monuments to Monokuma. The mists are constantly working against the visitors, and the place is being mysteriously built up overnight.

  • Around Penjar are items that are giving the visitors comatose-driven visions. They are all horrific visions, including:
    • Anzu arrives in Hope's Peak as Peko, and is hunted down by one of the classrooms. When Mahiru tries to kill her, Anzu somehow kills her in self-defense; then Mahiru comes back to life, continuing to talk despite a fatal wound at the back of her head.
    • Kimiko witnesses Mahiru violently murdering multiple students, and then sees her dead loved ones. She comes back a second time for Junko Enoshima to be chasing her down.
    • Eisei, in Gonta's body, takes on a highly murderous (and bored) Hajime/Izuru amongst the bodies of the Ultimate Talent's victims.
    • Fiora hears the voice of the person who stuck her in a Killing Game at first, then is chased down and kidnapped by Junko Enoshima. Junko tries to overtake her mind, and only through the grace of having an intense and overactive imagination does Fiora stop this from happening; she then headbutts Junko to death to save herself.
    • Ignatia, in Maki's voice, is chased down by a violent Kiibo, who kills everyone that gets in-between him and her. She even witnesses Teruteru, Mahiru, and Kaito being brutally murdered by Kiibo; when the robot is stabbed through the eye with his own ahoge, he continues to speak last words to Ignatia. All the while, the Reserve Course is massacring people at the ground floor.

  • Takeo: Spine severed with a piercing stab, stabbed multiple times, then gutted and stuffed with cotton and straw. The others find his remains in the taxidermy shop when investigating.

  • Jin: Her limbs are torn out by the Exisals, then she is slowly pulled into a shredding machine. Her remains are turned into a blood-soaked plushie.

  • Angelique: Knocked unconscious, wakes up buried in a accelerant-soaked log pile, and then is set ablaze, burning to death trapped in there.

  • Samson: One of his arms is sliced off before his punishment even starts. He is then shot multiple times by a turret gun, and dropped through a trap door, plummeting down and impaling on a statue's horns; his last sight is his own heart ripped from his chest, impaled on the tip of the horn.

  • Shinobu: Impaled to a piece of rebar by an explosion, then left to die before being electrocuted.

  • Taro: He is pounced by the displacer beast, killed by the monster biting into his neck and dragging his body around.

  • Emanuel: He is locked in a cage with the displacer beast, and after fighting it once, runs from it until it tears him apart, returning with his severed head.

  • Yejoon: Bludgeoned to death, head caved in, all of his bones broken and his beloved mask shattered to pieces. His right hand was amputated.

     Isle of the Damned 

  • Jason Voorhees is on the island.

  • Isabella: Stabbed and literally gutted.

  • Diego: Torn up and fed to pigs.

  • Kate: Abruptly chopped in half by Nicholas Bailey.

  • Diego has something living inside him. And it isn't friendly.

  • The group massacre. Several hostages, Tsumugi, and Felicks, are all dead.
    • Especially when the whole thing is explained: Miyaki's father (heavily affected by the simulation, it seems) was trying to insist on an arranged marriage between Miyaki and Reukra. Reukra's mother refused, and so he slit her throat with a broken teacup. Before he could kill the witnesses (Weiss and Gehrig), Ibb snuck in from where she'd been watching and strangled him to death ... because she wanted to kill the two for coddling her (most recently for getting her kicked out of the smoking lounge). After seeing a hallucination of her dead lover, she beats the two to death. Dylan and Ethen arrived with an unconscious Tsumugi in order to frame Lars, and made Ibb also kill Tsumugi and Felix (who'd been unfortunate enough to witness all this).

  • Ibb: Beaten to death by the people working the engines, then thrown into a furnace. All while Riku watches.

  • The group is forced to go through the Titanic sinking. Some of them don't make it.
    • And then they gt to watch the dead bodies ground into mulch.

  • Dylan's second death. He hikes through the woods until he meets Kinsei, who'd been sent to take him back to the mansion to leave the island. Dylan (being his usual self and thinking he would let it slide to obey orders) ends up insulting the Alchemist's mother. He turns away for a second and is suddenly struck in the head by the silent Alchemist's diamond-topped cane. He's struck again, sending him to the ground, and a third time dislocating an eyeball. He's left incapable of even moving as the Alchemist bashes his head into 'a meaty red paste'.
    • What’s more is that in both this story and Creatures of Despair, Kinsei mostly just comes off as a teasing Jerkass. In this scene, he actually comes off as a genuine danger.

     Creatures of Despair 

  • Ryan: Has his head smashed to dust by a mace (he'd been trying to kill someone with).

  • Harris: Accidentally drops a chandelier on himself.

  • Logan: Struck by a wrecking ball and several anvils multiple times, before having the wrecking ball dropped on him, crushing him.

  • John: Eaten by a giant plant.

  • Elle: Chased down and Eaten Alive by a velociraptor.

  • What happened with Shawn Wagner. He was a sick boy who joined the AUP and was given the 'talent' of Ultimate Scarecrow. He freaked out, understandably, and becoming part of the Island's second killing game didn’t help his growing panic. When it was just him, Sabishī, Brooke, and another boy left, they attempted to escape. Brooke betrayed them out of desperation to get rid of her talent, and they were captured (the other boy dying in the process). The three were tortured, and while the girls got turned into members of the staff, Shawn was mentally broken to the point of becoming little more than a feral animal, and he became the scarecrow in the maze. Shiro putting him down in House of Horrors almost feels like a Mercy Kill after all the hell he’s been put through.

     Versailles Academy 

  • Yasmine's accidental murder: Struck in the head with a parasol, and landing head first on the edge of a counter.

  • Maribelle's execution: Set aflame after narrowly avoiding being decapitated. She lives long enough to give a Dying Declaration of Love to Rowan.

  • Valentina's execution: Holy molly, she probably has one of the more gruesome death in the entire series. She's forced to ingest rat meat to the point that she inflates. And then she explodes into a shower of gore.