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Nightmare Fuel / Celestial Warrior Moon

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Nightmare Fuel in a Fan Fic based on Sailor Moon. Pshtt! Don’t be ridi…Oh. Actually, more likely than you’d think.

  • In general, the author’s frequent use of Mood Whiplash. One minute, readers will be enjoying the silly antics of Usagi and her friends (sometimes lifted right out of the anime adaptation), and then get subjected to all kinds of eldritch horror the next. Its’ been very effective thus far.
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  • It begins as early as the prologue, which is a journal entry written by one of the characters. It reads exactly like a Lovecraftian Apocalyptic Log, capturing a sense of helplessness and fear.
  • The subtle build-up to The Rake’s first appearance throughout the first two chapters. It begins when Naru is reluctant to have a study session over at her house during a short exchange at school. Later, after Usagi and friends arrive there, Makoto smells something rotten coming from the basement and Naru fesses up that strange things like shredded newspapers, doors that have been shut being found open, and the neighbor’s dog barking at her house have been happening for a week now. It’s obvious that there is something very wrong here and just becomes a matter of waiting for something to happen, and the wait is not pleasant.
    • There’s also an element of Surprise Creepy at work. In a Sailor Moon Fan Fic, no one expects The freaking Rake to show up. So when he does, murders the exterminators Naru’s mother hired and all of their neighbors, and then tries to kill everyone else, let’s just say that we’re sure a few hairs were raised.
    • The whole ordeal with The Rake just counts altogether, especially with the Adult Fear angle at play. A strange, blood-thirsty beast with a taste for human flesh enters the Naru’s house, as well as the neighbor’s houses, and lies in wait for the right moment to strike. Brr.
    • Don't forget the fact that if The Rake so much as scratches you, you're doomed. The wound will not heal, and will instead keeping spreading while you will gradually weaken over time. Good thing the Keepers had an antidote.
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    • You'd think all the terror concerning The Rake would end after Usagi's been awakened into Warrior Moon, but no, it turns out that Mr. Rake can resurrect himself using the corpses of his victims as replacement vessels. He comes back during an autopsy, and attacks the police and morgue workers. That's right. Even killing The Rake isn't good enough to get rid of him!
    • Oh, it gets even worse than that. Shortly, after The Rake's resurrection, he opens a gateway to another dimension, a Dark World called The Land of Black Leaves..
  • The Land of Black Leaves, period. It's a nightmarish Dark World that's in many ways like a bizarro-universe Wonderland. Only instead of meeting silly persons like the white rabbit or The Mad Hatter, it's filled with creepypasta locations and monsters. The basic look of the setting is a gray landscape that looks like it's inside an old black and white movie, but it's eternally night with a blood red moon always overhead. The Rake successfully lures our heroes (Moon, Salor V, Luna, and Mask) into coming through the gateway, and then things go From Bad to Worse. It turns out that via cruel twist that The Rake is one of the lords of this realm and has direct control over reality itself within The Land of Black Leaves. He uses his ability to bend reality to split the group up by transporting them all to different locations where they have to fend for themselves against various eldritch abominations.
    • On Usagi's end, she's left by herself to fight The Rake, who now has the power to teleport all over the place and manipulate the environment around her. At one point, she ends up fighting him in a small pond where he tries to drag her underneath and drown her. She gets wounded during the fight, and even though she escapes the initial confrontation, the wound slowly saps her strength leaving her very weak by the time of Round 2.
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    • Phantom Mask ends up in The Lightless City, where the Eyeless Children gang up on him and try to take his eyes after he refuses to "take anyone's light"!
    • Luna ends up in a hedge maze where she encounters Zero's Bleeding Tree and later, A Weeping Angel. Meep.
    • Sailor V winds up in a cave and later a cage in a kitchen where two large pig-men cook people into meals. She ends up having to fight her way free, almost getting cut to ribbons several times.


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