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Nightmare Fuel / Sailor Moon

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And this is his true form.

Sailor Moon may be a series about girls with magical planetary powers, but that doesn't stop some pretty disturbing things from popping up.

In the name of the moon, spoilers below!

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  • Queen Metallia, a floating Nightmare Face surrounded by darkness with Mind Rape capabilities and absurd Energy Absorption. She brainwashed all of Earth except for Prince Endymion, turned the Moon Kingdom to stone and completely put an end to the Silver Millennium. Also, she drew so many cosmic gasses towards her during this that she blotted out the Sun. Thankfully, Queen Serenity sealed her away, but at the cost of her own life. Unfortunately, this only delayed her, as she, albeit still partially sealed, and her Dark Kingdom returned in the Present.

  • Usagi hallucinating Mamoru's rotting skeleton.
  • In the SuperS arc, the main villain Queen Nehelenia forces everyone to have nightmares. Sailor Venus dreams that she finds Sailor Moon's skeleton with decomposing skin still clinging on.
  • In the second arc, Koan from the Black Moon Clan sets a little girl on fire for no reason. If that wasn't bad enough, the charred corpse was actually left lying there for anyone to see.
  • The first monster Usagi fights, which is downright hideous, and it's not helped by the fact that she kills the thing by cutting its head off.
  • The Big Bad of each arc, except Galaxia, who looks like a normal human, and Chaos, since we don't see much of it:
  • Hotaru's cybernetic limbs, which look like they were taken from Terminator, with what we see of them appearing to be wiring and metal covered by synthetic skin.
  • Mistress 9's true form in the manga. Her appearance that most fans remember is when she's possessed Hotaru's body and caused it to age into an adult, but her true form is a Humanoid Abomination, seen here, and her bursting out of Hotaru's body also seems to come with a copious amount of spewing blood.
  • The dungeon Sailors Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are imprisoned in after being kidnapped by the Black Moon Clan. It's full of rotting corpses.
  • How Minako reacted to a Brainwashed and Crazy Makoto assaulting Usagi: Flash Step and a kick on the throat strong enough to send her across the room.
  • Sailor Galaxia is possibly the scariest of the Big Bads: looks like a normal and even beautiful woman... And not only is she the most powerful enemy after Chaos on top of the strongest Sailor Guardian, she's a No-Nonsense Nemesis that only doesn't kill Usagi on the spot because she needs her alive and stronger than she is for her plan. Here's a few of the things she does:
    • At the start of the Stars arc, Mamoru is to go to the US for a year, and at the airport he proposed to Usagi. He then leans in to kiss her... And then he dissolves into dust, leaving a smiling Sailor Galaxia behind him. That's how she introduced herself to Usagi. No wonder Usagi blocked out the memory until they met again...
      • The Sailor Starlights actually expected something like that to happen, and were rushing to the airport to try and stop her. How many times had she done that?!
    • After Sailor Lead Crow is defeated, Sailor Mars and Venus are going to Sailor Moon for a hug after the near-death experience... And then Galaxia disintegrates them too before anyone can even notice her presence.
    • Shortly before going to face Galaxia in her base, Usagi goes to the park interacting with Chibi-Chibi, and a nice woman walks up to them for a conversation... Then the newcomer suddenly starts talking about Starseeds. Usagi realizes with horror it's Galaxia in her civilian form... And as she powers up, Galaxia demonstrates how much stronger she is than any previous enemy before she even fully transforms!
    • Sailor Tin Nyanko spends her chapter battling with Sailor Moon, being absolutely terrifying before she's finally driven off... Next we see her is her begging Galaxia for her life. Galaxia removes her remaining bracelet and lets her die.
      Sailor Galaxia: Trash like you could never become a star.
    • After a grueling series of battles, Sailor Moon finally arrives to the Galactica Palace, ready to take on Galaxia... Then she sees the final guards: Sailor Venus leading the Guardian Senshi and the Outers out to kill her, all Brainwashed and Crazy and stronger than ever. And there's also an equally brainwashed Mamoru lurking in the background.
  • In the far away past, Death Phantom did something that far surpassed anything he would do in the future: he led Galaxia to the Cauldron and Chaos. By that simple act, he's indirectly responsible for unleashing a villain far more powerful than himself.
    • Considering all the Big Bads are "incarnations" of Chaos, it could be that Death Phantom, being one of them, was a channel for Chaos to use to bring Galaxia to Chaos, to set events in motion. Which makes you wonder if all these events in the series were just part of Chaos's master plan, including events in both past and future.
  • The death of the cats is pretty gruesome. They basically get torn apart. Plus there's the Fridge Horror that to get to the cats (who were earlier left with Usagi's family), the villains may have very well dealt Ikuko, Kenji, and Shingo the same fate.

    Sailor Moon 
  • Jadeite's youma servants were all pretty terrifying and lacked the goofiness of the later seen monsters. Morga, the very first monster Sailor Moon fought, looked like this. Somehow the dub managed to keep in Morga's terrifying screen presence, such as the fact that she actually tried to kill Naru/Molly by strangling her with her bare hands. The fact that she turns her neck an entire 180 degrees to get a good look at Sailor Moon when she shows up adds to the scare factor. When Naru/Molly asks her mother what's wrong with their customers as they start to faint, the camera cuts to Morga (still in disguise) with her back turned to Naru/Molly, and starts quietly laughing before turning to her. The next scene she is in has Morga strangle Naru/Molly, and then, before she reveals her true form, says to her,
    Morga: I'm not your mother, you pathetic little girl!
  • MURIDO. Not only is she one of the creepiest youmas of the series just for the fact that she is very deceptive and doesn't mind harming children, but she ups the ante (it seems to be a thing with her) just with her transformation scene, complete with Ominous Music Box Tune. The fact that she is revealed to be a Creepy Doll is one thing, but the single creepiest part is when she still looks human and her head retracts inside her body. Sailor Moon's reaction says it best. The first English dub managed to make this scene even scarier. In the original version, you just hear the sound of light gears turning when Murid's head comes back up, but the English dub includes what can only be described as the sound of flesh being ripped apart as her head twirls back up.
  • Ami has a good reason to be afraid of Garoben, the youma that attempts to steal her energy in her introductory episode: In the original English dub it simply tells her, "You just failed this class!" while in the original it says, "I'll just have to cut out your brain!" Although the dub managed to make her a lot more menacing when she first appears, overlooking the students heading into the cram school.
    Garoben: So many helpless lambs...
  • Jadeite's punishment for his failure for defeating the Sailor Guardians. Queen Beryl has enough of Jadeite's many failures, then freezes him in a crystal sheet, and sends him off away for good. Although it is very likely that he was destroyed for good when the Dark Kingdom was destroyed, it still doesn't take away from the scare factor.
    • Both versions of the English dub (DiC and Viz) upped the scariness of the scene, thanks to the talents of Tony Daniels and Todd Haberkorn, Jadeite's respective voice actors.
      • Daniels let out a performance where Jadeite sounded hoarse and exhausted. When Beryl casts her judgment on Jadeite, Daniels' acting shifts to panicked as he fruitlessly pleads for her to spare him, then lets out a horrifying scream as he is being entombed in his crystalline prison.
      • As for Haberkorn, he portrayed Jadeite as being exhausted and also desperate (for trying to tell Beryl of the identities of the Senshi, as well as asking her to reconsider her judgment), then he lets out what sounds like a scream of agony, as he gets sealed away for good.
  • Tuxedo Mask was hanging onto dear life with Sailor Moon on his back, after surviving Nephrite's elevator trap. The music wells just when Tuxedo Mask was about to lose his grip. Thankfully Mars and Mercury comes to the rescue.
  • Nephrite's death, mostly for the severe Mood Whiplash. Up until then, while the series had no shortage of nightmarish monsters as the previous entries showed, it was mostly a goofy, lighthearted Sentai romp with Casual Danger Dialogue galore. Even the buildup to the scene was simply him sharing a lighthearted conversation with Naru/Molly about parfaits. Then the Monster of the Week attacks, and contrary to the youma's usual ineffectual reputation, actually succeeds in impaling Nephrite in the chest with thorns. All in front of an ordinary teenage girl who had a crush on him. Notably, the 90s dub subverted Never Say "Die" with Molly repeatedly pleading for Neflite not to die, making it every bit as shocking as the original for Western audiences. For 90s kids, this scene was the equivalent of Puella Magi Madoka Magica's infamous Episode 3, and one could argue it was actually worse for being more visibly gruesome and drawn-out.
    • Bonus points go to the DIC dub, Molly's screams of anguish are just so damn haunting and very realistic (not to mention, tear-jerking). And not just that. The music in the original was tragic but the music used for the scene in the dub is horrifying.
  • Sailor Venus' debut is mostly awesome... But also has slightly terrifying undertones:
    • At one point in the episode Zoisite has Tuxedo Kamen dead to rights... And then a voice calls him out for thinking he already won and blasts his hands, with Zoisite having no idea who attacked and just ruined his hands for the day.
    • Later Zoisite and Kunzite have the other Sailor Soldiers imprisoned in a shrinking force field, Zoisite gloats they've won... And then the same voice from before says the Sailor Soldiers don't have to surrender, causing Zoisite and Kunzite to look around in fear.
    • The fact Kunzite recognizes the voice and is scared... But doesn't recognize Sailor Venus' looks. Apparently Venus has already done the same to him once. Then Venus blasts his hands, and the Dark Kingdom generals run away.
    • Sailor Venus and Artemis waiting until the last moment to come to the rescue implies that they're using this as a training experience for the others.
  • The episode "Sailor Venus' Past! Minako's Tragic Love" (which wasn't dubbed in the DiC version) has Usagi learn that Minako had her heart broken when her friend and her crush fell in love with each other. Not scary, right? WRONG! Usagi is so angry that when the friend (who has become the Monster of the Week) attacks them, she has absolutely no intention to heal her, and is perfectly willing to just kill her. Keep in mind, this isn't an artificial being made of shadow, or a robot, or some other non-living thing - it's an actual, genuine human brainwashed and then turned into a monster. In other words, Usagi is willing to kill a human being just because the human in question (unintentionally) upset her friend to Break the Cutie extremes. In fact, it's only because Minako pleads with her that she relents, and even then she's reluctant to do so. Just seeing the sweet and forgiving Usagi, of all people, willing to commit cold-blooded murder, even if it's just one time in the anime... *shudder*. Thank God she never did anything like that again.
  • The two-part season finale, in which the Senshi all die horribly and surprisingly graphically, Beryl fuses with Metallia, and Usagi dies. Sure they all get better except for Beryl, but it was still disturbing. So much so that DiC had to cut out all the deaths and re-write them as the Sailor Scouts being captured in order to keep it kid-friendly.
    • Many adults found the Dwindling Party sequence hard to watch, even today. Mercury was burned alive and, while she disabled the DD Girls' illusion magic, died alone; Jupiter and Mars were able to take down the first and last of them, but both times, it was a mutual kill. Venus was ensnared and dragged screaming into a pit to face torture and death at the hands of the youma, and her last screams were harrowing. The actress held nothing back.
    • Speaking of Venus: right before she kills one of the DD Girls, that Girl drops her pretty visage for a few seconds to reveal the monster she really is.
    • Beryl's possession in general is creepy, but two moments stand out. The first is when Metallia breaks free of its pan to merge with Beryl, and blood comes pouring out of the container. The second, blink-and-you'll-miss-it image comes during the process, when we suddenly cut to Beryl's screaming face. This raises the question of what exactly Metallia is doing to her.
    • The first season's finale is where the show stopped being a run-of-the-mill Magical Girl series, both to the viewers and Usagi herself, and started going for the throat in terms of horror. Usagi realized at that point how horrible and dangerous it really is for her and her friends to be the first and last line of defense the world has and spent part of the next season in not wanting to deal with it again, which prevented her from using most of her powers until she snapped out of it. Even then, she was never truly the same for the rest of the series.
  • Episode 22 has Naru being possessed by Nephrite and her skin turns purple and it's absolutely creepy.
    Sailor Moon R 
  • Uasgi's first reaction at getting her memories back was to scream in pure, unadulterated horror and sit in stunned silence for several moments (the DiC version added her begging that she doesn't want to go back to being a Sailor Scout and just wants to live like a normal girl, which goes unheeded when Luna restores her memories). Before her own death and subsequent mind-wipe at the end of the previous season, there was very little time for her to grieve much for her friends and Mamoru because she had to keep moving forward and did what needed to be done. And then she had to relive it a second time, all at once, so it's no wonder why she reacted the way she did and why Luna was so hesitant to unlock her memories in the first place.
  • Cardian Reci.
  • Anything involving the nightmarish Big Bad of the season, Wiseman/Death Phantom. Specially how he mind rapes Chibi-Usa into becoming Black Lady.
  • In Episode 69, the Droid, Akumuda (aka Hyponitica) hypnotizes Sailor Moon into a deep sleep, which would drain her life power. While Sailor Moon was in a coma, she is locked into an eternal nightmare, in which a Super-Deformed version of her is endlessly chasing Mamoru by foot, tricycle, and by boat, calling out his name.
  • Koan's Villainous Breakdown where she goes into a screaming rage after Rubeus confesses that he never loved her can be this if you aren't expecting it.
    • Ditto for Berthier barely holding back tears while telling the Sailor Scouts that she knew her sisters would abandon her and urges everyone to laugh at her pain (until she uses her freeze powers to kill herself Koan, and the Scouts), as well as Petz blasting her own sisters with her stick-enhanced powers and Calavaras in shock over Petz betraying her.
  • Episode 74 has this at the beginning when Esmeraude and Rubeus are on his UFO and it suddenly shows us the Senshi tied to crosses unconsciousnote .
  • Diamond's Stalker with a Crush bordering on I Have You Now, My Pretty behavior to Sailor Moon, especially in Episode 83. When she's paralyzed and completely unable to push him away.
    • Making it worse is the fact that she was wearing her normal outfit before he kidnapped her, but woke up in a bed in a mock-up of her Neo-Queen Serenity dress. Draw your own conclusions.
    Sailor Moon S 
  • Kaolinite's Daimons, who activate with the intended victim touching a harmless object with the egg hidden inside it. And you never ever know about that until you come in contact with it.
  • Kaolinite answering the door when Usagi and Chibi-Usa first visit Hotaru. Usagi is frozen in shock, though she tries to brush it off that she's just someone who looks like her, as Kaolinite doesn't seem to recognize or remember Usagi from their last encounter... "seem" being the operative word. It's not clear whether it took a while for Kaolinite's memory to return, or if she was simply "playing nice".
  • The daimon in Haruka's flashback, which can be best described as a giant worm blob with red eyes and many, many teeth. Unlike other daimons it's seemingly not sentient and attacks everything in range violently. Also a Mythology Gag to both the manga and the later Crystal series, as "failed" daimons from those (ie. most of them) look fairly similar.
  • Eudial's method of extracting pure heart crystals is sniper shooting her targets with her extraction weapon from afar.
  • Even though it was Played for Laughs, Minako's reaction to seeing her pure heart is rather creepy.
    • Even creepier are the implications for her mental state and her (mostly unknown) past. She has an almost physical need to know she has a pure heart. What the hell happened to her to have such a need?
  • Sailor Neptune marching to rescue Uranus from Eudial, but not for the obvious reason. Simply put, Neptune is pissed, and dozens of machine guns have just exhausted their ammunition on her without even scratching her... And Eudial, who was sure she was down, suddenly noticed the Senshi was on her. Eudial was screaming for a reason when she pulled the Fire Buster's trigger in panic...
  • The first appearance of Hotaru in Episode 111 consists of her screaming in pain as black energy flows out of her. Even better, this scene comes with absolutely no warning whatsoever. Jump Scare much?
  • The scenes with the Messiah of Silence, especially when her eyes start to glow red.
  • Professor Tomoe's anime re-design looks quite ghastly, and the fact that he spends much of the season hovering over Daimon Egg cultivation phials (filled with what looks suspiciously like blood) and promising a Humanoid Abomination that he's going to feed her as many hearts as she wants only makes it worse. Small wonder that they made him a Cloud Cuckoolander Benevolent Boss: he needed to be toned down from the manga just to keep the show kid-friendly.
  • The vision characters keep having of the Silence. It's specially bad in the case of Rei, since she has been having said visions from the start of the season while the other girls have not... and said visions involve, among other things, the girls being Taken for Granite and shattered.
  • U-Baulla's death is made even worse in the Cloverway Dub, due to her voice sounding like a high-pitched, demonic screech that sounds even worse after she gets withered thanks to Hotaru attacking her. When Super Sailor Moon unleashes Rainbow Moon Heartache, the monster pitifully begs for mercy before she's destroyed.
  • The Mass Sacrifice at Mugen Gakuen.
  • Oh heck, almost all the deaths of the Death Busters count, including (but not limited to) dying in a car crash due to the car being tampered with (Eudial), being frozen alive and then falling while frozen (Kaolinite), being stabbed in the eye, being disintegrated (Viluy), and being electrocuted for outliving your usefulness (Kaolinite again).
    • Tellu/Telulu's death in the first English dub (her monster plant turning against her). What makes it worse is that the Senshi are so terrified that they just stand there while she dies begging for mercy.
    • Just because Mimete was Spared by the Adaptation doesn't make her fate any less horrific: During her One-Winged Angel moment, Tellu interrupts Mimete, revealing that the machine that Mimete is using has one weakness (a power failure while it is used will leave the user trapped in the machine forever with no way out) - while holding the plug. Mimete, for exactly the first time ever shows real fear, literally begging Tellu not to do it (even promising to resign and give Tellu her place in the first English dub). Tellu does it anyway, leading to Mimete falling into an endless void forever while screaming. The horrified look on Sailor Moon's face just seals the deal.
      • What makes it doubly horrific is that, for the Sailors, it's also their first time seeing how easily the Witches 5 are willing to backstab each other even while they have the upper hand. Even the Outers are horrified (to put it into perspective, the Outers were prepared to kill a 10 - year old in order to protect the Earth)!
    • Viluy's death deserves special mention - no matter which version you're watching, it's nothing short of terrifying. Not only because of what happens, but because she screams for her nanobots to stop because they're dissolving her. Her Canadian voice actress does a very good job.
  • In many ways, the look on Usagi's face when she emerges from Pharaoh 90. What did she see on the other side that could make her look that broken?
    • Given that her Heart Crystal, which is sort of (part of) her soul, was outside of her body, it's more likely she was just a walking shell at that moment, hence the dead, Dull Eyes of Unhappiness. Still pretty scary.
    • Pharaoh 90 was, for all intents and purposes, a planet-sized Lovecraft-esque eldritch "god" from what little was shown of him. Usagi was lucky to come back both alive and still sane. And he was completely invincible aside from Saturn's ultimate attack. Had Mistress 9 won out over Hotaru or if Uranus, Neptune and Pluto killed her, the Earth would've been screwed.
    Sailor Moon SuperS 
  • The Dead Moon Circus itself is pretty terrifying in both the anime and the manga when you get right down to it.
    • The way the Amazon Trio takes their Dream Mirrors from the victims of the week. Saying it has Unfortunate Implications would be putting it lightly. What they do is they take/approach their victims (whether women, young girls, young men, and two cases, an eight-year-old boy and girl) into a secluded place and then produce a board and chains out of nowhere to restrain the victim. The mirror then comes out of the victim's chest, accompanied by the screams of said victim. And then they look inside, become vocally aroused by what's happening, and causing so much pain the victim invariably faints.
    • The Amazon Quartet comes off as slightly more humane, as they just launch their Amazon Stone at their victims with pool cues, having them hit the victims in the back and sending the Dream Mirror spinning out of their chests without needing to look in the mirror. It's less rapey, but still disturbing, as it's now the equivalent of having a gun or projectile weapon aimed and shot at you, and said projectile can ricochet and still hit you even if you can avoid it the first time.
  • Minako gets another one Played for Laughs in episode 141 linked to the Dream Mirror examination. Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye were harsher than usual when looking inside it, and yet she got horny. What happened for her to get horny from that?
    • She outright states that she wanted both of them, because she was attracted to them. Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye's reactions to what they saw in her mirror imply her dream was of a threesome between all of them. She didn't get turned on by them being rough with her mirror, she was turned on by her own fantasy.
    • And apparently whatever her dream entailed freaked out Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye, based on their shocked faces and sweatdrops after coming out of her mirror. Tiger's Eye in the Japanese version says "This girl is too much" and the English Viz dub has him say "I think I need a shower".
    • Episode 141 has Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye unknowingly anger Sailor Venus, provoking her into using the Furious Random Crescent Beam Shots that almost kill them, two Lemures... And Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, who just happened to be right behind them.
  • Mister Magic Pierrot from episode 149. One of the few Monsters of the Week in the Anime to actually kill Usagi by shattering her Dream Mirror.
    • Earlier in that episode, the Amazon Trio are in front of Zirconia, when Fish's Eye (who knows that Chibi-Usa has Pegasus in her Dream Mirror and is starting to have doubts about everything) asks Zirconia if she'll keep her word. Zirconia, without changing her expression, reaches out her hand and starts strangling him. It takes Tiger's Eye's pleading to get her to stop.
  • From episode 166:
    • The desolate, grey wasteland that is the wreckage of the Dead Moon Circus. High above in the sky floats a sinister looking new moon, and everything is eerily quiet. Sailor Moon is the only person to stir out of the rubble, and when she looks up, she sees Nehellenia, still alive... and holding an unconscious Chibi Moon in her arms. Even worse is that Nehellenia's head is framed in shadows, except for her terrifyingly unexpected red eyes. And she's just standing there, glaring at Sailor Moon, as if she was waiting that whole time for her to get up.
    • Zirconia bursting out of old Nehellenia's chest like a giant worm and strangling Sailor Moon. And Zirconia's laughing the whole time.
      Queen Nehellenia: This is what you get for stealing my beauty! DIE!
    • Nehellenia's flashback. It alternates between a horrified young Nehellenia staring back at her mirror with a sickened look on her face and the camera zooming in to the now blackened mirror as Zirconia's monotonous chant just keeps going on and on... and then suddenly cuts to an exterior shot of Nehellenia's kingdom with a blood red tint, then of Nehellenia suddenly repeating Zirconia's chant. The Cloverway dub actually managed to retain the creepiness of this scene. And despite the voice work, the dub changes the context of the scene to imply that Nehellenia's people willingly let her devour their dreams because they were that mindlessly devoted to her. Jesus.
      Nehellenia (Recoiling from her aged reflection): Nooooo! Oh! No! NO! OH I think I'm going to be sick-! Huh!?
      Zirconia: Never doubt the power of innocent dreamers, never doubt the dreams of innocent children, never doubt your worst nightmare...
      Nehellenia: Huh?
      Zirconia: Never doubt the power of innocent dreamers, never doubt the dreams of innocent children, never doubt your worst nightmare. Never doubt the power of innocent dreamers, never doubt the dreams of innocent children, never doubt your worst nightmare...!

      Nehellenia: I shall never doubt the power of innocent dreamers, I shall never doubt the dreams of innocent children, I shall never doubt my worst nightmare. I shall use the power of innocent dreamers, I shall use the dreams of innocent children, I will preserve my dream. My worst nightmare will be somebody else's!
    • Nehellenia being sealed back into her mirror. As the last part of the Dead Moon Circus crumbles away, Nehellenia's mirror continues to float up towards the new moon, and Nehellenia joyously screams how she will continue to live alone in the darkness with her eternal beauty. The last shot is of the mirror becoming a glimmer of light disappearing into the new moon, as Nehellenia's maniacal laughter echoes on.
      Nehellenia: All alone! I'll cherish living all alone with my dreams! I will be beautiful always! I will forever be young and beautiful!
  • The reveal of what Lemures really are: Undead, twisted shadows of people who've had their dreams stolen. It's possible that every single victim has the potential to turn irreversibly into one if their dream mirrors aren't recovered in time.

    Sailor Moon Stars 
  • The first six episodes of this season (dealing with the return of Nehellenia) have an unusually somber tone and atmosphere in comparison with the rest of the series (And especially in sharp contrast with the previous season). Even the soundtrack for these particular episodes sound grim and solemn.
  • Aluminum Siren's death in episode 187. This was pretty much the writers telling everyone that the gloves were coming off for the last episodes.
  • Galaxia's backstory. She, the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the world, was driven to such desperation fighting Chaos that she sealed it in her own body and sent her soul off to empower another Sailor Soldier who might actually succeed. Being driven to such desperation is bad enough, but things get even worse as all she managed to do was give Chaos the body of the most powerful Sailor Soldier, with which it wiped out all life in the galaxy before coming to Earth.
  • The death of Sailor Iron Mouse. Fed up with her constant failures, Galaxia sets the phone booth Iron Mouse is in on fire and leaves her to die. We're then "treated" to an extended shot of the booth slowly being consumed by fire as Iron Mouse desperately pleads for another chance and screaming for someone to save her. The last thing we hear as the episode ends is Iron Mouse shrieking in agony as the flames consume her.
  • The wiping of 99.9% of the world population Galaxia does before the final battle. The worst part? That's not even the most evil thing she did that season!
    • Some Fridge Horror for that. Galaxia boasts that she killed off pretty much everyone on Earth. Despite the fact that most of them weren't seen in that season, but that would include Usagi's parents and little brother, Rei's grandfather, Yuichiro, Naru, Umino, the Furuhata siblings, Kyusuke and Momoko, the Ayakashi Sisters, Dr. Souichi Tomoe, pretty much everyone the Senshi have ever loved or cared about, dead. And while it's implied through their dialogue just before transforming that the Sailor Guardians realize this, there's no time for them to dwell on it.
  • Galaxia murdering the Inner Senshi. After getting pissed at Usagi talking back at her, Galaxia unleashes a barrage of attacks. The scene jarringly shifts to completely red, save for the black outlines of Ami, Makoto, Minako and finally Rei all getting run through by golden energy. The background music suddenly stops, and all we hear is each girl letting out a single cry of pain before their Star Seeds are removed.
  • Usagi herself, after Galaxia kills the other Senshi. Her resulting attack, powered by the Silver Crystal, has the effect of a very large bomb going off. We've seen Usagi determined before, but here, she is pretty much at the point of rage, which is almost anathema to her whole personality. She has all of this power at her fingertips, and now she's lashing out in heartbreak and anger. And Galaxia isn't even damaged by it.
    The Movies 
  • Princess Snow Kaguya, an entity from beyond the stars that has killed countless worlds by freezing them solid to add them to her “collection” and tried to do the same to Earth. This would’ve killed everyone on the Planet much like she did to the inhabitants on other worlds when she froze them. Also, her Snow Dancers, which don’t speak at all and instead constantly let out terrible shrieks.
  • The fact that Queen Badiyane from the SuperS movie below is one of the most horrifying villains in the franchise. How: while other villains merely want to destroy the earth and/or Sailor Moon, Badiane believes in a perfect, orderly world. she is the only villain that could be classified as a Knight Templar.
  • Queen Metalia, from what we've seen of her so far in the opening, she's now designed more faithfully to the manga.
  • Mimete's death.