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Nightmare Fuel / born of hell('s kitchen)

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  • THE defining incident for the story is Kilgrave first capturing Jessica while she was heavily pregnant, deciding it won't do and dragging her to the hospital for a caesarean, then making her waive her parental rights off and taking her away, without even letting hold her baby or know their gender. Just because he wanted her all to himself.
  • Peter barely had two years to come to terms with his adoptive parent's untimely demise, only for Aunt May to fall terminally ill and die. No wonder he got abandonment issues from this.
  • Hiding something from your parents because you're genuinely afraid they will kick you out for it. It's already hard when you're a teenager, but for seven-year-old Peter being terrified to let Matt and Jess learn he's a superpowered freak? Double as Tear Jerker.
  • Dorothy's panic when Trish drops from the radar, last seen investigating a Serial Killer. And when she comes to Jessica and begs for help, even offering to pay for Trish's rescue, Jessica coldly dismisses her.
    • On Jessica's side, her wariness regarding Dorothy isn't totally unjustified, since Dorothy was a hardcore Stage Mom who horrendously abused her biological daughter. And Jessica really doesn't want to see this kind of person near her too-sweet, too-vulnerable little boy.
  • When hunting enhanced people, Salinger systematically preys on their more vulnerable families to make them lose control and rationality. Courtesy of Trish utterly flubbing her superheroic career, Salinger decides to target her. Now, Jessica is still Trish's sister, and even if she can protect herself, her preteen son can't. Needless to say, she's completely horrified to learn this, along with being apoplectically furious against Trish for endangering Peter.
    • Matt's reaction to this info isn't much better. He actually considers letting the Punisher come back to Hell's Kitchen, that's how much he's terrified.
    • To hunt, you needs a target. As Jessica quickly understands, by sheer virtue of being Hell's Kitchen's most publicized hero, Daredevil would have been probably picked by Salinger as a victim. Matt barely escaped this because he firmly put his vigilantism on the back-burner to focus on Peter, letting Daredevil drop from the radar.
    • Salinger finally gets into the action and abducts Peter in plain daylight, right after schoolhours. In front of Karen.
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  • Peter's nightmare in which Jessica shows herself hostile towards Daredevil — whom Peter idolizes for having enhancements just like the boy.
  • The Winter Soldier shooting Frank Castle's tires in order to cause a car crash and trying to abduct Peter. Even worse, the author said that Bucky would rather be "tased in the eye" than let Alexander Pierce do whatever he plans to inflict to Peter.

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