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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Throughout the entirety of the story, The Keeper of Records, Pious, has been critical of the Usagi and her friends' actions. Well, when you consider that on top of recording the organization's history, he's also responsible for making sure rules and regulations are followed and that the Warriors have been seen breaking most of the rules the Keepers have laid down with reckless abandon, his sour attitude starts to make a lot of sense.
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  • When you factor in the appearance of Slenderman and the obvious Shout-Out to Everyman Hybrid in Chapter 5, it's almost tempting to add a Fridge Logic entry concerning the issue, because after all, couldn't the Warriors just intervene on Jay, Alex, and Tim's behalf, stop the ruin of Vinny, Evan, Jeff and Noah's lives, or save Robert Sagel from going insane. Then when you consider just how many how tens of hundreds of thousands of slenderblogs and vlogs there are, you realize...Usagi and company couldn't possibly save them all if they tried.


Fridge Horror:

  • In chapter 16, REM Stage, it's revealed that The Beldam, a fae beast posing as a theme park mascot, has a Dark World lair where she takes her victims to feast on them. Then she takes the bones of her victims and makes works of art out of them. She has an entire catacombs in which the walls and sculptures are made up entirely of clay and human bones. Just sit and think about how many people's bones that'd take. Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? No matter how you slice it, that is a lot of people that were dragged screaming into her lair and were never heard from again.

  • You watch Rei yelling at Usagi to Kill Entomon, in spite of it being possessed. Then she resolves to do the job herself next time because Usagi is too soft-hearted. Then you remember that just like Crane Game Joe, her GRANDFATHER is also one of the reincarnated youma.

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  • Also, regarding whether or not to kill Entomon: Usagi was originally all for it until she discovered that there was an innocent person in there. But with the author's love of Early-Bird Cameo we remember that we've seen Crane Game Joe prior to now hanging around the arcade. The Arcade that Usagi also frequents. And she recognizes who Entomon used to be when his hobby and nothing else was mentioned. This isn't just Usagi trying to save an innocent person, but her trying to save someone she has personally known possibly for years before this, while listening to her teammates condemning her for this and saying he deserves to die for being targeted by the Dark Kingdom.

  • Usagi comes across the case files of one Dr. Corenthal , as in the Dr. Corenthal from Everyman Hybrid, while trapped in The Land of Black Leaves. Both The Rake and Slenderman have made appearances, all but confirming that seventeen years into the future from the time this fic takes place, three young health nuts will begin a web show about staying in shape and eating right, but will get so much more than they bargained for. Their lives will be destroyed and no one, not even the Warriors, is going to stop this from happening.

  • In one chapter we have a low-level Keeper assigned to examine the Slender Man's activities in Germany getting information from his superiors on how to handle the situation. He is told that under no circumstances is he to try and chase or fight the Slender Man should he actually show, and that he should just run. When he asks why, thinking that this monster that only pops up randomly every now and then can't be too terrible, he is told that the Slender Man isn't Beryl's equal in power it's her superior and on par with the Entity itself. The only reason the Slender Man hasn't taken over Earth is because it can't be bothered.

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