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Awesome / Celestial Warrior Moon

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  • At the end of Chapter 2, watching The Rake get his creepy ass handed to him by Moon is very satisfying to anyone who's ever been scared of the little scuttler.
  • When fighting Entomon one of the Seven Great Youma Mars nearly char-broils him alive in his own shell, and then Moon stabs him and fries his insides with a power blast. Had her and Luna not fought over whether or not to heal him, then he wouldn't have escaped.
    • Entomon is himself a walking CMOA. When Artemis first sees him, he screams in sheer panic, and his name alone sends chills down High Keepers' spines.
  • During the Doom Bus operation, Mars burns Zoicite so badly that he needs to be hospitalized for some time.
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  • Phantom Mask gets one at Dreamland while fighting Nephrite when he reveals that his illusion is actually a solid matter projection, and it nearly gets the general.
  • In Chapter 32 Orion comes within inches of killing Jadeite, and reveals the way to do so to Mars. YYMV, but his talk with Mars can also double as a CMOH
    • Earlier in the chapter Sailor Moon used what was practically a Getsuga Tenshou (from Bleach).

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