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Nightmare Fuel / Coreline: A Tale Of Two Maris

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  • The ways Taskmaster Mari kills her victims are pretty gruesome. She murdered an amalgam of Bane and Sarai Kurosawa by burning her badly with a chi blast, and then slitting her throat with her shield, as well as summoning a giant golden eagle to maul a security guard to death with it's talons. Later, she shot an amalgam of Harley Quinn and Tatsuta while she had been holding up a bank with Joker Toxin. Not only did Taskmaster Mari kill her with an explosive bullet to the head, she also triggered a dead man's switch, condemning eleven innocent people to die laughing.
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  • Just how close Taskmaster Mari came to succeeding in her plans. Her additional equipment allowed her to move too fast for Captain Makinami to defend against, allowing Taskmaster Mari to effortlessly disable and defeat her. And the combination of the enhanced speed and skill allowed Taskmaster Mari to easily get in close on both Power Girl Karin and the Saiyan Turnot and attack them in ways that perfectly exploited their Kryptonite Factors. If not for the fact that both members of the Champions didn't have the traditional weaknesses of a Kryptonian or a Saiyan, Taskmaster Mari would have killed each and every one of them, and the blame for the murders would have fell down upon Captain Makinami's head.

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