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Heartwarming / Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron

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As is the case will all pages detailing Heartwarming Moments, Spoilers Off

  • During Some Assembly Required, when Allura calls out the Paladins on how they handled the Gladiator, Kallen makes a point of standing up for Lelouch, pointing out how Allura didn't even give him a weapon, yet is still expecting him to fight like the rest of them.
  • Chapter 11 has Lelouch reveal himself as both a Britannian prince and as Zero. While Suzaku has some trouble accepting, he and everyone else quickly support Lelouch in his rebellion against Britannia. This also leads Kallen to explain her own reasons for fighting against Britannia.
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  • During Across The Universe, Kallen and Lelouch's bonding moment while stranded on a random planet. In particular, Kallen doesn't even hesitate to make a contract with C.C. on the off chance that it might help Lelouch.
  • In Chapter 25, after The Reveal that Charles has found Nunnally and is using her to try and force Voltron to surrender, the rest of the Paladins are immediately willing to back up Lelouch in a mission to save her.
    • Furthermore, Lelouch reveals his past to the Black Knights. All of them choose to stick with him.
  • Chapter 26 has a few:
    • Lelouch's reunion with Nunnally.
      • In particular, just before the reunion, Lelouch is worried that Nunnally will hate him for leaving her. Sayoko assures him that his sister will love him no matter what happens.
    • During the confrontation between Shirley and Viletta, the latter gets a surprisingly humanizing moment - when she assumes that Shirley was brainwashed by Zero (because why else would a loyal Britannian turn against the Emperor), she is completely willing to ensure that Shirley gets proper mental treatment, should she surrender.
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    • When things go pear-shaped, Lelouch asks Zenobia to help save himself, Nunnally, and Sayoko. Despite his earlier distrust of her, the Black Lion does not hesitate to save her Paladin.
  • Chapter 27 starts with Lelouch saying that, despite what she may think, Nunnally is not nor ever will be a burden to him.
  • Chapter 28 is a huge bonding moment for the Paladins and Black Knights, who all reassure each other that they are better people than Mao accused them of being.
  • Chapter 29: After a week in a healing pod, Nunnally is finally healed! The sheer joy everyone has is just so sweet, in spite of the space dust.
    Rivalz: Any... anyone else got… space dust in their eyes...?
    Kallen: Yeah... There... there is a lot of space dust in here...
    Coran: It's filthy!

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