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Nightmare Fuel / Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron

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Since both Code Geass and Voltron: Legendary Defender are already rife with Nightmare Fuel, it's hardly a surprise this crossover would have its own share of terror.

As is the case with all pages detailing Nightmare Fuel, Spoilers Off!

  • Sendak's comments in Tears of the Balmerra indicate that the Galra Druids are looking into the powers of Geass. Given what Charles and the Geass Order were able to determine with just a few decades into research regarding Geass, there's no telling just what Galra could learn regarding Geass, just that none of it would be good.
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  • Zarkon has a Geass.
  • Mao was bad enough in baseline Code Geass, but here, Haggar gives him a Dark Geass that lets him manifest whatever a person fears most.
    • Despite taking an arrow to the chest courtesy of Shirley, Mao still manages to last long enough for Haggar to find him. The narration heavily implies she's going to turn him into a Robeast, which doesn't bode well for our heroes at all...
  • Haggar approaching Charles and V.V. for a Villain Team-Up...
    • The result of that team-up is made apparent in Chapter 35: The Galra invasion fleet reaches Earth and, with Charles' full support, attacks the SAZ.
  • Rolo shoots Euphemia, nearly killing her, and tries to shoot Nunnally before the Lions drive him off.
  • Corza cows Bartley into submission by cutting off his ear and clarifies that she won't be too shaken up if an "accident" happens.
  • Charles and V.V. witness a holographic image of Zarkon contacting Haggar, and are terrified of him.
  • V.V gets into the Castle, and subjects Allura to horrifying images of Altea being destroyed when she tries to stop him from taking C.C. and killing Nunnally, and when the latter stops him he goes on a terrible rant before Viletta intervenes.
  • The completely one-sided slaughter of the Voltron Coalition when Galra reinforcements show up at the end of Battle for Home. The best they can do is run away in terror.
    • Worse still, Zarkon's decision to let them run away - he knows that the Paladins and their forces will eventually come back because he now has their home.
  • Rivalz's father tried to have his infant son Joshua kidnapped, not even wanting to know what ended up happening to him, because he already had a male heir in the form of Rivalz, and viewed splitting the inheritance as a "hassle". That's right, he tried to sell his son to a horrible fate simply to avoid paperwork.
  • Coran reveals that Alfor theorized that the rift creatures were sort of an opposing force to Quintessence, desiring nothing more than to destroy life.
  • Zarkon ends the other Paladins reinforcing Lelouch in their Battle in the Center of the Mind by stabbing C.C., temporarily killing her in the real world.
  • Shin Hyūga Shaing actually does something that no-one has ever done before: he made Luciano Bradley terrified of him. Considering how much of an Axe-Crazy Blood Knight Luciano is, that’s saying something.
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  • Chapter 44, A Place to Belong, sees Nina join up with Lotor. As neither character is the most stable in their home franchise, this does not bode well for anyone.